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October 28, 2015

Movie Review: PREY FOR THE DYING (Digital Playground - 2014)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock - October 28, 2015

Starring :
Chloe Amour
Jayden James
Karlie Montana
Mia Malkova
Nikki Benz
Stevie Shae
Danny Mountain
Erik Everhard
Keiran Lee

Six people are invited by the spirits of a haunted house to participate in a gamble for their lives in exchange of one million dollars! These young and horny fools don’t have a clue what gore is in store, as they embark on this scary venture around the house. They separate in pairs to find an exit, but as fear lingers, it hauntingly arouses them. Each lecherous couple screw away their fears and reach their most intense orgasm before the heinous acts of the night begin!

(Runtime - 2 hr. 11 mins.)
Well since Halloween is upon us at week's end, I thought what better way to celebrate the season than with some Halloween themed porn!? And while the good folks at Digital Playground may have released this film at this time last year, as it turns out, their film PREY FOR THE DYING is suitable for any Halloween season.

As the story goes, the old house, which is now owned by a rather mysterious woman, who calls herself Ms. Lou Cifer(get it?), has a rather haunting past. The legend states that the house was once owned by a beautiful woman and her husband. One day the couple returned home to find that two men had broken into the house while they were away. The night ended badly for the couple, as the two intruders first killed the husband, and then proceeded to take turns raping her. Her cries for help were indeed heard, yet no one bothered to help. The reason? Everyone believed that the woman of the house was a witch. And because of this, the men, along with the townspeople, proceeded to burn her alive. In the years since the incident, the legend continues to state, that the property has been haunted ever since, and those that have dared to enter the house on Halloween, have never been seen again.

The plot of PREY FOR THE DYING takes shape when the aforementioned Ms. Lou Cifer cordially invites 6 individuals to stay the night in the old house as part of a game. The rules of said game are simple enough : stay in the house over night - win a million dollars. However, the game adds incentive when Cifer informs them, that if anyone should die, then their one million would be divided between the survivors, and should they all parish, except one, then all of the money would of course, go to that one person, making them 6 million dollars richer. For the six "participants"(4 girls and 2 guys), the rules are simple, and seemingly easy. However, soon they find that the night would be far more difficult than they could have ever imagined. When Ms. Lou Cifer seemingly vanishes, the group of six find themselves locked in the house with no way out. They of course kill some time with some sex, however little did they know that the entities within the house are into killing a lot more than time. Soon, the diverse spirits within the house make themselves known, as the participants begin to fall one by one, as this seems to be a game not to be won by anyone.

I have been a fan of Digital Playground's stuff for awhile now, and PREY FOR THE DYING is a good example, as to why. I happen to be one of the Adult entertainment viewers who happens to enjoy a little story with my porn. honest. With that said, a good amount of Digital Playground's output has just that. Not only do they have attractive women, and good sex in their films, they also offer well formed stories to go along with that. Not to mention, production value. In the case of PREY FOR THE DYING, it is essentially just a fun- spirited Horror film, that has real sex in it. The film opens in grand fashion with a really nice Horror themed montage, before it goes into telling its story, which is centers around an old haunted house, and the evil, which dwells within. The idea of the whole game, as well as the appearances of several evil entities throughout(entities such as; a woman with long hair, who is wearing a white gown, an axe wielding clown-faced killer, a killer in a burlap mask, and another ghost, who plays a scary piano), make it a fun film. It's apparent to me that this wasn't just some Adult film that was done on the quick. Some thought actually went into this production. And while the film bares the influence of various popular Horror outings, it does enough to make the ideas its own in the end. And another surprise is, that although this is a porno, the film delivers things such as atmosphere and gore. Yes, while it may not be a lot, there is gore here. So, not only do we get sex with PREY FOR THE DYING, we get some of the red stuff as well! It's a pretty sweet deal.

So this Halloween, when you're wading through the plethora of Halloween Horrors in search of something to watch, one should not overlook this offering from Digital Playground. PREY FOR THE DYING is a pretty fun Horror film from one of the leaders in Adult Entertainment and its Director, Jakodema.  I enjoyed it as both a Horror fan, and a watcher of porn. Also, chances are that you may not even have to be a fan of the latter to enjoy it. The film ends in a way which suggests that a sequel may be made. Here's to hoping that it happens. It could be fun.

This film is available on Blu-Ray and DVD, as well as on If you'd like to sign up, in order to watch PREY FOR THE DYING, as well as other Digital Playground titles, you can do so at a discount, by clicking the link provided below.

PREY FOR THE DYING features 5 sex scenes, all of which are fairly decent. However, personally, feel that the best sex scene, is the one which features Nikki Benz and Kieran Lee, who seemed to be really into it, as most of the action felt spontaneous.

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My score : 7.5/10

Sex scene breakdown :

Scene 1 : Jayden James and Erik Everhard : The first scene sees Ms. Lou Cifer (Jayden Jaymes) call on her nerdy assistant to pleasure her. Erik Everhard starts by tonguing away at her clit, as she lie back on a vintage chair in the house's control room. Everhard takes off her panties, as Jayden bends over allowing Erik to eat her from behind, After, Jaymes proceeds to tease Everhard's cock, before beginning to suck him off, while continuously stroking him. She then unleashes her huge tits and places Erik's cock between them. Erik next positions himself on the couch and Jaymes climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl ranging from fast and slow, The position is reversed as Jayden spreads wide as Erik simultaneously rubs her clit, as she bounces at varying speeds, The action transitions to doggy, as Erik takes her against the chair. Everhard hits her hard, before going down to eat her some more, before continuing in the position. As the action goes on, we are treated to a nice view of Jayden's jiggling tits. At then all leads to Everhard unloading in James' mouth.

Scene 2 : Nikki Benz and Kieran Lee : As everyone roams the house looking for Ms. Lucifer, Nikki Benz and Kieran Lee find themselves alone in the room, where the next sex scene commences. The two kiss briefly, before Nikki goes down on Kieran, and she makes the blowjob sloppy, as she takes him deep. She also throats his balls in the process, before spreading on the couch, for Kieran to eat her. It then proceeds to hold her legs open, as he fucks her. The position changes to Benz turning to her side, as Lee continues to slam her hole hard. After a brief suck, the two quickly move to reverse cowgirl. As Kieran continues to pound away, we see Nikki's tits bounce up and down. Nikki the moves to suck him down again, before the two move the position for some harder cowgirl, which transitions to hard doggy. After there is some brief missionary, before Kieran lets his stuff go all over Nikki's face.

Scene 3 : Mia Malkova and Danny Mountain : The next scene finds Danny Mountain and Mia Malkova, as they look for a light switch Malkova climbs atop a chair, which gives Moutain, a nice view of her ass, which ignites their sexual romp. It begins with the two kissing, as Mountain smacks Malkova's juicy ass. Mountain then begins to suck away at Malkova, who enjoys it. This alternates views between overhead, side, and behind, which gives us a nice view of Mia's ass. Danny pushes Mia onto a nearby couch. The petite Malkova then spreads her legs wide allowing Mountain to suck, and tongue her box. Mia then sucks him off, before the two eventually end up in cowgirl, a position, which puts Mia's bubble but on display, as she rides deep and fast. The action then continues in doggy. It then moves to missionary as Malkova is put on her back. It then goes to reverse cowgirl where the camera gives us a nice view of Mia's pussy, and the penetration. It moves briefly back to missionary, before Danny has had enough, then proceeds to shoot his load on Mia's face.

Scene 4 : Karlie Montana and Stevie Shae : In the next scene, their quest to find a way out, leads Karlie Montana and Stevie Shae into an awaiting bedroom, where they get it on. It all begins with some kissing, before the two take to the bed for some play. The two roll around a bit, before Stevie mounts Karlie, shortly before going for her snatch, as well as her asshole, as she sucks and tongues both, Montana is seen during this time, nearly doing a headstand. Stevie then assumes the doggy position, as Karlie sucks and tongues her while fingering - Stevie also rubbing herself. Stevie then sits on the bed, with her legs spread, with Karlie behind, they both finger away at Stevie hard from said position. Karlie then puts Stevie is the same headstand position that we saw Montana in earlier. Montana proceeds to tongue and finger Stevie's pussy and ass, hard. Stevie then rewards Karlie, by putting her on her back, and with legs positioned sideways, as she then proceeds to tongue, and finger fuck her hard, as Karlie fingers her own ass in the process. The scene ends after this hot and heavy session.

Scene 5 : Chloe Amour and Daniel Hunter : The last scene sees a police officer(Daniel Hunter) and his lady of the night(Chloe Amour), looking for a quiet place to fuck. They seem to find that place in the house's storm cellar. Amour first gets on her knees and sucks Hunter deep. Daniel then bends her over a chair, and proceeds to fuck her pussy. The sex moves to Hunter taking to the chair as Amour mounts him for some hard reverse cowgirl action, before spinning it around to cowgirl for even more. The action then sees Chloe in a seated missionary position in the chair, as Daniel has clear access to her pussy there. He fucks her for a bit, before the positioning is switched to doggy, where Hunter proceeds to slam away. The action eventually leads Hunter to cum on Chloe's face.

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