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April 13, 2011

App Review: Team Coco

Upon opening the Team Coco app, you are greeted by a wide-eyed Conan O'Brien with an owl on his shoulder. The app loads into a page that displays the featured video, the show's Twitter feed and a list of upcoming guests. There are so many more options to choose from, and it's pretty amazing and engrossing once you get started.
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The Video section is broken down into categories. You get Monologues, Comedy, Celebs, Music, Webisodes, Behind the ScenesSneak Peeks and a Live Coco Cam, which is on all day every day at the studio. This is a spectacular breakdown. For example, I watched Dana Gould's stand-up set from a few months ago, and it was streaming right on my phone. Every bit is at your fingertips.

The Photos section has a list of slideshows from almost every day of the week. If you like stills instead of video, this is the place to be. The Schedule is self explanatory, and includes the nightly rebroadcast. The last section is just called More. It includes both Conan's and the show's Twitter feeds, an option to share the app, and an option to give feedback to the developer.

All in all, it's probably the best entertainment app I've seen for specific content. It's very thorough, and has a great UI. I'm not a rabid Conan fan, but I would be more apt to view it in segments as I choose. If you are a big Conan fan, then why the hell haven't you downloaded this app? Get to it. It's extremely well made.

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