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November 21, 2012

Movie Review: [Rec] 3: Genesis (Blu-ray, Momentum Pictures)

Reviewed by James DePaolo

(Rec)3 takes the illness out of the apartment complex of the first two and moves it to a wedding reception. The first twenty minutes or so of this film takes us via handheld video cameras on the big day of Koldo and Clara, we get to watch the pre wedding, the wedding and most of the reception. Where part 2 was just to the point and felt people understood the situation and premise, this film decided to build the story of the lovers and make us feel invested when things do start to go down. Unlike, the other two Rec films this one is more of a steady cam, instead of the usual shaky. While the reception is going on and everyone is having fun it seems to take a turn for the worst when an uncle who was bitten outside is possessed, and falls from the ceiling and starts to bite people. When all the chaos break out, which you know will, the bride and groom get separated and forced to go into different directions. Whereas the other two Rec films have been more about searching and trying to quarantine the virus and people infected, this one is more about survival and love.

The biggest issue I had is that is called Rec 3, this just does not come across or feel like a Rec film. I did not mind so much that this film wanted to change the formula, and offer us so much new things like comedy, but how can you follow part 2 up with this? There is nothing in this film that ties it to the last two, and while I sort of liked how it ended, where do they go from here in terms of a Part 4? After the first twenty or so minutes that were all about building up the wedding, the film really started to become a fun ride with all the demonic people that seem to be infected giving us buckets upon buckets of bloody goodness. That was another difference in this one, and the other two combined; this one gave you an insane amount of blood and gore. The chainsaw that is on the cover comes into play around the 50 plus minute mark and it gets used a lot. I really think if people can get over the fact that this is not the same Rec they are used to, and accept the changes they may warm up to this film.

Compared to the other 2 films which people will be doing, I mean it is not even close. But, on its own this was a decent film and I did not think it was all that bad. Though some things about this film made me sort of angry, so you are telling me that reading bible verses on a PA system can mesmerize the infected and make them stop attacking and in a trance like state? If this is the case and the preacher knew it could do this, why not do it earlier like when the first person got infected, why wait till mass chaos is going on? Why on the television screens or in earlier conversations pre wedding there was no mention of the quarantine or infected, make some connection to the previous 2? Where did they come up with some of the mood music in this film?

I loved the story of the two lovers looking for each other; I thought it brought an interesting premise to this film. For readers who are wondering about Rec 3 I will say this, if you loved the last two like I did, you may want to be prepared for a new vision and a lot of new ideas. I thought this film was not as bad as I thought it would be but it is by no means a classic. I would watch it again, and I liked it enough to recommend.

7 out of 10

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  1. If you're a fan of Demons 2 or Return of the Living Dead 3 then you will LOVE this movie!