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January 14, 2016

Movie Review: Dirty Deeds (Wicked Pictures - 2014)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - January 14, 2016

Starring :

Stormy Daniels
Lea Lexis
Dahlia Sky
Gabriella Paltrova
Misty Stone
Ryan Driller
Erik Everhard
Daniel Hunter
Xander Corvus

Co-workers Carrie and Justin are both in need of some extra money. Carrie’s looking for her own place, after discovering her boyfriend’s secret sex tape and Justin’s saving for an expensive engagement ring to satisfy his obnoxious girlfriend. As a result, they join forces and begin working odd jobs for extra money and before long … they begin to fall in love. With scintillating sex and ‘laugh out loud’ dialogue, “Dirty Deeds” will satisfy couples and fans of romantic comedies, as well as fans of, star and director, Stormy Daniels.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 04 mins.)


In DIRTY DEEDS, a film written and directed by Stormy Daniels, Daniels stars as "Carrie", a woman whose life was seeming to go just fine, before she found out that her boyfriend, "Matt"(Ryan Driller) has been cheating on her.  But that is when things go south, as she realizes that her job at Carson's Collections, a collections agency, just doesn't pay enough to afford a new apartment,  Carrie eventually finds herself soon moving in with a kooky co-worker named Tricia(Joanna Angel).  It's an awkward living arrangement for sure, especially when Carrie takes note of the strange relationship that Tricia has with her brother(Small Hands).  It's enough to urge her to start looking for odd jobs to earn extra money, in order to get her own place.  So together with a co-worker named "Justin"(Xander Corvus), who is in a likewise position(he wants to afford a platinum engagement ring for his demanding girlfriend, "Regina"), Carrie begins to embark on a series of odd jobs to earn money.  It begins with Carrie taking a job at a horse stable, and Justin, a job as a Production Assistant on a porn set.  Neither job, needless to say, works in their favor.  So from there, they join together in their quest. It is a journey that moves them through a series of jobs.  Jobs such as; Repossessing cars, cleaning murder scenes(as well as Port-o-Potties), working on a farm, nude modeling, and lastly they take jobs as exterminators for Tricia's cousin's(Dick Chibbles) company, "Assassinations by Jed". None of the jobs that Carrie and Justin partake in are grand, but they serve their purpose, and in the end, the two are able to meet their goals.  Carrie gets a new apartment, while Justin is able to get Regina her expensive ring.  However, it is when they achieve their goals, that they realize that they do not have everything that they want,  And what they truly want is one another.  In a nice turn of events, all is realized at Justin's very own engagement party.

From WICKED PICTURES and Stormy Daniels, comes this porn comedy, about two co-workers who find love where they least expect it.  With each other.  But it doesn't come without a few ups and downs first.  Yes, while it may begin with the pair of bad relationships that they are in, initially, the real bumps in the road, come when the two band together to take on a few odd jobs.  For themselves, they have set goals that seem easy enough to achieve(Carrie wants to rent an apartment, while Justin hopes to afford an extravagant platinum ring for his girlfriend).  How difficult could it be to make a little cash?  Apparently, far more difficult than they thought.  First, when Carrie takes a job taking care of horses, she discovers that she isn't so young anymore. As for when she comes home, her body is shot.  Likewise, Justin takes his first job - it's at a porn set.  He's a Production Assistant, who's in charge of lighting scenes.  He's not quite sure as to why he's required to wear goggles during the sex scenes, until it hits him in the face - literally.  Without saying, it's enough to make him throw in the towel on that line of work.  From there, since they have no luck individually, they believe that they would have better success together, and so they take on the series of aforementioned jobs together.  The film uses these jobs, as well as Carrie and Justin's (many) mishaps, to create a brand of comedy that is slapstick.  It is a kind of comedy that, for the film, sometimes works better than others.  There were times where I felt that the comedy gelled well with the story that was being told, while other times, the comedy just felt out of place.  Although overall, it is still enjoyable, the overall tone of the film is fairly uneven. There were things, as well as moments which I enjoyed about DIRTY DEEDS, however, altogether, and as a whole, as I said, it's just uneven. It goes from at times, a somewhat serious tone, to this, off the wall comedy that it wishes to employ. It works in spats, but sometimes it isn't a good match.  I did like the comedy montage of sorts, which sees our characters Carrie and Justin go through a series of jobs in a flash - all with disastrous consequences.  Both Stormy Daniels and Xander Corvus know how to be fun, and they know how to be funny, especially Xander Corvus, whom i'm convinced is the funniest dude in Porn(outside Tommy Pistol).  The guy is great and has the natural talent of being funny,  This is 2 Corvus films in a row for me, and both times, I have laughed.  Another element of the story that I greatly enjoyed was the inclusion of Joanna Angel as the crazy co-worker, "Tricia", along with Angel's real life beau, Small Hands as her brother.  It is these two characters that are responsible for most of the film's slapstick comedy, as the Tricia character is the most over the top.  She's all things loud, obnoxious and weird.  She snorts when she laughs, uses other people's dildos, not to mention that she likes watching porn with her brother, as they snuggle up on the couch.  The Tricia character is so amped up that she doesn't exactly fit with the rest of the story.  Although she is funny, the character is just too much of a contrast.  But, nonetheless, I am always up for seeing Joanna - and, hell, i'll take Small Hands too!

In the end, DIRTY DEEDS is enjoyable enough in that we see our characters go through a number of situations in order to achieve a set goal, but the story just isn't solid enough to support their struggle. We begin to ask ourselves, "is what they want to afford, worth all the trouble that they go through?"  Well, maybe for Carrie, as she wants to move out on her own, for a fresh start, after her previous relationship ends in infidelity.  But as for Justin, why would he do all of this to please a gold-digging girlfriend?  It's kind of difficult to sympathize with him on that front.  The good thing is that it ends on a predictable, but positive note, as our two characters eventually fall for one another, just as we'd like.  But to sum it up, is to say that their journey to that point, is a rather disjointed affair.
As for the sex scenes, DIRTY DEEDS features 5 individual scenes; 4 standard pairings, and one three-way.  If I had to narrow it down to my most liked scenes, I would say that I liked the 2 Stormy Daniels scenes(The opening scene with Ryan Driller and then the last scene with Xander Corvus), as well as the scene featuring Misty Stone as she pairs up with Daniel Hunter.  My reasoning?  Well, Stormy is Stormy, and I just really like Misty Stone.  That is all.  Collectively, DIRTY DEEDS offers us some pretty decent sex that is nicely captured.

So to close, DIRTY DEEDS is a film that I thought was ok, yet it just isn't the best that we have seen from Daniels and WICKED PICTURES.

DIRTY DEEDS is available on DVD as well as for streaming on the WICKED PICTURES website.  Click here to sign up using our special discounted rate!

My score : 5.5/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Stormy Daniels and Ryan Driller
After presenting, not only breakfast in bed, but 2 tickets to the Bahamas to her on her Birthday, "Matt"(Ryan Driller) is thanked by "Carrie"(Stormy Daniels) with some sex.  The two waste no time in getting down.  It doesn't take Stormy long to reach into Ryan's pants and pull out his cock, on which she goes to work. Taking every inch into her mouth, she skillfully sucks.  This is before Rya returns the favor by going down on her. Ryan then works on Stormy's pussy for a time, as he tongues, and stimulates her clit with his fingers.  Then things transition to spoon, where things continue at a nice pace - Stormy's pussy wet with natural lubrication as Driller rams it into her hole.  During the action we are treated to some nice closeup shots of the penetration.  From spoon, then come cowgirl, as Stormy gets on top to ride Ryan's cock.  From here, Stormy's ass looks great, as she controls the pace. Closeups, and good camera work, keep us into the penetration during this time.  Things then switch to missionary, where Ryan keeps a nice quick pace, before pulling out to cum all over Stormy's stomach.  - I felt that this was a pretty hot scene. It was a Birthday fuck for the characters, and it is pretty good one for us.

Scene 2 : Lea Lexis and Ryan Driller
In the next scene, "Carrie" receives a mysterious box at her door, in which she discovers a small flash drive.  When she connects it to her laptop's USB port, she is shocked at what she and her friend, (Misty Stone) see.  It is video of "Matt"(Ryan Driller), Carrie's boyfriend with another woman(Lea Lexis). We are then treated to the action seen in the video.  The two begin by making out on the bed.  Lea climbs on top as she kisses Ryan. Lea then starts on Ryan's cock as she licks, before beginning to throat and suck. She adds lots of spit to make it nice and sloppy.  This is when things then switch to 69. Lea continues to suck, whilw Driller jams his tongue into her pussy, before bringing his fingers into play as well.  After sucking his cock some more, she climbs on in reverse cowgirl.  With her legs spread wide, Ryan pounds her pussy hard, , as things go from hard, soft, and then back again.  From there comes doggy, and this is where Driller really gives it to her, as he continues to slam her hard.  The action so heavy, that Ryan is eventually forced to cum, and does so on Lea's ass. - Another very good scene that gets better as it progresses. Driller really fucks her hard.  A nice finish.

Scene 3 : Dahlia Sky and Gabriella Paltrova and Erik Everhard
When "Justin"(Xander Corvus) arrives on the porn set for the first day on the job, he is asked to light a three-way porn scene involving Gabriella Paltrova and Dahlia Sky, as they take on Eric Everhard.  They first trade off on sucking his dick and balls, even rubbing their tits on it. Erik takes Dahlia from behind, while Dahlia licks Gabriella's pussy.  From there, Gabriella gets it as she climbs on for reverse cowgirl, where she bounces in a variety of ways for a time,  After that, it's Dahlia's turn, as she climbs on in cowgirl.  While Everhard is banging her hole, Dahlia concentrates on Gabriella, who is positioned and spread in front of her.  Following this, little Gabriella takes the dick in missionary.  It is in this position that Erik continues a nice, steady pace, While this is happening, Gabriella munches on Dahlia's pussy. This action continues before Erik is forced to pull out to cum on Gabriella's stomach. - A decent scene with some good action.  This scene is more so concerned about the comedy, as Xander Corvus' character, "Justin" watches on in disgust.  His reaction is pretty damn funny.  The girls are hot too, as Dahlia Sky always is.  This was my first time though, seeing Gabriella Paltrova in a feature, and I have to say that I enjoy her petite-ness, as well as her dirty talk!

Scene 4 : Misty Stone and Daniel Hunter
After the extermination job going awry, and "Carrie"(Stormy Daniels) being attacked by a raccoon that escapes capture, Carrie meets with her friend(Misty Stone), and her boyfriend "Evan"(Daniel Hunter).  After Carrie leaves, Daniel and Misty are left alone, which leads into sex.  After kissing for a bit, Daniel works himself down to Misty's pussy, where he begins to tongue and suck, much to her delight.  After this, Misty does the same for Daniel, as he gets out his cock.  From here, she works the shaft, as she sucks and strokes, adding a good amount of spit, to make the blow job extra sloppy.  From there, things go into missionary, where Daniel slides it into her awaiting pussy, and proceeds with a steady pace.  As Hunter plows away, the camera gives us a nice view of the proceedings from overhead.  This is followed by cowgirl, when Misty climbs on to bounce on Daniel's cock. This happens briefly, before things go into doggy, where Daniel continues the pace nice and deep.  It is here that things continue, before Daniel is forced to cum, which brings the scene to a close. - Another good scene, that is great, mostly because of Misty Stone, who brings a genuine energy and enthusiasm to the scene. She just seems really into it, and I love all of the dirty dialogue throughout.  I am a fan of her, for sure!

Scene 5 : Stormy Daniels and Xander Corvus
In the film's final sex scene, "Carrie"(Stormy Daniels) confronts "Justin"(Xander Corvus) with something that she overheard his girlfriend, "Regina" say about only marrying him for his inheritance.  It's something that Xander isn't so shocked about, really, as  he chooses to give in, as the two friends finally give in to temptation.  The two of them take to the bathroom at the engagement party. where they proceed to get it on.  Corvus unleashes Stormy's big tits before going on to work on her pussy with both his mouth and fingers, as Stormy lie back on the counter top.  That followed by Stormy, working Xander's cock with her hands and mouth, as she cranks and sucks.  All before putting the dick between her tits.  This then leads to doggysyle, as Stormy is bent over the bathroom counter.  From this position, Corvus continues to plug away at Daniels' love hole.  Nice camera work keeps us deep into the action.  Things then take to a chair, when Stormy hops on in cowgirl, and proceeds to bounce her beautiful ass on Xander's cock from the position.  After, Stormy is back on the counter top, only this time she gets the dick in missionary. Camera work ofter gives us a good view of the penetration as Xander continues to slam it in at a good pace.  The scene ends here, when he eventually cums on Stormy's stomach.  - A good ending scene with some nice action from the 2 performers.  Although the scene was shot within a tight space, there is some nice camera work here, which keeps us in on the action at hand.

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