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January 28, 2016

Fantasies (New Sensations Tales from the Edge - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - January 28, 2016

Starring :

Carter Cruise
Sara Luvv
Chanel Preston
Katrina Jade
Xander Corvus
Toni Ribas
Richie Calhoun
Michael Vegas

A night of good friends and good drinks turns into a wild night of sex and passion when Carter and her 3 college roommates turn her sexual fantasy into reality. Eager to realize her fantasy of having sex with a stranger, Sara meets two men on a business trip and invites them back to her hotel room for wild, anonymous sex... but there is a twist. For her 5-year anniversary celebration, an unsuspecting Chanel has her bedroom fantasy brought to life by her husband and a complete stranger. Passions ignite when Katrina invites a colleague over to hammer out a contract drawn up by her husband - a contract that involves her having sex with another man... Him.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 49 mins.)

From their Tales from the Edge line, comes this series of 4 vignettes from Directors; Jacky St. James, Eddie Powell, and Paul Woodcrest.  FANTASIES presents 4 short tales about people making their fantasies a reality.  Here, we have a front row seat, as people act out their most desired, most craved fantasies.  The scenarios played out in FANTASIES are strip poker - which leads to a multi-person gang bang. voyeurism, three-way, and submissive sex.

- In the first tale, 4 college buddies(3 male, and 1 female), who are nearing graduation, are all gathered around a pool table, discussing the times that they've had in college, as well as their futures.  That is when the girl, Chelle(Carter Cruise), mentions to the guys that she is afraid that her college experience doesn't quite live up to theirs.  She wants some adventure.  That is when Michael Vegas suggests that the group play a round of strip Poker.  They do, and after some time, it is Chelle who loses, as she now must get naked.  It is something that she has no problem with.  However, when she heads for bed, the guys notice that Chelle hadn't lost at all, in fact, she'd won.  It is then apparent that she wanted to lose, and wanted the thrill of getting naked in front of her guy friends.  This leads the guys to go to her room and question her loss.  Already turned on, however, the sexual tension, eventually leads to a four-way for the group.  Here her friends fuck Chelle in a variety of different ways, making it a college experience she'll never forget.

- In the second story, a young woman(Sara Luvv) brings 2 men(Richie Calhoun and Toni Ribas) back to her hotel room.  The men have no idea why she has brought them there, but soon they find out.  It has always been fantasy to her, the idea of having sex with a stranger.  The remedy this, she has brought the men back to her room, in the hopes that the men will agree to sex.  First the men are reluctant, but soon, one of them, Toni, gives in to Sara's desires.  After a steamy round of sex with the stranger, it becomes clear as to why Richie was so cool with just being a spectator, and recording the action - he's Sara's husband, and it was all part of a plan to fulfill a fantasy.

- The third tale introduces us to married couple, Chanel Preston and Ryan McLane who are celebrating their 5 year wedding anniversary.  Every year, they do the typical couples things, such as dinner and cards, but this year, Ryan wanted to do something a little different.  He presents to his wife a certificate for a "Night she will never forget"  She is also instructed to wear only what is in the box - a single rose.  That night, wearing nothing but said rose(she holds it in her hand), Chanel meets her husband in the bedroom, where he blindfolds her, and sets up to give her a massage.  However, as he is massaging her, he involves another man, "Jason"(Xander Corvus), who also participates.  Eventually Chanel is on her back as the subject of one of the couple's fantasies comes into play.  They've always wondered what it would be like to have someone watch them have sex. Ryan then heats up the conversation with the idea of watching another man fuck his wife.  While she is still blindfolded, Xander moves in between her legs, as he begins to eat her pussy, and thus Ryan's fantasy plays out.  After, they fulfill yet another fantasy, by having Xander join them in a threesome.  In the end, the couple learn that sometimes when fantasies are fulfilled, it can actually improve an already healthy marriage.

- The stories are wrapped up with the fourth and final tale, which sees a wife(Katrina Jade), who supposedly has a sex contract that has been written up by her husband.  She goes to one of her business colleagues(Stallion), to have him look over it.  However, he is confused when he notices that the contract has her in charge.  That's because it is actually a contact for him and she, as she cleverly goads him into signing it.  Thus making him submissive to her.  From here, she dominates him into a sexual encounter.

FANTASIES is a vignette release dealing with it's titular subject, as the characters set within the release's 4 short tales, present and play out particular fantasies for us to see.  Instead of the release being handled by one writer/Director, FANTASIES instead is a collaborative effort between 3 different Directors, as well as outside writers.  Of the 4 vignettes, it would appear that FANTASIES's main attraction is the first tale, a college period tale, which features porn's first gang bang scene, which as been specifically tailored for the couples crowd.  This scene is particular is the collection's focus for good reason, as the scene features a lively curious tale, which leads to steamy sex in the bedroom, as 3 college pals cap off a night of strip Poker with a friendly gang bang.  The 3 remaining tales also continue the trend of high quality, sexually curious situations, all featuring performers who play the part and seem to enjoy the sex.

Geared toward the couples audience, FANTASIES variety of content, is sure to offer something for everyone.  If the group gangbang isn't your bag, maybe the excitement of voyeurism is, or better yet, a three-way encounter?  And if not, there is also the scene in which the woman takes charge.  The point is, that no matter your favorite flavor, chances are, that you might just find that one of the fantasies showcased here, could be your very own.

With this being only my second "tales" review, I noted in my review for the previously reviewed THE EXES AND OHHS, that these type of vignette releases aren't exactly my favorite. However, I must admit that FANTASIES is a pretty solid effort.  It features decent stories/set ups, a great cast of performers, and excellent sex.  With this release a lot more time was allowed for both the stories, and the sex, making the elements far more detailed.  I enjoyed it, and imagine it being another worthwhile release, not only for couples, but individuals alike.

FANTASIES features 5 sex scenes all of them worth seeing, as the action is nicely captured in each.  However, honestly said, the Carter Cruise 3 man gangbang is worth the price of admission.  The action is hot and heavy, and goes places you won't expect.  That's if you go into the film knowing little about it.  In that scene alone we have double penetration, and double vaginal.  And it's Carter Cruise!  Need I say more?  Elsewhere, we have Sara Luvv squirting a couple of times, the always beautiful Chanel Preston, and the ultra sexy Katrina Jade.  In terms of sex appeal, and sex, FANTASIES delivers well.

My score : 8/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Carter Cruise and Xander Corvus and Richie Calhoun and Michael Vegas
After the game of strip Poker, curiosity leads to sex, and it begins with "Chelle"(Carter Cruise) sucking dick. Richie is the first to go into her mouth, followed by. Micheal, the Xander, as she tugs the cocks of the others.  Carter trades off on the cocks, before wanting to be fucked.  Xander is the first to go in from behind in doggy.  He keeps things at a nice pace, as Carter throats Michael and Richie.  As the action continues, Xander plunges in all the way, much to Carter's delight.  From there, Michael gets a turn in missionary, where he bangs her hard and fast, as she continues to suck. During, Micheal fucks her until she cums, and then pushes down on her mound for maximum penetration.  From there, Carter climbs on top of Richie for cowgirl.  Carter's ass looks amazing from this position as it bounces.  After fucking her here for a time, Richie moves Carter to her side, where he proceeds to stick his cock in her ass, and moves in and out at a fast pace.  This is followed by Xander taking Carter into reverse cowgirl.  Here, Xander fucks her briefly, until the position is reversed, which is when Michael comes in at the rear, and slips it in to Carter's ass, as he and Xander double penetrate her holes.  After fucking her in the ass for a bit, Michael switches holes, as he too puts it in her pussy.  With both guys now in that hole, the pace continues until things continue to reverse cowgirl, where again both guys have their cocks in her vag. They fuck her for a time, before the scene comes to and in with all of the guys rewarding her with a facial. - Wow, this was an amazing opening scene, that basically has it all, almost.  Anal, double penetration, double vag, and a facial.  The action her is really hot, not to mention, so is Carter Cruise, who seems enjoy every minute of it!

Scene 2 : Sara Luvv and Toni Ribas
With a hall pass from her husband supposedly, while away on business, Sara Luvv takes the opportunity to act out a fantasy - she has always wanted to have sex with a stranger.  Bringing 2 men back to her hotel room, the sex soon begins with one of them, as Sara sucks Toni's cock.  She sucks and throats the cock as the other man, Richie watches and records on a phone. She soon hops on in cowgirl, where she rides the cock at a steady pace,  From there, things go to missionary.  Toni fucks her, before going on to finger bang her hard, resulting in Luvv coming to a squirting orgasm,  From there, he fucks her more from the same position, before things take to cowgirl again, where Ribas fucks her at a fast pace.  The heat picks up as Toni holds Sara's neck for more leverage, as he fucks her hard.  Things then go to reverse cowgirl, with Sara's legs nice and wide, allowing a nice view.  She slams down on the cock, hard, as Toni massages her clit at one point.  Toni then slips her the cock in spoon, where the quick pace continues.  Sara eventually closes her legs tight, allowing Toni to go deep, before opening up again.  This is followed up by missionary, where before Toni puts his cock in, again, slams his fingers into her hole, where she again squirts.  Missionary eventually goes to doggy, where Ribas hits it from behind. this continues before Toni goes down to eat Sara.  He spreads apart her pussy, as he tongues and sucks, shortly before putting in hid cock.  From here, he slams his cock into her, before working up to cum.  The scene comes to a close, when he pulls out to explode all over her pussy and stomach. - Another good scene, with some nice hard action, involving squirting.  I would have liked to have seen Richie Calhoun join in on the action, however his non-involvement, is part of the story.  Still a good scene.  Sara Luvv is a cutie, who's nice and petite, with a nice ass, and lots of sexual energy.

Scene 3 : Chanel Preston and Ryan McLane and Xander Corvus
After an erotic massage, and the acting out of one fantasy, couple, Chanel Preston and Ryan McLane, move on to another - a three-way involving Ryan's friend, "Jason"(Xander Corvus).  It begins with Chanel sucking Xander's cock and Ryan eating her pussy, before he takes her from behind in doggy.  During which, she strokes and sucks off Xander  After Ryan slams her hard for a bit, the roles are changed as Xander takes her from behind.  After Xander does the same, Chanel is soon on Ryan's cock in cowgirl, where the pace is fast and hard.  From here, she also sucks Xander's dick, before she hops onto it in reverse cowgirl. Xander fucks her pussy deep, before the position switches to standard cowgirl.  While Xander continues to ram it in, she continues to suck cock as well.  After this, in missionary, the men trade off fucking Chanel, before the men cum.  First it is McLane who lets it go on Chanel's tits, and then it is Xander, who cums on her stomach.  - Another pretty hot scene with nice hard action and a fairly fun set up.  Chanel is always great, and the men(McLane and Corvus) keep up the pace.

Scene 4 : Katina Jade and Stallion
In this scene, things begin when Katrina Jade pushes Stallion back into the couch, and whips out his cock.  She applies a ton of spit to make things extra dirty.  After this, she climbs on top to ride in cowgirl, where she unleashes her tits, with pierced nipples into Stallions face.  She bounces on the cock, before grinding on it.  From there things go to doggy, as Katrina slams against Stallion's cock.  As she moves back and forth, her tits bounce.  From doggy comes spoon.  From here, Stallion continues to pound the pussy, before pulling out, to spank her clit with his cock, prior to going back in.  Things continue, before things change to missionary, where Stallion continues nice and hard as he slams his cock into Katrina's hole.  Things continue here, and at one point, Stallion pulls out, and Katrina goes on to briefly suck the cock.  Stallion puts it back in after, and fucks her to work up to cum.  He lets a little go, before, releasing the rest inside of Katrina's pussy. - A pretty hot scene, yet my liking of Katrina probably has a lot to do with me saying such.  Katrina is really fucking hot, and brings everything to her scenes.  She has an excellent body; great tits, ass, pussy, and a beautiful face.  A total package of sex!

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