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October 9, 2015

Movie Review: Chasing the Muse (2015)

Reviewed By: James DePaolo

Chasing the Muse is a really odd film to try and get behind. I am not familiar with Jean-Francois Davy, so I was excited to see what he was about and what he could offer. Davy has been around the scene for almost as long as I have been alive; his form of porn is a slant on humor which seems like an exploration into the female being more than celebrating the aspect of nudity. The first film I watched was the title of this film, Chasing the Muse.

It is basically an X rated documentary that also comes with his 1974 so called classic Exhibition. As you can assume Chasing the Muse follows Davy now in his 70’s looking for the next star for his upcoming film. Before Deep Throat and Taboo would shatter records in porn business, Exhibition was the film that was the first porn so- called blockbuster. (This is all in France alone) His life story is about all the women he has filmed and finally being the star himself which when he does talk, he just does not interest me. He seems to be knowledgeably but really does not radiate a personality that keeps me engaged with wanting to know more. He seems very picky in his choosing which I assume most porn directors are, but why Kitty. She to me was just not the beauty I was expecting and she is even more bland and juvenile acting than I expected. This is another letdown in the terms of a documentary that focuses on either porn or the people behind it.

Why are they not making good porn documentaries anymore? I did enjoy the Ron Jeremy one, but that was because Jeremy himself was engaging and did not assume he was above who he was talking to or with. This film is just such an utter waste of time and is such a huge letdown for me. I would say skip this film but I know the curiosity of porn enthusiasts will get the best of them and they have to see it. It is such a sad state of affairs that porn has so many interesting stories to be told and books that have been incredible, but they keep failing at conveying that to the big screen.

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