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November 27, 2012

Movie Review: The Puppet Masters/ Deep Rising (Blu-ray)

If you're in for a bargain Blu-ray with two of the more underrated sci-fi/ action/ horror flicks of the 1990's look no further than this double bill that includes Deep Rising and The Puppet Masters from Mill Creek.

A pack of criminals led by John Finnegan (Treat Williams, Dead Heat) invade a luxury liner hoping to find a fortune but little do they know there's a sea monster waiting to gobble them up. The action is very fast here, the gore is in abundance but the plot though like most of director Stephen Sommer's films is wafer thin. Deep Rising is a very enjoyable film if you can look past the absence of any good explanation on how the monster got on the ship. Watch for character actor, Kevin J. O'Conner, playing his usual nervous self as one of the gentler crooks in the group.

The Puppet Masters stars the lovely Julie Warner as young scientist, Mary Sefton. Sefton, along with her partner Sam Nivens (Eric Thal) and father Andrew (Donald Sutherland, Eye of the Needle) are investigating the landing of a spaceship and possible alien life-forms latching themselves onto the backs of humans.Sutherland does a great job, as does Warner in both there roles. The film is based on a story from sci-fi author Robert Heinlein, how faithful it is, I do not know. One of the notable highlights in The Puppet Masters, are the creatures.These critters are likely to make your skin crawl as there is some impressive practical FX use for the aliens. I miss those days.

No extras have been added to the package. With that said, I was quite happy with both transfers considering this release is going to be priced well and not likely to put a big dent in your wallet. Recommended

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