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December 3, 2011

Movie Review: Erotic Escape (1985, One 7 Movies)

Reviewed By Travis G.

Wow, when I saw this DVD cover I was like "Hot Damn". ONE 7 Movies a new DVD company which is always a good thing especially these days. And even more so when they are releasing some fun and different titles.  It has a nice bold cover  (Censored though but I guess it’s easier to get it in stores and such) then on the back of the DVD cover it reads..“Erotic Escape is a long lost guilty pleasure available for the first time in DVD. Directed by Nello Rossati of the Sensuous Nurse fame, the film features lots of nudity and over the top violence. Drenched with in mud with nothing to cover her breathtaking body, Eleonora Vallone runs for her life and gets laid to to kill!” HOT DAMN!!! I’m ready to get my perv on….

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After making a very daring escape from a brutal prison camp a political prisoner kidnaps the daughter of a wealthy government official as a hostage. While the two are out on the run a relationship between the two starts to develop.

First off,  Blu-Ray purists are going to have an aneurism over the quality of the film. If the film is a little rough but rare that’s easily excusable to a point for me..however this looks like this DVD is sourced from a VHS.

As Erotic Escape is playing, the story is decent enough but it’s somewhat slow. I noticed grammatical errors in the subtitles as well. Then it becomes unpleasantly clear that this version is cut  - and not just a little snippet here and there. We’re talking a Jewish kid at a bris cut…..ugh. I treat every film/review as if I bought the DVD myself. If I bought this DVD, I would be pissed. After putting the DVD away and looking at the cover, I don’t even remember this scene being in the film.

If this DVD was in the cheap bin I would have been way more forgiving but the price of this DVD is quite high which is bad enough when there aren’t even any extras on the disc.

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