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August 7, 2011

Movie Review: Ding Dong Dead (2009)

By Travis G.

D: Creep Creepersin

Doug, the odd neighbour you don’t want. Not the guy who you would call the police on if he ever showed up on your front door but the one you just don’t want to talk to at all. Conversing with him in any way just makes you uncomfortable. One night while out on a Slurpee run Doug comes across a group of women called the Ding Dong Ditchers. I’m not sure how old they’re suppose to be as one minute they’re out causing trouble at all hours of the night and then the next minute they’re meeting in a dollhouse filled HQ. With Doug lacking social skills, his first encounter with members of the gang naturally don’t go well. Taking offense to his less than charming ways the girls decide to screw with him. From there trouble starts to escalate for him but things go to hell for all when one of the members of the Ding Dong Ditchers goes missing and the rest of the gang decide to go after Doug.

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I liked the premise of this film and it showed a lot of promise but unfortunately nothing came of it. Editing is a big problem for me with this film even at only 70 minutes it’s way to long and the whole build up to the film's finale should have been cut in half. I think the film suffers a lot because of this and will lose a lot of it’s viewers due to this. Director Creep Creepersin is improving though as a director, it's just he really needs to work on this crucial area.

The other thing is if you’re not going to show gore or nudity you have to give the paying customer something to watch and to be kept entertained. Much like Creep Creepersin’s earlier film Corporate Cutthroat Massacre this is more comedy than Horror. Knowing this was initially produced as a PG friendly title really helped the viewing process for me but unfortunately those not in the know here might be disappointed.

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