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June 11, 2012

Sarno's Inga Collection Seduces Its Way to DVD in a Special Collectors Set!

Joseph Sarno’s Acclaimed Masterpiece of Erotic Cinema is Back in


Retro Seduction Cinema’s Deluxe 3-Film, 3-Disc Collection

Available August 14, 2012

New York, NY June 4, 20120 – The newest entry in Retro Seduction Cinema’s critically acclaimed line of classic sexploitation cinema, the INGA COLLECTION, reintroduces three iconic films by NYC auteur Joseph Sarno, previously available as distinct, limited-edition numbered DVDs: INGA, SEDUCTION OF INGA and THE INDELICATE BALANCE.

Shot entirely in Sweden, INGA and SEDUCTION OF INGA swept U.S. box offices and catapulted young Swedish starlet Marie Liljedahl to international fame while securing director Joseph Sarno’s reputation as the “Ingmar Bergman of Erotic Cinema”. Also included is the lesser-known, but equally compelling Swedish production, THE INDELICATE BALANCE.


Three acclaimed tales of sexual awakening and forbidden passion by sexploitation auteur Joseph Sarno, now available in a new collector’s edition release from Retro Seduction Cinema:

Inga – Marie Liljedahl is Inga, a beautiful and naïve young woman who becomes a pawn in a game of sexual manipulation and deceit after her move into her aunt’s home. To escape, she must choose between the arms of a sophisticated much-older man and those of her aunt’s younger lover.

Seduction of Inga - Alone and penniless, Inga (Marie Liljedahl) becomes the personal secretary and lover of a dashing older man. But when business takes him away, temptation proves too difficult to resist, and soon Inga must choose between her lover, his mistress and a handsome young musician.

The Indelicate Balance – A prolonged stay at his attractive and overbearing mother’s home prompts Harald and his wife Karin to question their relationship, ultimately driving Karin into the arms of another woman.

The INGA COLLECTION is presented with an exhaustive array of extras including commentaries, interviews, and liner-notes booklet. Telecine from the original film elements was supervised by Retro Seduction Cinema founder and President, Michael Raso. Michael remains the driving force behind the home entertainment imprint established in 2000 to preserve the often-overlooked but culturally significant American sexploitation cinema genre, with emphasis on the films of Joseph Sarno. Over the next decade, the relationship forged by working closely with the filmmaker and his wife and collaborator, Peggy Sarno, resulted in the excavation, restoration and release of internationally renowned classics such as ABIGAIL LESLIE IS BACK IN TOWN, LAURA’S TOYS, GIRL MEETS GIRL (BIBI), DADDY DARLING, ALL THE SINS OF SODOM, VAMPIRE ECSTASY, MOONLIGHTING WIVES, BUTTERFLIES, CONFESSIONS OF A YOUNG AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE, SWEDISH WILDCATS and culminated in the 2006 original production (and Joe’s final film) SUBURBAN SECRETS.



Director: Joseph Sarno

Stars: Marie Liljedahl, Monica Strommerstedt, Thomas Ungewitter, Tommy Blom

Label: Retro Seduction Cinema

SRP: $29.98

UPC: 612385009198

Aspect Ratio Feature Film: 1:33:1

Number of discs: 3

DVD Format: 5, 9

Rating: Not Rated

Audio: 2.0

Total Run Time: 7+ hrs

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