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January 21, 2016

The Exes and Ohhhs (New Sensatons Tales from the Heart - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - January 21, 2015

Starring :

Aria Alexander
Jade Nile
Alli Rae
Casey Calvert
Michael Vegas
Richie Calhoun
Tyler Nixon
Ryan McLane

While helping friends plan a wedding, Jade and Michael's lingering feelings ignite a passionate conversation about what went wrong in their relationship. Desperately in love with her ex-boyfriend Ryan, Aria concocts a variety of scenarios to lure him over to her apartment. Tyler's true feelings for his ex-girlfriend Alli surface after a heated argument about her new boyfriend. Richie fights to save his relationship with is ex-girlfriend Casey when she suggests they sell the home they own together.

(Runtime - 1 hr. 50 mins.)


THE EXES AND OHHHS, is a film from Writer/Director Jacky St. James, and NEW SENSATIONS from their "Tales from the Heart" line of films.  It is a vignette film, featuring a series of 4 short stories centering around the idea of Exes rekindling their relationships - and what it takes for them to find love again.

- In the first story, "Alli"(Alli Rae) has a new boyfriend, yet she is still very close with her Ex, "Tyler"(Tyler Nixon), whom she asks for some advice.  She wants him to help her pick out what she should wear, while out on a date with her new beau, particularly, what panties that she should wear.  While Allie wants to wear the sexy stuff, it is clear that Tyler still has feelings for his former girlfriend, as his choice is more reserved. This of course leads them to do what broke them up in the first place - they argue.  The arguing gets headed, to the point that they eventually throw themselves at each other, as it all leads to passionate sex.  But after the sex, the arguing continues, proving that arguing, is definitely what they do best.

- In the second story. "Jade"(Jade Nile) and "Michael"(Michael Vegas) are a separated couple who have not spoken in 4 weeks, only to be brought back together, as they plan a wedding for friends.  The chance meeting cause their still-existing feelings to further come to the surface, as the profess their undying love for one another.  The passion soon erupts, as couple takes to a nearby couch for passionate sex.  In the end, the story ends happily, as the couple come to the realization that somethings relationships have to end, to begin again.

- The third story finds "Casey"(Casey Calvert) and Richie"(Richie Calhoun), a couple still living together, despite having broke up some time ago.  Money is tight for the both of them, and so, they have managed living together while remaining separated.  However, that all changes when Casey comes home after a bad day at work.  She made a sales pitch presentation at work, in front of her bosses, but as it turns out, she was unable to close the deal.  So, of course she is disappointed.  Richie offers to give Casey a foot massage, as they discuss their troubles - mostly financial. It is then that Richie offers up some good news - that he has just received a promotion at work, as an Executive Sales Manager.  More money means that Richie could now afford the house by himself, which Casey believes will be the end of their living arrangement, however, Richie doesn't want that.  He still loves her, and hopes that they can work it out.  From here, things lead passionately to a sexual romp between the two of them on the couch.  In the end they find that the best part about breaking up with someone you love, is the moment you find your way back together again.

- The fourth and final scene finds a woman named "Aria"(Aria Alexander), who is still very much in love with her Ex, "Ryan"(Ryan McLane).  She doesn't stop thinking about him, and as we lean, often comes up with excuses to get him to her house. Excuses that include things such as clogged garbage disposals and broken pipes. The latest excuse is a clogged toilet.  But when it is revealed that there is no such problem upon his arrival, Ryan begins to question her motives, which brings up the discussion of their feelings, as Ryan reveals that all she ever has to do is call - no need for excuses.  So, with that said, as Ryan begins to head out, Aria phones him before he even has a chance to leave.  It is an ultra romantic gesture, which sends the lovers into a tailspin, and soon it leads to yes....passionate sex.

While this is indeed a vignette release, and not the full-fledged, scripted type that we see most of the time from Jacky St. James, she still infuses each of the 4 setups with her romantic sensibilities, in order to create sequences full of life and lovely passion. And then of course there is the sex, which is once again captured beautifully by Eddie Powell.  In other words, THE EXES AND OHHHS is a release that brings together everything you know and love about a Jacky St. James feature, except in a more condensed form.  This would be a great release for the couple who are looking for a little bit of a turn on, but are not necessarily interested in a story. Sure each of the segments start with an idea of an individual story, but it is just enough to move the sex along, and in some cases, as we see here, the stories and their characters add a tremendous amount of fuel to the sexual fire.  I was surprised by, but ultimately pleased with the level of passion found in each of the scenarios.

As I have said above, there are 4 different sexual scenarios featured in THE EXES AND OHHS, and all of them deal with exes, who find themselves back in the arms of love.  Here we see love rekindled, by arguments, chance meetings, lost jobs, and even the facing of one's fears.  Each of them different, yet each realistic in nature.  Personally I enjoyed all 4 of the scenes for various reasons, but there was the one scene that I connected to the most.  It was the second scene, which sees Michael Vegas and Jade Nile, portray a couple who've been on the outs for about a month. They have been hesitant to contact one another, so when they meet up, as they both plan for a friend's wedding reception, it is a chance encounter, one that brings their ever-present feelings to the surface, quickly, and with emotion.  I am not afraid to admit that I personally, am just a big romantic wuss, so I just loved this set up. Not to mention that the sex just erupts with passionate energy between Nile and Vegas.  It is just an excellent scene, and it is my favorite scene in this collection.  However that is not said to downplay any of the other scenes, all of which are great, as they all feature great talent.

To to sum it up, as a vignette release THE EXES AND OHHS is a decent product, but with that said, I feel that overall enjoyment will come down to personal preference.  Personally, I generally like the scripted releases the most. But for those who don't, exist releases such as this one.  It is simply the Jacky St. James brand of realism, and great sex, minus the full-on script.  For it's type, it's a generally enjoyable release.

My score : 7/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Alli Rae and Tyler Nixon
In the first scene, arguing leads to sex on the couch.  The two begin by caressing and kissing as Tyler undresses Alli.  It doesn't take Alli long to go down on Tyler's cock, as she continues to stroke and suck.  While this is happening, Tyler fingers her pussy.  From there, Allie hops on in cowgirl, where she bounces at a steady pace, before things take to missionary, where Allie is spread wide, with her legs high.  A nice overhead view puts us into the action.  Things eventually progress with Tyler really baring down and jamming his cock into Alli's hole, with Alli holding her legs tight.  From missionary, things go to spoon, where Tyler continues to slam it in, as Alli massages her clit.  This continues with Alli eventually holding her legs nice and tight allowing Tyler to penetrate deep.  He keeps up the pace before pulling out to cum on her hip, to end scene  - This was a pretty good scene! Genuine, raw energy from both Rae and Nixon keep things interesting and hot. I like Alli Ray because she is all natural, and "real".  Great tits and a nice ass!

Scene 2 : Jade Nile and Michael Vegas
In the second scene, a couple portrayed by Michael Vegas and Jade Nile, meet up with each other as they plan for a friend's wedding. They haven't seen each other for some time, and so, the emotions are heavy.  Conversation eventually leads to passionate love making.  It begins with the two kissing as they take to a couch. Michael pulls down Jade's panties and goes to work on her pussy with his fingers and mouth - he licks, sucks and massages her clit, much to her joy.  Jade then returns the favor, by going on to suck his cock and balls after.  Things then go to missionary, where Vegas fucks her fast and hard before they then transition to cowgirl as the pace quickens.  Here things get hot and heavy as things continue, resulting in Jade coming to climax.  The position then reverses with Jade going into reverse cowgirl.  From here she continues to grind and slam her pussy down onto the cock, before Michael moves things to missionary.  It's from here, he continues to slam into her love hole at a quick pace, before going really deep.  The action briefly takes to spoon before going back to missionary, which would soon conclude the scene, when Vegas unleashes his load onto Jade's nice bush.  - Wow, what a fucking great scene!  This scene was amazing!  Not only does it have the emotion going into it, the action that follows, truly matches it.  It is high intensity all the way, as the performers just let it all go and fuck like crazy.  Rough action most of the way through!  Jade Nile is a relative newcomer, who is really sexy.  And what can I say about Michael Vegas?  He's the man!  Really nice fuck action from both participants.

Scene 3 : Casey Calvert and Richie Calhoun
After coming home with news that her day didn't go as she hoped on the job, Richie Calhoun offers Casey Calvert a foot massage. Conversation later leads to sex from there, between the two.  Kissing leads to Richie eating Casey out on the couch for a time.  As he tongues and sucks, he toys the pussy with his fingers.  This is before things proceed to a standing position, where Richie puts it in from behind, as things go to doggy shortly thereafter.  Richie from here, keeps a nice, slow, steady pace.  Following this, Casey goes to suck Richie off for a moment, as she makes eye contact with him.  This leads to Casey getting on in cowgirl.  From here, as she rides her ass bounces nice and slow, before the pace picks up.  Following up cowgirl, Richie takes charge by drilling it into her in missionary, where Casey is eventually seen cumming.  Things continue here as Richie continues the pace.  The action briefly goes to titfucking, before returning to missionary where things come to a close, when Richie cums on her pussy.  - This scene was fairly decent as well.  This was one that was more passion instead of energy. I liked that both Calvert and Calhoun nicely incorporated elements of their characters into the sex.

Scene 4 : Aria Alexander and Ryan McLane
In the film's final sex scene, we find that couple, Ryan McLane and Aria Alexander can't stop thinking about each other, even long after they broke things off. Aria often creates reasons for Ryan to show up at her house. On this occasion, it's a clogged up toilet.  When Ryan shows up to only realize that Aria makes all of these things up, just to spend time with him, love resurfaces, and sex is had.  They take to the bed where Ryan kisses Aria all over, before reaching her sweet spot.  Ryan kisses her pussy briefly, before working it with his hands.  Of course, this is before Aria goes on to full on suck his cock as he lie back.  After, Ryan goes on to pound Aria's pussy as she spreads in missionary.  From here he continues to hit it nice and deep as he keeps at a quick pace. That's before things are taken to cowgirl, where Aria rides and grinds on the cock.  She continues to bounces in this position for a time, as McLane fucks her.  Things then go to a couple of variations of doggy, where Ryan continues to pounds the pussy nice and good, before things end with spoon.  Things carry on for a time, before Ryan is forced to cum, and does so on her pussy. - A good scene with some pretty nice action from the 2 performers.  Aria seems to really get into it.

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