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June 12, 2012

Movie Review: A Serbian Film - Uncut Limited Edition (Invincible Pictures, 2010)

I'm a fan of A Serbian Film. Ok, I said it. I’ve even seen it more than once, which is something that you’re not supposed to do even if you’re an admirer of the film. So far I’ve checked out two different versions: The widely released unrated/censored version from Invincible Pictures and MVD Visual and now the limited uncut release that’s strictly distributed by the producers at Invincible Pictures. The Serbian Film in a lot of ways, whether you hate it or not, it will stand the test of time and be talked about 20 years from now. To me it’s important to see uncut, so here it is!

A little bit about the background of the plot - Milos (Syrdjan Toborovic) used to be the Eastern block's answer to John Holmes - hung like a horse and with an out of this world sex drive. Things changed drastically for Milos after the former pornstar starts a family and has a son with his love, Marija (Jelena Gavrilovic). The life of Milos as a porn king is no longer. Soon bills start to pile up, desperation sets in and our "family man" has to take a gig that's brought to his attention by former onscreen screw. This isn't quite what he's done in his other erotic films - it's much more dangerous and perverse.

Unwittingly Milos is puppeterred into being and actor in a snuff film by a charismatic pornographer named Vukmir (Sergej Trifunovic). Vukmir promises the world to Milos and makes the acts of which Milos participate in look so simple. I've always thought of Serbia being a completely impoverished country. When you get to see Vukmir's posh mansion and neighborhood you could easily mistake it for Bel-Air. Even Milos' place looks better than any of my recent apartments.

From here, it’s a downward spiral for Milos as he’s drugged and beaten by Vukmir and his goons and does some unimaginable things that he probably couldn’t fathom before his introduction to Vukmir. Trifunovic is brilliant and in opinion steals the movie with his portrayal as Vukmir.


The cut version originally released on Blu-ray and DVD a few months back snips out some of the most shocking moments, or at least shortens them. The newborn scene is quite a bit longer, showing quite much more of the baby and some thrusting motions by the scumbag molesting it. The climax in this uncut version has the short (but super gross) scene of blood splatter when Milos is raping the hooded victim at the end. Another scene that’s also longer, has Milos fucking the eye of one of Vukmirs bodyguards. Here Milos’ meat is exposed and penetrating the socket with some heavy force. Whew!

Invincible Pictures seemed to get a lot of heat by geeks on message boards because their hand was forced on censoring A Serbian Film (Yes, in America, even we do censor!). It really was something out of their control. I mean who wants to release a cut version of their art?? They made good though, and did a great thing making this fascinating little bastard of a film available in its uncut form. Highly Recommended!


  1. fucking perverts!

  2. where do i get that uncut version?
    i've only seen one on amazon and it was three hundred billion dollars and in the case i could buy from jb-hi-fi, which i don't trust.
    i would like if i could to get the original one in the bloody cd case.