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November 2, 2012

Movie Review: Profane (2011)

Directed by Usama Alshaibi

Starring Manal Kara, Molly Plunk and Dejan Mircea
Profane is a film that is set up like a documentary and it follows the lifestyle of a beautiful young Muslim girl named Muna, (Manal Kara) who also happens to be a professional dominatrix. When Muna isn't reading her Koran she is busy at work... shitting on people's faces and kicking them in the balls among many other forms of sweet degradation to earn a living. Along for the ride is her side-kick and business partner Mary, (Molly Plunk). They spend a great deal of time getting high on cocaine and pills when they’re not hard at work double-teaming hapless Johns.

The twist of this already twisted film is the fact that Muna keeps hearing these voices in her head. Being a Muslim, she thinks they may be a Jinn, here in the west we would say she’s probably over-due for an exorcism. As the film progresses along, the two girls are befriended by a Muslim cab driver named Ali (Dejan Mircea) who gives them free cab rides and eventually tries to help Muna change her ways, without much success.

For anyone not familiar with the subject matter of bondage and masochism this odd little film may be a bit much to stomach. There are some awkward  scenes involving strap-on dildos, brown-showers and other assorted weirdness, so consider yourself fore-warned.  The story itself just kind of plods along though, never really building to a peak at any time and it was completely lacking in any type of climax at the ending (no pun intended). It just sort of ends without any closure of any kind. The final scene involves Muna packing the fudge of a military vet who tells her a story about raping a Muslim girl while he is serving over-seas. The sub-plot of the voices Muna is plagued by is never really addressed with any significance which was a bit disappointing, she never really acts out on them and just sort of deals with them the only way she knows how, through the end of a coke straw.

Profane basically relies on the shock-value of the sex scenes to carry it through to the end, it wasn't a bad movie but I do think it missed a golden opportunity to be a great movie by not delving a little deeper into Muna’s assumed possession by demons or Jinn’s or whatever you want to call them.  Putting aside its flaws, if you like the sight of hot babes in strap-ons (and who doesn't?), then there's plenty to like about this movie, just don't expect it to be much more then a documentary-style porno that also wants to be an art house film, which is a weird combination when you think about it.
6 out of 10
Reviewed by KennyB

EXTRAS~ The DVD does come with about 20 minutes of scenes not included in the film. These are mostly comprised of monologues filmed in close-up and plenty of raunchy sex scenes involving rim-seats, cock & ball torture and other assorted wackiness.

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