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November 7, 2012

Movie Review: 247 Degrees Fahrenheit (2012)

In 2010 Adam Green brought many horror fans by surprise with his film Frozen. It’s a simple narrative surrounding a few twenty-somethings caught in frigid weather on a ski-lift. Holding an audience for 90 minutes with that story-line can’t be easy – but the Hatchet creator succeeded with what may be his best film. Just recently a film taking almost the same formula,except using extreme heat as the antagonist is now upon genre-philes in the form of Levan Bakhia andBeqa Jguburia’s 247 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Scream queen Scout Taylor-Compton plays Jenna, one of four youngsters looking to party it up in a cabin decked out with all kinds of amenities. The big draw for the kids is the deluxe European sauna. After a little sex and booze the group decides to relax a little more by trying out the sauna. They drink, drink some more and go back and forth until three of the four get stuck in the sauna.

The premise isn’t actually that bad if it was about a half-hour, or maybe as an anthology movie but it’s not – it’s 90 minutes. 247 Degrees Fahrenheit wears it’s welcome out well before we reach the hour mark. Frozen added a couple interesting through the course of the feature and really seemed to put you in the moment, on the ski lift with these unfortunate souls. Here we just get a lot of lame chatter and next to no blood to give some kind of visceral jolt.

I liked the look of the film, as it’s shot well in the limited locales that are used. The filmmakers also deserve for some kudos for trying something that’s not your typical slasher, unfortunately, this one falls short because it's just not that fun.

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