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December 3, 2011

Movie Review: Bite Marks (2011)

I've said it many times, but I've had my fill of vampire movies.Hell, I've had my fill of vampire TV, costumes and thoughts. I can't even eat Count Chocula anymore. When Bite Marks ended up at my house, I wasn't too excited about it. First strike was the vampire thing, of course. The second strike was that it was presented as a gay vampire movie with the tagline "Wrong On So Many Levels." It had nothing to do with homophobia. I don't possess that trait. The problem was that I expected horrible over-the-top stereotypes. Unfortunately for the filmmakers, this movie is marketed completely wrong.

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The story focuses on a gay couple who ends up needing to hitch a ride from a friendly trucker. After some awkwardness, the couple proves that they aren't what the trucker or the audience expects. They're realistic characters, and not the awful stereotypes I thought I would see. The trucker is a little odd, but mostly an average guy. The only thing surprising about him is that he really has no idea what he's hauling. He believes that his trailer carries several empty coffins, but we learn very quickly that this is not true.

The acting is decent, and the effects are actually handled pretty well. The couple and the trucker are stuck dealing with a group of zombie-like vampires, and the story lags a little at points, but overall, it's watchable. I didn't love it, but you could do much worse. I give Bite Marks credit for having believable gay leading characters, which is something we rarely see. I think real vampire fans might like it if they want something different from the same old Dracula tale.

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