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January 13, 2016

Movie Review: The Friend Zone (New Sensations Romance - 2012)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - January 13, 2016

Starring :

Anthony Rosano
Riley Reid
Dana DeArmond
Danny Mountain
Giovanni Francesco
Lexi Bloom
Xander Corvus

Kevin and Gina are best friends that do absolutely everything together...almost. Unfortunately, despite harboring a major crush on her, he has never been able to move their relationship past the "Friend Zone." So, when Gina suggests that they try their hand at online dating, Kevin's fear of losing her pushes him to do the unthinkable. Stealing the identity of his coworker, Cameron, and creating a fake online profile, he sets out to woo his best friend, Gina. but when she falls for her online suitor and demands that they meet in person, Kevin will have to risk everything by telling the truth. Will his deception destroy their entire relationship, or will they finally step outside the "Friend Zone?"

(Runtime - 2 hr. 04 mins.)


From NEW SENSATIONS, comes this Jacky St. James penned film, which is Directed by Eddie Powell.  THE FRIEND ZONE, tells the story of 2 best friends, "Kevin Anderson"(Anthony Rosano) and "Gina French", who live together, as a matter of fact, they do almost everything together.  However their relationship is strictly platonic in the eyes of Gina.  However, it is not the same for Kevin, who longs for more of a relationship with her.  Unfortunately, as her best friend, he has had to endure seeing Gina go through a number of different relationships that have left her unhappy.  However, soon, things are shaken up after a nasty breakup with  her long time boyfriend, sends Gina's sister "Wendy"(Lexi Bloom) their way, as she moves in.  Now with the 3 of them ever so unlucky in love, Gina proposes that they all try something.  Online dating.  From there, they agree to create online dating profiles on the paid dating site "Dream Match"(although Kevin and Wendy do so reluctantly.).  Although the girls decide to keep their profiles alive for awhile, with a little success, Kevin quickly deletes his soon after he begins.  But eventually, he comes up with a bright idea - pose as his office coworker, the attractive "Cameron"(Giovanni Francesco).  And so he does.  By creating a new profile, in addition to uploading Cameron's photo, Kevin soon becomes an online persona under the name, "surlysteve".  And as it turns, out, "surlysteve" is a hit, as "surlysteve" not only attracts the attention of women, but men as well.  The response to his online persona is quite surprising, but none more surprising as when the profile catches the attention of the one person he least expected - that's right, Gina.  Not exactly sure about what to do, Kevin, under the guise of "surlysteve" continues on in an online relationship with his friend, as the two talk for hours via messages.  It is by this, that Gina feels that they get to know each other quite well, which brings their relationship to the point where she wants to meet.  In a panic, Kevin is beside himself, however soon, it only gets worse when Wendy brings home a guy that she has just met....who just so happens to be Cameron! With confusion abound, Kevin has no other alternative to drop the act, and tell the truth.  It's a moment that appears to spell the end of Kevin and Gina's longtime friendship.  However, it is the time away that makes the two come to realize that love has always been right there for them all along.  With eachother.

From Writer Jacky St. James, and Director Eddie Powell comes yet another well told story.  Only this time, it is a laid back and light-hearted story, infused with comedy elements, focusing on ones trails and tribulations of being stuck in the dreaded "Friend Zone".  It's about a guy named "Kevin Anderson", who has a friend named "Gina French", with whom he is madly in love.  But there is a slight problem.  Gina only seems to view Kevin as the best friend thst she does everything with, just not that.  Nope, she does not see him as a boyfriend prospect.  Not at all, so whenever the opportunity arises to create an online profile, Kevin jumps at the chance to become someone he's not - in order to draw more attention from the ladies.  But of course it all backfires, whenever Gina chooses to respond to the profile.  From there, it's seemingly harmless to Kevin as he continues to converse with Gina using this persona- because after all, how would see possibly find out, right? Well things get worse, not only when Gina wishes to meet the guy whom she has been talking to online, but when the guy shows up at the door, and it is revealed to Gina that he's Cameron.  Things get really complicated, to say the least.

If you have been keeping score, then you know that yesterday I reviewed THE SUBMISSION OF EMMA MARX, a film from the same team responsible for this film, THE FRIEND ZONE, a somewhat dramatic romantic comedy.  To quickly compare the 2, I guess you could say that they are vastly different.  To me, while THE SUBMISSION OF EMMA MARX, was dramatically epic, this film, on the other hand,  is focused more on being easy going, and funny.  And yes, in the end, even a little sappy.  But hey, I love romantic stories!  So, although the film is more light, the talent of both the writer and Director still shines through.  Not only that, but the casting, as well as the performances by said cast, is great as well.  As far as writing goes, St. James crafts another wonderfully real story.  Hey, this type of thing happens everyday, and happens to the best of us - and here, Kevin Anderson" is a good example of all of the dudes(or ladies) caught up in the friend zone at present, or those who have ever been there.  And as for the story progression, THE FRIEND ZONE is a fun and easy watch, as it features fun characters, as well as snappy comedy.  St. James' comedy skills are rather sharp and real throughout, there's not a moment which the comedy feels forced.  It just plays out naturally.  I have to say that I LOVED Xander Corvus' portrayal of Kevin's coworker, "John".  John is an arrogant guy who just loves to brag about his hookups - on and offline.  He is the typical prick, but boy is he funny.  Especially seeing as he gets shown up by his girlfriend, "Tiffany"(Dana DeArmond) later on.  My favorite line of dialogue from John comes when he questions why Kevin is staring at "Cameron"(Giovanni Francesco) so hard.  The exchange goes like this: "John(to Kevin) - You're staring at the guy, like I stare at the new Receptionist's ass" for which Cameron replies, "That's my sister", which leads John to say, "Well, then your sister has a nice ass!". Just hilarious.  I must admit, Xander Corvus is great.  But also pretty great is everyone else.  Riley Reid is the perfect object of desire for any best friend. My God, is she sexy!  Believe me, the wardrobe department knew just how to show off this sexiness in all the right ways. Her outfits are crazy hot.  But that's not all. her character is likable, and lovable.  The same is Anthony Rosano as "Kevin", as the film points out, represents a lot of us. the good guys, who seem to always lose out on love.  Anthony Rosano, as well as his portrayal, fit the bill perfectly.  Gina and Kevin arw definitely a couple that we root for in the end. And for support, THE FRIENDZONE, also features support from Lexi Bloom, as Gina's sister, "Wendy". I know very little about Bloom, but her character here, is a somewhat fun addition to the whole scenario, I suppose. As is Giovanni Francesco as "Cameron", the guy that unwillingly finds himself in the middle of it all.  Also making appearances of note are Danny Mountain, as Wendy's former boyfriend, "Mack" and Dana DeArmond as John's girlfriend, "Tiffany".  It's always a pleasure to see them both.

And then comes the sex scenes, 4 scenes, which are once again nicely captured by Eddie Powell.  The sex scenes both look great, and flow well.  While I wouldn't say that the sex found in THE FRIEND ZONE is as good as what I saw in THE SUBMISSION OF EMMA MARX, the scenes do have their moments.  If I had to choose a favorite scene it would have to be the film's fourth and final sex scene, which pairs Riley Reid with Anthony Rosano, as their respective characters, "Gina" and "Kevin", finally get it on. It's definitely kind of hot, and worth the wait!.

So to close, yes while THE FRIEND ZONE does sort of remind me of a few other Porn comedies that I have reviewed as of late, I found the comedy here to be fairly sharp.  It's fun without overdoing it, or trying to hard.  The comedy just hits when you  least expect it to. I like that.  If you like comedy, and you like Porn, give this one a shot.  It's a pretty solid effort from St. James, Powell, and NEW SENSATIONS.

My score : 7.5/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Lexi Bloom and Danny Mountain
In the first sex scene of the film, Gina's sister, "Wendy"(Lexi Bloom) has just been told by her boyfriend of 10 years, "Mack"(Danny Mountain) that he has something important to tell her.  She thinks it's marriage.  Excited, Wendy slips into something a little more sexy, for when he comes home.  And when he does, they waste no time, getting down to business,  The two kiss passionately, before Mountain goes down on Lexi, and from there, he sucks and tongues at her pussy.  From there, Lexi returns it, by taking his cock into her mouth, she sucks and licks his shaft as Danny enjoys it.  Things are then followed up with cowgirl, where Lexi steadily bounces on Danny's cock, as he fucks her.  Cowgirl is followed by spoon, where Lexi opens up, allowing Danny to slam it in at a nice hard pace.  From there, things take to doggy, where the pace continues.  Danny fucks her nice and good, while the camera puts emphasis on Lexi's expression.  Doggy, then turns to missionary, where Danny caresses Lexi's feet, as he fucks her from this position.  He pins her legs down, and continues to pound, before having to pull out to cum.  The scene ends with Danny cumming onto Lexi's stomach and chest.  - a very nice scene to begin things with,  It's a little passionate.  I have to say that it does finish stronger than it began.  A pretty good scene.

Scene 2 : Dana DeArmond and Xander Corvus
After John's(Xander Corvus) girlfriend, "Tiffany"(Dana DeArmond) apologizes for fucking her boss, the two engage in makeup sex in a bathroom at the office.  The two kiss passionately, with Xander sucking on Dana's neck and then her tits, before working himself down to her sweet spot.  From here, he slowly sucks on her clit. Dana then makes it even, where she in turn, goes to work on Xander's cock.  She slowly licks, sucks and throats the cock while periodically pleasuring herself.  This is before the two then take to a standing side fuck, where Dana is propped against the wall.  Holding her leg up, Xander proceeds with the "in and out", as he plays with Dana's tits.  During the position, the camera gives us a nice view of the penetration from underneath, before things pick up in doggy, with Dana propping her right leg up on a nearby sink. This opens her up more, allowing Xander to go deep.  Things then take to a nearby counter in missionary, where Xander continues a fast hard pace, before he ends up cumming on Dana's stomach. - A good scene within close confines. I always sympathize when people have to fuck in small spaces, all while being filmed.  It must be tough, but this scene was good.  Gotta love Dana DeArmond!

Scene 3 : Lexi Bloom and Giovanni Francesco
As "Wendy" spills the details to "Gina" about the sex she had with a guy whom she recently met(Giovanni Francesco). we are treated to the sex in a flashback.  Lexi begins kissing and licking Giovanni all over, before taking out his cock to suck it.  After Lexi sucks him off for a period, Giovanni goes down to pleasure Lexi, as he sucks her pussy.  From there, Giovanni takes Lexi into missionary, where he fucks her at a steady pace.  From missionary, comes cowgirl, where Giovanni proceeds to first, fuck her nice and steady, before really hammering it home.  Things then continue for a time in missionary, before things go to spoon, where Giovanni keeps it going. Things get nice and heavy from here, which cause Giovanni to unleash a huge load onto Lexi's chest. - A good scene with some nice hard action.  However, I was a little disappointed by the lack of penetration shots, especially from the cowgirl position.  Lexi is a cutie though.  Too bad she is now retired from Porn.

Scene 4 : Riley Reid and Anthony Rosano
The story all comes together, as "Kevin"(Anthony Rosano), finally professes his love for his best friend, "Gina"(Riley Reid).  As it turns out Gina feels the same about Kevin, and as feeling erupt, a passionate sexual encounter begins. between the two.  Anthony goes down on her briefly, before things quickly transition to Reid straddling Rosano to kiss and lick him, before going on to suck him off for a time, before continuing things by stroking him.  After we see Riley playfully slip a condom onto him, before climbing on to him for cowgirl.  From here, Anthony pounds Riley's pussy at varying speed, as her ass bounces.  From cowgirl, comes missionary, where Anthony continues to slam it in at a nice pace, before things switch to spoon, for an extended period, all before the sex returns to missionary, where Rosano continues to fuck Riley, which eventually causes him to cum on Riley's stomach.  This of course ends the scene, and the sex for the film. - This was a really good scene.  It's the scene that the film builds up to, and personally I enjoyed it.

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