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January 27, 2016

Wild Inside (Vivid - 2014)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - January 27, 2016

Starring :

Tommy Pistol
Richie Calhoun
Lee Stone
Barry Scott
Ava Jay
Andy San Dimas
Lily Labeau
Lexi Swallow

James is a mild-mannered bank vice president, who occasionally steals an extra newspaper, dines and dashes, and cheats a little on his taxes... he's a closet rebel. Lulu is a free-spirited girl who breaks into houses, steals cars and hearts in equal measure, and apologizes for nothing. When Lulu meets James, they bring out each other's shadow side, leading them on a sexual adventure far from James' straight-laced life, and into a dangerous world that includes Lulu's fresh-out-of-prison-Husband, Ray. David Stanley presents a multi-layered drama, with a story as highly charged as its sex, with an insane threeway, all-natural beauties, and facials galore. Open it up... It's Wild Inside.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 9 mins.)

In the film, WILD INSIDE, James' life should be quite alright, seeing as he has just been promoted to the Vice President for Marquette, the bank in which he works.  But it's not.  That's because James is down and out after his wife "Shelia(Lexi Swallow) left with their kids, 6 weeks ago, after he caught her cheating.  Ever since then, he has been sort of lost, which during this time, sees him looking for an escape.  That is what he believes he has found, when he meets a young woman named "Lulu"(Ava Jay).  Lulu has an adventurous side that the otherwise straight-laced James finds intriguing, and after a sexual encounter, and the hot-wiring of one's car, the pair head out on a road trip to "Lulu's friend "Nancy's"(Andy San Dimas) house.  All is good as the group of 3, head out to the local bar, but that is where they soon would run into trouble.  It's because, also there is "Ray"(Tommy Pistol), Lulu's husband, who just so happens to be fresh out of lockup, after serving 5 months for home invasion.  The night ends with James beat up, bruised and battered, at the hands of Ray.  Yes, James should have stayed away, yet his growing interest in Lulu(whose real name, we lean by this time, is "Audrey"), draws him back to Nancy's house, but there he doesn't just find Lulu/Audrey, he walks right into an elaborate plan, which has been orchestrated by Ray.  Knowing that James has recently been promoted to Vice President at Marquette, Ray kidnaps James in an attempt to have the sum of 2 million dollars transfered over to him.  With time ticking away and the window of opportunity for escaping closing, James must think fast, and what happens in the end, may, or may not have dangerous consequences.

WILD INSIDE, a film by Writer/Director David Stanley, and VIVID, is essentially about a once happy businessman, who is down on his luck, and how he eventually falls into an orchestrated trap.  With his life virtually in shambles, James, who despite now being Vice President at a bank, looks for some excitement - so much so, that stealing newspapers off of people's lawns is exciting enough. But then things seemingly take a turn for the better when he meets a girl who is even more mischievous and adventurous than he.  Their first sexual encounter is in someone else's house, while they later get away in a stolen vehicle.  The film progresses in a way that you're not sure what will happen.  However it is when Lulu/Audrey's husband shows up after serving time, that we sense the suspense that's yet to come from WILD INSIDE.  And indeed that feeling is valid, as it is later revealed that the meeting between James and Lulu seems to have been orchestrated from the start, as part of an elaborate money making scheme.  With the help of Lulu, Ray comes in contact with James, who he knows is now the Vice President of the bank.  He hopes to, in the end, pressure James, and earn a large sum of cash.  WILD INSIDE is a film that is well thought, and is nicely progressive up until its final act, where it basically loses its steam.  It has nice story elements, great acting, yet in the end, fails to accomplish much, at least not what it appears to promise through out.  Near the end, we have, what we expect will be a film that ends in tragedy, yet what we get in the end is sort of a sugar coated excuse, in favor of a most typical happy ending.  Not all stories need to end happily.  I felt that the overall conclusion here should have went an entirely different route.  The end result is a good film, with a decent story, but overall, it just doesn't completely add up.  Who knows?  Maybe i'm just too picky?  Or maybe it's because I expected/wanted something different?

For me, the main draw here are the performers, especially the acting performance by Tommy Pistol, whose XBIZ win for best actor for WILD SIDE, sparked my interest for this film.  It is indeed Pistol who is the clear standout here.  The guy can play virtually any type of character/guy, and has shown that on so many occasions, that I have coined him(on several occasions), the "Johnny Depp" of Porn.  Here, he does it again as he fully embraces his New York side, with a rugged and outspoken attitude.  I personally loved the performance, and yes, he is believable.  Not once did I think of "Pee-Wee" from PEE-WEE's XXX ADVENTURE, or "Ash" from EVIL HEAD.  Here, Tommy is simply "Ray" a tough and hardened criminal.  When Pistol takes on a particular character, he truly becomes them.  It's always nice to see some dedication.  I think had everyone's acting performance been on par with Pistol, the movie would have been even better.  But that is not to say that I didn't appreciate the performance from Richie Calhoun. I did, but his "James" character is typical.  His wife cheats on him, then leaves him, he's sad, and then he meets a girl, except she's not who he thinks she is.  What happened to all of the things that the official synopsis for the film describes him doing?  We do see him steal a newspaper, but skip out on a bill?  Cheat on his taxes?  The film never shows him doing such.  I have a feeling those details were added into the description to make the James character seem to have more depth, because in reality, he has some, but not much.  It would have been fun for James to have been a quiet businessman, with a dark side, that's waiting to emerge, only to have bad girl, Lulu bring it out of him.  But instead he's a guy who is manipulated, and trapped into a money making plan.  The story is all well and good, but as I said, it ends on a note a lot less interesting than it should.  I mean, why should James forgive Lulu?  She was sort of in on the plan for most of it.  Just not the ending that I wanted to see.

As I said, WILD SIDE is a decent enough film, with good progressive storytelling, however the big let down is that there is really no worthwhile payoff at the end.  There is no one that we feel sad or happy for.  While it would like us to feel pleased with the conclusion, it just falls flat.

The film features a set on 5 sex scenes including one standard blow job scene.  I really enjoyed seeing Andy San Dimas here as "Nancy", the best friend.  She is a cool chick, and always had good scenes, which is why her 2 scenes(one boy/girl with Barry Scott, and then a three-way with Ava Jay and Tommy Pistol), are among my favorites from this set.  I also did enjoy the second scene pairing between Lily Labeau and Tommy Pistol.  Lilly Labeau has always been a favorite to watch.

My score : 6/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Ava Jay and Richie Calhoun
The film opens with "Lulu"(Ava Jay) catching "James"(Richie Calhoun) in the act of stealing the newspaper off of "her" lawn.  She believes that the rush that he gets from theft turns him on.  From there she what's to show him what turns "her" on.  The film then cuts to the two in Lulu's bed, as Ava begins to suck Richie's cock.  Jay continues to suck Richie, nice and deep, while also sucking his balls.  As she continues to stroke him, Richie begins to finger her, and play with her ass, before taking her to the bed to spread her legs and go downtown.  First, he plunges his fingers deep inside of her, before involving his mouth.  Things then take to spoon as Richie slips in his cock and moves in and out at a nice pace.  The pace then quickens a little as Richie fucks her deep.  After spoon comes reverse cowgirl, where Ava rides, and grinds on the cock.  This is before Ava sucks Richie off some more, before things move over to doggy.  From here, Richie stabs the pussy with his cock as things move steadily.  Things continue here, before the action goes to missionary, where Richie keeps up the pace.  In the process, he makes Ava cum, and it isn't long before he does as well.  He pops a load onto Ava's stomach to end the scene.  - An ok scene to start with with some decent angle changes.  This time it was the male performer, Richie Calhoun, who kept things interesting.

**In between the film's true second sex scene, Ava Jay gives Richie Calhoun a blow job outside of the character, Lulu's best friend's house, which ends with Richie cumming into her mouth.

Scene 2 : Lily Labeau and Tommy Pistol
The next scene takes place at a bar called "Cadillac Jack's"  It is where we see Lulu's husband "Ray"(Tommy Pistol), who's fresh out of prison, approach the bar's young owner, "Greta"(Lily Labeau) with a proposition.  He tells her he wants the use the bar as a place to stage a plan.  At first "Greta" is hesitant to let him do so, but as part of the deal, the two agree to exchange sex for the use of the bar.  From there the two of them take to the kitchen area in the back and proceed to get it on.  What starts with some kissing, quickly moves to doggy, where Pistol is quick to slam it in hard from behind.  The pace quickens, and the pounding gets harder as things progress.  From there, Lily takes Tommy's cock into her mouth as she throats every inch of it.  Bringing in an element of the character "Ray" who has been in lockup for 5 years, Tommy, while in character, just takes time to smell Labeau, as he says Ray hasn't smelled a woman in 5 years.  While this is happening, Lily masturbates.  Next, Tommy hoists up Lily's right leg, as things proceed in a standing side fuck position.  It is here that Tommy continues to slam his dick into Lily's love hole.  As Tommy continues to pound, Lily's natural tits continue to jiggle.  Things from there, then go back to doggy briefly, where Tommy moves to a face pace.  This is before things take to a counter top, where Lily proceeds to once again, suck Tommy's cock, before things go to cowgirl.  In this position, Lily sits sideways on the cock, and with her legs spread, we have a nice view of her bushed over pussy.  From here the action is kept at a nice pace, as things get rather hot and heavy.  It eventually forces Tommy to have to pull out and cum, as he does so onto Lily's bush. - This was a damn good scene!  The action is hot, and I liked that Tommy brought elements of his character into the scene, making things more real in terms of the story.  Not to mention that Lily Labeau is so fucking hot!  Perfect tits, nice ass and pussy, and always seems to genuinely enjoy the sex.

Scene 3 : Barry Scott and Andy San Dimas
After a guy at the local bar(Barry Scott), eyes "Nancy"(Andy San Dimas), they're quick to go into sex in a back room.  Things begin with Andy sucking Barry's cock. After Andy works Barry's cock good with her mouth, he returns the favor by going down on her briefly before things take to reverse cowgirl.  From here, Barry pounds Andy's pussy hard.  Andy then sucks Barry's cock briefly before things return to reverse cowgirl.  The camera from this position gives us a nice closeup view.   Next, things go to spoon, where Barry continues his pussy assault at a nice hard pace, before going on to eat Andy's pussy a little.  This is before things go to missionary.  There's a time where the camera gives us a good view of the penetration.  The action briefly goes to spoon, before going to doggy, as Barry puts it in from behind.  It's here that he continues to fuck Andy hard, before going back to eating her pussy.  After, he puts his cock inside her in missionary and continues to drive it home.  This continues until Barry works up to cum/  And he does so on Andy's pussy. - Another really great scene, with some nice hard action.  I just love Andy San Dimas.  Her natural beauty and genuine energy is already missed in Porn.

Scene 4 : Lexi Swallow and Lee Stone
In a flashback, we see James(Richie Calhoun) catch his wife, "Sheila"(Lexi Swallow) having sex with another man(Lee Stone).  Of course, we the viewer are treated to the sex.  First, Lee goes down on Lexi, before putting his cock into her in missionary.  Lee keeps a nice pace going as he slams it in.  At one point, we get a close up view.  After, Lexi follows it up by going down on Lee's cock.  As she is doing this, Lee fingers her hole.  From there comes reverse cowgirl, where Stone fucks Swallow good and deep.  And again we have a closeup.  Things then move to spoon, where Lee continues to penetrate Lexi deep.  After this, Lexi goes back to sucking cock, during which the camera treats us to an amazing view of Lexi's ass.  Following this, Stone stakes to eating her pussy from behind, as Lexi is on all fours. This is when he puts it in from behind and continues to slam his cock in, before he is eventually forced to come in her mouth and on her face.  - Another good scene with some nice camera work.  I haven't seen Lexi Swallow much, so it was nice to see her here.  Unfortunately it appears that she may be  now retired.

Scene 5 : Andy San Dimas and Ava Jay and Tommy Pistol
With it being 8:45 am and the bank not opening until 9:00 am, "Ray"(Tommy Pistol) looks to kill 15 minutes and does so with his wife's best friend, "Nancy"(Andy San Dimas).  Things begin with Andy sucking his cock on the couch.  However, during, "Lulu"(Ava Jay) catches them in the act, and is forced to join in.  From there, Ava sucks Tommy's cock. where Tommy eats Andy's pussy.  To follow this, Ava hops on Tommy's cock to ride in reverse cowgirl, as Tommy pounds her.  And then it is Andy's turn, as she assumes cowgirl.  Tommy, from here, fucks her, as she eats Ava's pussy.  The position gives us an amazing view of Andy's ass as it bounces on the cock.  It looks great as Andy looks back and fingers her asshole.  Then Andy and Tommy pin Ava down and proceed to tongue at her ass and pussy, before Tommy ultimately takes Ava into doggy, with Andy on bottom, toying with her pussy, while Ava eats her's.  Andy then gets the dick in spoon, as Tommy continues to plug away.  That is until Tommy takes Ava into standing side fuck, as Ava tends to Andy's pussy.  It continues until Tommy must cum, as he does so on Ava's ass. - A very nice three-way scene, featuring great action from all of the performers, especially San Dimas, whose ass looks great in reverse cowgirl.

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