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November 18, 2012

Movie Review: Grindhouse Hotties - Rene Bond Sleazy Triple Feature

The folks at After Hours Cinema have churned out some quality smut over the past few years with numerous vintage XXX film collections catering to 70's sleaze lovers. Naturally, they feature some some the porn greats from yesteryear. Rene Bond is the focus on After Hours' Grindhouse Hotties: Rene Bond Sleazy 70s Triple Feature. This fellatio-heavy fuck film trio consists of three films, Sounds of Sex, City Woman and Show'N Tell.

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Sounds of Sex may look familiar as it has seen a DVD-R release by Something Weird Video under the title, Rene Bond’s Sex Fantasies. Rene is smoking hot here as she gazes into the camera with cranks of all shapes in sizes in her very active hands. The movie has a series of vignettes that take advantage of the “fantasy angle”. One scene in particular that I certainly won't forget, is about a horny young woman who has a hankering for getting her bits stinky with the elderly. The old man she screws looks like WWE President Vince McMahon minus the hair dye and steroids. I'm not kidding! Look below for further proof. It’s pretty creepy but I couldn’t help giggling like a second grader. While the sex scenes in between Rene’s stroking and chugging action isn’t all that hot, Rene’s scenes make it all worth it. The gal doesn’t have to do much to get some of these guys to blow either. I’ll give her credit, her mechanics are fucking impeccable.

Next up we get City Women, another fantasy-based film with oodles of messy sex scenes. Here we have goofy Rod Serling-esque voice over accompanying various ladies guessed it.. a city. Here a lady imagines a sexual encounter at a beach just by putting her hands in some grubby fountain water. Where’s Rene?? Well, Rene is on the other side of town looking at art galleries. She soon a finds a gallery that tickles her fancy that does nude body-painting. Soon some harmless body painting turns heavy fucking with her fellow body painters. Why can’t First Friday downtown be this fun??

Show ‘N Tell takes the ever popular porn angle: Voyeurism. This time, our little minx is a peeping tom – snooping through various apartment tenants keyholes. There’s a good amount of very welcome lesbianism, ancient dildo usage, and horrendous wigs on display. The grooming could be better, but shit, it’s the fucking 70s.

There are a few extra features on the disc - most of which being vintage smut trailers. A very welcome special feature included as an option on the disc that I enjoyed was something called “Grind It”. Here porn fans are able to watch all three films together with After Hours trailers in between each feature. This sets the mood appropriately - much like sitting in a sleazy porn theater. It’s totally safe though and you can avoid the sticky floors and smell of spoiled Thousand Island dressing.

The quality of the transfers are ok. The sound isn't perfect and gets low in some areas. Emulsion lines are present but color holds up pretty well with a lot less fading than I'm use to seeing when viewing the pre-1975 tube-sock-soakers. I also didn’t notice too many splices either. Each feature has been restored as good as possible from original film materials.

Overall, this is a solid release from After Hours. Rene Bond admirers will definitely need to get their filthy hands on this very generous triple feature. Recommended!

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