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April 28, 2011

Movie Review: Driller: A Sexual Thriller

When done well, parody in porn can translate into something that transcends the sole purpose of porn – to get people off. It can be humorous; tickling your ball-bag as well as your funny bone. After previously reviewing The Passions of Carol (a parody of A Christmas Carol) which does parody the Dickens’ story quite effectively, I thought why not cover another parody on Cinema Head Cheese that’s target is on the “King of Pop” called Driller: A Sexual Thriller from Devil’s Den DVD.

Timothy Greene Beckley, whose best known to micro-budget movie fans as schlock-meister, Mr. Creepo (Skin- eating Jungle Vampires, Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires) put together Driller: A Sexual Thriller with his partner, Joyce James, who also is the feature’s director. Adorable Louise (Tajia Rae) is fixated on pop-star, Mr. J, so much that after his show performing a song that sounds a lot like Jackson’s Billie Jean – she then summons his larger than life presence to her bedroom. Mr. J breaks out into a groovy dance routine while Louise waits patiently in her bed … then comes the transformation. Our pop-star has now turned into a werewolf with a two foot twirling penis. A drill...if you will. He enters the minx, spurts some of his blue colored ejaculation all over Louise and her room, than takes her to his place – a dungeon.

The first half-hour does have the feel of Thriller but then it just ventures off into the downright absurd, which is not unlike the late singer’s life anyway. The sex is non-stop. There are a few ridiculous dance routines in between but for the latter part of the film we’re exposed to one crazy sex scene after another, including orgies, glowing dildo diddling lesbians and maybe the most outrageous finger-fuck scene in the history of film featuring a hunchback who looks amazingly like The Toxic Avenger and Esmerelda the squirting dungeon skank. This girl blows her load right in front of the gurgling hunchback.

One of the most surprising things about the DVD release of Driller: A Sexual Thriller is the transfer. The original source materials were used in the restoration, and it shows. The movie is very, very dark which is really not a big concern as it fits the mood of the picture but the colors look very good and it also appears that the element used, was store very well. No splices or anything major . The sound was quite solid as well so the soundtrack is bound to be in your head moments after you shut off the DVD.

Devil’s Den even put together some quality supplements : An interview with Esmerelda “the squirter” that’s audio only but accompanied by some interesting photos. A gallery for the film that’s complete with press materials and other Driller photos. The main extra is an interview with Driller: A Sexual Thriller creator, Timothy Greene Beckley. Beckley can talk and is full of "Driller" related anecdotes. I’m actually surprised that he didn’t do a commentary on the film. Most of what comes out of his mouth is very entertaining as he talks about his career as adult film reviewer for Hustler magazine and how that allowed him to rub elbows with porn producers and stars. He also seems to have a beef with Roger Watkins (Last House On Dead-End Street), who at the time was putting together adult projects himself.

For a brand-new company, Devils Den has come out of nowhere to create an excellent release of one of the most bizarre pornos ever produced. Driller: A Sexual Thriller has that rare quality that could make it a party DVD that you can throw on for your jaded friends . Hell, you can even try and do some of the wacky dance routines. Why not do your own Esmerelda squirting contest?? Options are endless Cheesers, just mop afterwards. Here's hoping Devil's Den puts out more vintage adult oddities such as this fine release.

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