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June 16, 2012

TV on DVD Review: Pawn Stars Vol. 4 (2012)

There’s no better example of today's pawnbrokers then the Harrison family’s Gold and Silver Pawn Shop located on the outskirts of Las Vegas - the modern day Mecca for people in need of quick cash. Three generations of Harrison men go into battle at the bargaining counter with a wide assortment of people looking to make big money off of their treasures. From classic cars, to samurai swords to old baseball cards. Here, everything has a history and everything has a price. And you never know whats going to come through the door next.

Pawn Stars Vol. 4 features 16 episodes never-before released on DVD, including a wide variety of oddball items that are haggled over like Colonel Sanders suit, a competition dragster race car and an Abraham Lincoln campaign ribbon.

One thing I know about the “pawn shop experience” is this, most people with something to sell walk in with a great deal of confidence, excited and ready to haggle. And they inevitably leave either pissed off and insulted with their item in hand or they leave with a small fraction of the money they thought they would get for their stuff. Little do they usually realize, is the fact that they will be doing battle with seasoned veterans whose job it is to buy their stuff for as cheaply as possible for turning at a profit by the brokers. Sure, there are occasions when someone with something truly valuable walks in and is actually able to get these guys to budge and pony up, but those are the exception to the rule.

One thing Pawn Stars has going for it is the fact that the whole “pawn shop experience” is a true slice of Americana personified. Where the bottom-line in all exchanges is money.....the brokers got his idea of what he wants to pay for your item, the seller has his idea of what he wants to be paid for it and the object of the game is to get as close to the middle of those two numbers without getting discouraged or wilting under the pressure of the negotiation. Its really a fascinating dynamic to watch play out, some do well and others.....well, not so much.

Along the way we are treated to little history lessons on some pretty awesome pieces of American history. Interesting items you would think would be quite valuable but aren't worth a damn nickel, and obscure items that appear worthless but upon appraisal turn out to be literal jackpots worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. You just never can tell how its going to turn out, and therein lies the appeal of this show.

If your a fan, this is the equivalent of buying a gold-mine for the price of a DVD. Nearly 16 hours of reality-TV goodness for under 20 bucks. That's a deal even the Pawn Stars would shake your hand on.

Reviewed by KennyB

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  1. I absolutely love Pawn Stars, I watch it all the time. I bought a house a found a ton of stuff in the basement and attic. I had a yard sale but I wasn't sure what to do with the rest of the stuff. I don't want to just throw it away, this stuff has some value. A friend of mine told me to take the stuff to one of the Gainesville pawn shops. I just may do that because I don't want this stuff in my house anymore.