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April 10, 2011

Movie Review: The Walking Dead Girls (2010, Cheezy Flicks)

The folks over at Cheezy Flicks are starting to crank out some original productions in addition to their retro-cult film releases. One of their newest DVD's comes in the form of sexy zombie photo shoots and surprisingly enjoyable convention interviews with some of the best the zombie genre has to offer. The Walking Dead Girls is a 70 minute documentary showcasing the likes of zombie flick veterans, Linnea Quigly (Return Of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons), Bruce Campbell ( The Evil Dead Trilogy) and the father of the zombie film, George Romero( Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Martin).

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We start off with a solid interview with the man himself, George Romero, followed by a zombie girl photo shoot. As I said before, the ladies look really attractive and most appear to be "enhanced" very nicely. Add the gruesome makeup to the lovely canvas and you have a horror geek’s masturbatory dream come true.

Other celebs on hand that added some fun to the proceedings were Troma president Lloyd Kaufman and as mentioned above Linnea Quigly. Quigly has an interesting story about how she thought that she wasn’t going to get her part in Night of the Demons because of her age. More zombie photo shoots ensue and then we're briskly brought to the conclusion.

The Walking Dead Girls is a nice little release. There aren't any extras. Some extended interviews and maybe some bonus footage would have been cool but for what it is I have to recommend it to zombie afficionados and anyone who enjoys hot women mixed in with their horror. The price is right too. The Walking Dead Girls can be had for $14.99 or less, so it's a nice bargain.

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