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December 23, 2011

Movie Review: Thankskilling (2009)

Reviewed By Travis G.

Back in the early 1600s the native Indians placed a curse on the white devil honkies via an evil foul mouthed Turkey so foul mouth you’re going to want to slap him in the pecker er beak aptly named Turkie. Fast forward several centuries a dog awakens the beast by pissing on the turkey’s grave. I tell you peeing on graves is never a good idea in horror movies and just plain rude folks. Unfortunately, for a group of college kids they stumble upon Turkie’s murderous path.…….

Super silly fun little cheapy film and very TROMAish if you will. If the notion of a rubber homicidal turkey with a bad case of tourettes, running around killing people and cracking jokes interests you, chances are you’re really going to revel in this film. If not you’re really not going to like it at all..

For those who don’t have to take their horror movies so seriously, who are able to sit back, relax have fun and don’t mind some silliness in their horror, you are going to have fun with this film.
While this film is a tad short (running just past the one hour mark).it does work in the films favor enabling it not to overstay it’s welcome .

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