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December 27, 2011

Movie Review: iCrime (2011)

Directed by Bears Fonte

Reviewed by Kenny B.

So here's an indie film that uses the MTV formula to tell the story of a Midwestern girl finding her way to the big city of L.A. Carrie (Sara Fletcher) the Okie noob gets a job working for a website called Echo Report and is trying to protect her cousin Stefy from a sex tape going public. But that plot line is just one of many going on in this movie, and depending on your own personal level of A.D.D. That's either going to enhance or detract from your viewing experience here. (Personally for me there was just way too many different things going on in this one). Anyway, in order to help save her cousin, Sara is trying to expose the internet sensation Jordan as a fraud, by proving she is in fact an actress and not the innocent school girl she plays online. In doing this she must deeply immerse herself in the lies, deception and betrayal of the L.A. Scene. She may make a name for herself in doing this, or she may become the next Hollywood murder victim.

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This movie was clearly made for the 18-34 year old demographic, the Millennials, the hipsters, the Tweeting 4G smartphone zombies....whatever the kids are calling themselves these days. Think Jersey Shore meets TMZ meets film noir and thats basically what you've got here. And to use a quote that I really hate seeing in a movie review, It wasn't a bad movie but it wasnt a great movie either. (Sorry, that's really the best I could come up with here). There's lots of people who will find it enjoyable I am sure, there are a few decent twists and turns and the climax isn't too shabby (sorry, no spoiler). Personally, there was just something about the film that made me feel like it was made for people a little younger and hipper then myself. Oh the shame of realizing your getting old and......uncool. But if you like your movies with lots of texting on screen, internet videos and online chatting then O....M...G!!!! u srlsy need 2 c this movie!!!! Although I was quite disappointed that with all the pretty young girls dressed like hookers in the film we got not one single topless scene, which in my opinion is quite scandalous in its own right.

I gave it 5 TMZ scandals out of 10

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