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August 28, 2011

Movie Review: @Home Idol: Moe Takahashi (2012)

Starring Moe Takahashi

We have Happy Chicken Studio to thank for bringing all of us here in The West this little slice of Asian comfort food known as the “Pink Film.” And what is a Pink Film, you might ask.....well a Pink Film is basically PG-Rated porn with no nudity. It's based on the premise that there is nothing hotter then watching an 18 year old girl in panties and a tank top cavort around the house fondling kitchen appliances and various other housewares. (Personally, I really can't argue with the logic behind this.)

Making her film debut in this DVD is Moe Takahashi, one of Japan’s top teen models, and make no mistake.....this girl is 15 kinds of smokin’ hot. A freckle faced beauty who fills up 70 minutes of disc space lying in bed rubbing herself, fondling a vacuum cleaner, on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor, in the kitchen making scrambled eggs so she can pour them all over her chest, doing the banana-in-the-mouth trick, soaping herself up in the shower while wearing a bikini and the big finale where she is lying in bed with band-aids on her nipples, rubbing a massager across her body.  All the while we are treated to a sound-track consisting of everything from 8-bit video game music to funky jazz and easy-listening tunes to set the mood for each particular little scenario.

Being a lover of the wackiness that is all things “Asian Cinema” my first thoughts on this were that, in theory, this is pure genius. An innocent looking young (but legal) Japanese girl, for the most part not doing anything too overtly sexual, yet still doing and showing just enough to get your imagination up and running in the wrong direction. But in reality, although I loved what they were trying to do here, the concept loses steam pretty fast. All the different scenes are basically identical, girl smiles into the camera, girl rubs her chest and crotch, camera zooms in on the crotch area......rinse.....repeat. I lasted about 20 minutes before I was starting to fantasize Godzilla busting one of the walls down and ripping this little hussies top off. Its a great idea, I just think spending 70 minutes zooming in on one girl’s panties might be a bit of a stretch for most American viewers attention spans. I would categorize it as “Porn Foreplay” because ultimately, what this film really did was make me wanna go straight to the interwebs, find my favorite Asian porn site and “relieve the pressure” caused by this freckle-faced little dick-tease. (and I mean that in the most respectful way)

Its off the beaten path for sure and very different from what most of us here in The States consider erotica. It certainly wont appeal to everyone but for collectors of everything obscure and awesome from Asia, this will look pretty sweet in your collection. I would have scored this one a bit higher but unfortunately, there were no extras included on the disc.

5.5 out of 10

Reviewed by KennyB

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