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October 22, 2015

Movie Review: Farmer's Daughters (1976) (Impulse Pictures/Synapse Films)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock - October 22, 2015

Starring :                                                           
Gloria Leonard
Susan McBain
Nancy Dare 
Marlene Willoughby
John Black
Spalding Gray
Philip Marlowe
Zebedy Colt
Bill Cort
An innocent afternoon of spying on their parents having sex (and then forcibly sexually assaulting the farm hand) turns even more vile for three daughters when escaped convicts pick their farm to hide from the cops! A horrifying, hardcore afternoon of assault, torture and incest follows as the convicts take advantage of the entire family, culminating in a shocking, perverted game of “Simon Says” and a weirdly mixed and edited final montage. This film is the very definition of “hardcore,” and one of the most eyebrow raising films in the Impulse Pictures library!
(Runtime - 61 minutes)
Will be released on DVD on November 10, 2015 (Impulse Pictures/Synapse Films)

1976's FARMER'S DAUGHTERS, which was written, directed and edited by Zebedy Colt(whom also stars), is one that starts off as a somewhat picturesque, and innocent portrayal of life on the farm, as we find three sexually curious daughters doing what they have seemingly done before. And that is watch at the back window, as their folks have a romp in the bedroom. The girls then proceed to seduce a rather mentally slow farm hand, as their curiosity outweighs reservation, and they let it all hang out(quite literally). Just an average day on the farm right? Not on this day. That's because soon, a black cloud comes over this peaceful ordinary day, in the form of three escaped convicts. The convicts; George, Butch, and Pat take shelter at the farm house, and soon take the family hostage, forcing them to endure several unspeakable acts of sex and violence. Who could have imagined that a peaceful day could end up like this?
With the release of the Wes Craven and Sean S. Cunningham, Horror picture, THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, just about everyone was looking to replicate its success, as well as its effectiveness. Adult films were not excluded in this. Zebedy Colt's FARMER'S DAUGHTERS was one such film. It is a film that initially feels like your average 1970s sex comedy, with no clear indication of the darker side of things to come, It starts off innocently, as we have three young girls spying on their parents as they have sex. And then of course, in blue cinema fashion, this prompts them to have sex of their own. The first sign of where things would eventually end up, is when, after said sexual fling with the farm hand, the girls proceed to tie him up, and then whip, and pee on him. For a first time viewer(as I was here), it's pretty unexpected. The remainder of the film(which includes even more pissing), also includes acts of rape, incest, and violence. Coming away from the film, it is clear that FARMER'S DAUGHTERS's intention was to shock, and at the time of its release, I imagine that it very well did. However, by today's standards, where films such as the legendary Adult series, TABOO, are old news, and entries within the Horror genre, now go even further than ever before, the end result of this film, is that with all things considered, it is still somewhat tame. But that is not to say that this film won't offend someone. There are always those people. But for those who are deep into golden age cinema, as well as all forms of lower budgeted cinema, they will view the film as being much more than a sensationalized, roughie shock piece.

Personally, I identify FARMER'S DAUGHTERS as being a true product of it's time, and being all things; filthy, dirty, and grimy. Something that it wears proudly. It has a thrilling atmosphere, and the fact that the film print itself is both dirty and grimy, only adds to it. While it isn't the best of its kind, it is a fairly entertaining film. As I said, here, I was seeing it for the first time, and for what it's worth, I must admit to being fairly entertained by it. Its progressive nature, really keeps you on your toes and interested. It starts off as innocent as can be, complete with a sexually charged theme song, and ends with an amped up, jizz, and piss drenched bang. It's bizarre, but I kind of liked it for what it was. But then again, there are those who just won't "get it".
SYNAPSE FILMS via their IMPULSE PICTURES are releasing FARMERS DAUGHTERS with a new print, which is an improvement over the DVD that was released previously by Adult label GOURMET VIDEO. The transfer on the IMPULSE PICTURES release is a lot cleaner, and the color is more balanced. On the previous release, the colors were much more dull, and muted. Here, however, the colors are much more saturated and vibrant, making for a much better viewing experience. But with this said, please note that the picture here is not without flaws. It would seem as though FARMER'S DAUGHTERS has been through the ringer, as they say. Over the years, this particular print has had some damage done to it. Because of this, there are various scratches and dust specks found throughout the print. So one shouldn't purchase this DVD expecting to see an immaculate print. Personally, again, I feel that the age on the print, really adds to the film. But that's just me. If you are a fan of exploitation, grindhouse cinema, I would definitely recommend this particular release for your collection. But again, I stress, FARMER'S DAUGHTERS isn't for everyone. 
My Score : 6.5/10
Sex scene breakdown :
Scene 1 : Gloria Leonard and Zebedy Colt : The first scene sees Gloria Leonard(here credited as Gayle Leonard) as the mother, "Kate" who takes a break from baking and other kitchen duties, to get it on with her Farmer husband, "Shep" played by Zebedy Colt, who promises to put some "meat in her oven". They begin with some nice and slow missionary, before Shep gets down and dirty, before he bangs her harder. All of this is happening under the watchful eyes of their three daughters who spy on them from the window. Shep continues slow and steady, before unloading on to Leonard's bush to end the scene.
Scene 2 : Marlene Willoughby, Nancy Dare, Susan McBain and Bill Cort :
The next scene leads the three daughters to take on the farm hand, "Fred"(Bill Cort), in a 3 on one. The girls slam Cort on a cot, and quickly undress him, as one of the daughters, played by Marlene Willoughby("Beth") sucks away at him. The others soon undress, and join in. First, Willoughby hops on Fred for some slow Cowgirl, with a nice steady view of Willoughby's ass, and then a front, and back view of the penetration. Marlene leans back for an even better view, as Fred eats away at another, Nancy Dare(as "Jane"). The scene continues on until pops his load all over himself, as Dare strokes him off. After, the youngest of the three daughters(we assume), Susan McBain(as "Martha"), comes in to lick up the remains(it is the only action she sees in the scene, as she spends most of the scene as a spectator). They then hogtie Fred's ankles and proceed to whip him with a flyswatter, warning him, to never tell of their sexual adventures. The scene ends as all three girls pee on the poor farm hand, who clearly gets more than he bargained for.
Scene 3 : Jon Black, Spalding Gray and Gloria Leonard :
Moving quickly, the next scene sees one of the escaped convicts, Jon Black (as "Butch"), force himself on to the mother, Kate(Gloria Leonard), who is frightened, and startled at the intrusion, He forces her into missionary as he sticks it in, as she pleads. He continues, as he sucks, and bites at her breasts. He continues to force it in, as it would seem that there is a slight appearance of blood. The man continues to hammer away, as he sucks, and bites on her face, before soon reaching climax. Shep, the husband, tries to restrain one of the men, to no avail, as, he is the next one to assault the woman. A forced blow job ensues, on Spalding Gray(as "George"), as Black restrains the mother, who has no choice but to comply. During this, she bites Gray's cock, which has them move to the bed, as the man moves into missionary. During, there is a tight closeup of Leonard's pussy and the penetration. The man continues as he rubs against Leonord's bush, which causes him to cum.
Scene 4 : Spalding Gray, Marlene Willoughby, Jon Black, Nancy Dare, Philip Marlowe, Susan McBain :
The men take everyone outside for a dirty game of "Simon Says". This where the convicts force the girls to suck their cocks, as their parents watch. They then force them to undress and spread. The first to assume the position is Gray, who gets on top of Willoughby for missionary. Black follows as he takes Dare anally in doggy, likewise, are Philip Marlowe(as "Pat") and McBain, as the girls scream in pain. First to finish is Gray, who cums on Willoughby's stomach. Jon Black eventually pulls out and finishes, as does Marlowe.
Scene 5 : Gloria Leonard, Bill Cort, Zebedy Colt, Susan McBain, Marlene Willoughby, Nancy Dare, Jon Black, Philip Marlowe :
In a bizarre turn, Martha(McBain) is forced to give her Father(Colt) head, but not before Kate, the mother(Gloria Leonard) is forced to suck Fred(Bill Cort), the farm hand's cock. McBain, is first forced to suck her Colt's dick. Views from both cock sucking sessions alternate as the two remaining daughters, Willoughby and Dare, and the convicts look on. Both men eventually shoot their loads simultaneously. The daughters are then forced to take to their mother, as they suck on her tits, and eat her pussy. Martha(McBain) is then instructed to sit on her mom's face, as Kate(Leonard) eats her daughter. After, all of the men proceed to piss on the women to finish.

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