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June 6, 2012

Movie Review: Sex Psychedelia Collection (2010)

Reviewed By Kenny B.

This weird little piece of “entertainment” is a four movie two disc set of extremely obscure early 70's psychedelic San Francisco bay area porn. Now there was some good porn coming from this region during this particular time, 1972's Behind the Green Door is the first to come to mind. These movies unfortunately don't come anywhere near that Mitchell brothers classic. These appear to be experimental films put together by the hippie sleazemeisters and film school castoffs that had way too much access to the cheap acid that flowed like water from the tap in that particular day. How and more importantly, why After Hours Cinema put this set together is just beyond my comprehension, but I suppose from a historical standpoint it might have some type of value.

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The porn itself isn't particularly arousing, unless of coarse you are turned on by mechanical, uninspired and awkward sex scenes involving what I am guessing are mostly scared runaways who are probably so doped up they can barely stand up straight and are probably one hit away from overdose. After Hours made no attempt at restoration of the films, I am assuming to preserve its artistic integrity. (I can't believe I just used those 2 words in this review). So thusly, the film quality is quite poor, as is the audio with half of the voices being way too loud and the other half completely incomprehensible.

Movie one is called Ramage (Mobility Cathexis). Dont ask me what that means, I tried to Google it and my computer froze up. I do have to give this one a nod if for no other reason but the fact that it was without a doubt the worst porno I've ever watched. This one, about a girl trying to get into the porn business, and the second one, The Last Bath, about a hitch-hiking photographer who is picked up by a couple of bi-sexual nurses and taken to a remote cabin, both are heavy on the psychedelic concept, with lots of scenes shot in sepia and trippy multi-colored lenses. And at the time I am sure it probably sounded like a good idea.

The second disc though, did offer a bit more in terms of comedic relief. Movie three, called The Bat, is about a guy running around the streets of San Francisco in an authentic Count Chocula costume, complete with oversized cape and top hat, convincing scrawny hippie chicks to suck his dick for 50 bucks. His catch-phrase's, “I am the great ball-master! I am The Bat!” & “Oh....its so sour!” every time he goes down on a girl. It was ridiculous, but more entertaining then the first 2 films, film quality and lighting were also slightly better.

The final film, It Came From Love, is about an alien, Mr. Xeno, who is sent to earth to abduct human subject for reasons that have something to do with sex I am guessing. Mr. Xeno is played by a guy in a hokey but pretty cool alien mask who uses his ray-gun (blow dryer) to zap horny people back to the mother ship for more sexual shenanigans. This one was pretty campy and I almost started liking it until the scene where there's a closeup of a guy finger banging a girl and he has a huge gaping open sore on one of his fingers. I was just never able to recover from that, or the fact that all the women were sporting luxurious arm pit hair and bush's so thick you'd need a chainsaw to get to the goods.

This is not the kind of stuff your gonna watch for purposes of getting off, it would just be too much hard work. Perhaps it could be used in a college film class for strictly educational and historical purposes. Unless your a collector of obscure porn from days gone by, there's not much your gonna get out of these besides an upset stomach.

I score it 3 drugged-up hippies out of 10

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