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October 31, 2015

Movie Review: Some Kind of Hate (2015)

Reviewed By: James D.

Let’s be fair, 2015 has not been a stellar year for horror films. Some Kind of Hate, I feel is here to change all that. What It Follows promised to deliver but ultimately failed upon is what Some Kind of Hate delivers and keeps on delivering. In horror, when we hear words like “originality” and “ cutting edge”, we are always fearful of a film that is going to get so over-hyped that when we do get to see it our expectations are going to be so high that the film may not live up to it. Some Kind of Hate is a film that took a simple concept and really transformed it into quite frankly a very effective and unique film.

 The film opens with Lincoln Taggert who is that kid in school who is both troubled and does not fit in. He is constantly bullied and one day decides to defend himself. He gets in trouble and is sent to this reform program in the middle of nowhere with other troubled kids. When he gets there he meets a girl who he takes a liking to who is just as messed up as he is. He also meets a group of bullies like the ones who haunted him at school. They hear from Lincoln’s roommate that when he gets mad he gets violent, so they want to test him to see the violent side come out. Lincoln want to be left alone and just do his stint and go back home.

Well, one day Lincoln fights back somewhat but the numbers are 3 on 1 and they get the best of him till he runs away and hides in the bottom of this basement like place. Once in there he is upset and says that he wishes that they were all dead. Little does he know he awakens a spirit of a girl who also was bulled and killed at this reform program named Moira. Moira is now unleashed to not only get his revenge but also her own. This film is the adrenaline shot that horror this year needed. This is the film It Follows claimed to be and then some. Sierra McCormick playing Moira is the breakout performance of 2015, what Robert Englund did for Freddy Kruger in the early 80’s; she does in 2015 without the humor. The acting in this film was really great; I mean the first half hour is storytelling to build up a premise that really as the film plays on gets more and more effective. Gorehounds will crave the last half hour of this film; it just goes all bat-shit insane and the concept of how Moira kills gets more and more unique. The pacing of this film was like getting on a roller coaster, you are sitting in your chair and you are getting closer and closer to the top and when you get there you just are so scared about what is coming after it.

First time director Adam Egypt Mortimer really has some cutting edge ideas and clearly a love for horror, which these two combined is never a bad thing. This is that horror film that comes around once in a blue moon that really gets the ball moving towards where horror is heading. If that is the case, Moira in her own sick and evil way has saved horror in 2015 with her sick beauty and need to inflict pain to everyone. This is that special film that we needed so badly, oh so badly this year for sure. This has the makings of a cult classic or a modern day masterpiece, or just both.

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