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August 20, 2011

Movie Review: Exotic Malice (1981)

In previous reviews of Joe D'Amato's films, I've professed great admiration for the Italian king of Euro-sleaze. Don't get me wrong, some of his films are absolute shit and tremendously boring (See Sexy Pirates) but even the most watery of D'Amato's turds contain some elements to please cinematic sadists - like myself - to relish. Exotic Malice is yet another rare filthy pastaland porno from Joe that was made around the same time he did Sex and Black Magic and Porno Holocaust. Porno actor, Mark Shannon, often appeared in D'Amato's early 80's sex films - here though he's the star along with Anthropophagous himself, George Eastman. Shannon's famous for blowing loads but infamous for performing in sex scenes with a horrible case of genital warts on his sack. The infamous warts are unfortunately present here in Exotic Malice. Does that ruin the film? Let's have a look.

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The melodramatic almost Lifetime films quality plot of Exotic Malice catapults this potentially disastrous fuck-film into a sublime ridiculousness that may bring D'Amato aficionados to their knees. Shannon plays "Mark", a man suffering from a serious case of testicular cancer. Mark really wants to get the thoughts of his possible death out of his mind. So, the horny -but hurting- fellow decides to take himself back to a tropical island to find a long-lost old flame -- and nail some other "exotic" gals along the way. Before leaving Italy, Mark is given needles to inject medicine into his balls to ease the pain caused by the cancer. These come in handy considering the amount of messy seed this Casanova unleashes on the housekeepers of the Sheraton Hotel, Santo Domingo.

The sex scenes in Exotic Malice range from ok to the horrific. Aside from Shannon's poisonous nutbag bouncing off the ass cheeks of various unknowing Dominican beauties there's also some sex with an older, bolderline obese woman. This D’Amato delight takes place during a not-so steamy four-some later on in the film with "Mark's" flame. One notable sex scene that had me fall off my futon has Mark finally tracking down is long-lost girlfriend, only to be pushed aside for an island native with a coke can sized dong. To Shannon's dismay, she chokes down the sweaty member in the hot sun while Mark is only given permission to be a spectator. Watching Shannon attempt to muster up tears may cause a giggle or two. Seeing Shannon act period is well worth the price of admission.

One 7 has included one extra feature in the form of a deleted masturbation scene from VHS. It's hardcore diddling action so it's well worth checking out. The film elements used for this release are good. There's a little wear and it does lack color in areas but overall it's a respectable presentation.

Joe D'Amato never ceases to amaze me - the man was exploitation gold. Exotic Malice is so off-the-wall bad and even somewhat offensive (who mixes cancer with hardcore porn??) that even with some of the horrors displayed on the screen, it's difficult to look away. Recommended for D'Amato fans.. others watch at your own risk.

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