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January 19, 2016

The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries (New Sensations Erotic Stories - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - January 19, 2016

Starring :

Penny Pax
Riley Reid
 Richie Calhoun
Van Wylde
Logan Pierce

When a new contract is drafted up defining the parameters of their BDSM relationship, Emma realizes that Mr. Frederick is anything but predictable. With new rules pushing her beyond her emotional and sexual limits, Emma finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of erotic excitement. But when someone from Mr. Frederick's past resurfaces, her world is rocked to the very core. Rattled by the realization that sometimes the road to sexual freedom comes with a price, Emma must confront her inner demons and decide whether she's capable of a relationship that challenges the boundaries she's defined for herself.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 21 mins.)

Picking up 3 years after the last film, THE SUBMISSION OF EMMA MARX: BOUNDARIES finds the character of "Emma Marx"(Penny Pax) settled comfortably within her alternative BDSM lifestyle with Mr. William Frederick.  When we last saw them, they entered into a part time agreement, however now we find, that things have gone full time, as Emma is now William Frederick's full-time "Sub". The two now living together in a house that they purchased together, still play by strict rules.  Rules which Frederick sets.  Emma, must always be in submission to him, even when he is not there, must also wear what he chooses for her, as well as keep her body looking just right.  In addition to, she must accept and complete all challenges given to her, or else be punished. It even goes as far as her having to ask for his permission to sleep with him.  The rules are definitely out of the ordinary, however, it is the lifestyle that they live, and it is a lifestyle that Emma is comfortable with - that is until one of Frederick's challenges approaches another one of Emma's personal boundaries.  Like last time with anal sex, Frederick proposes something that Emma would never do.  And what is it this time?  A threesome.  It is a topic of discussion, which overlaps into her "regular" life, as her sister "Nadia"(Riley Reid), and her husband, now of 3 years, "Ray"(Van Wylde), have ventured to try BDSM, however, Nadia is turned off by bringing someone else into the picture, when Ray suggests it.  She just won't have it. And it is Nadia's rejection that has Emma thinking long and hard about her situation at hand.  Frederick gets Emma to open up about a little crush that she has on the new guy at the office, "Shane Covington"(Logan Pierce), with whom, he eventually proposes they engage in a three-way with.  Penny is initially appalled by the idea, as she does not wish to stray away from the exclusive relationship she shares with Frederick, however, Frederick's intimidation factor is enough to make the reluctant Penny, send out a few "feelers" to Shane in the form of notes at work.  Small notes that are rather intimate in nature.  She tells him that she has masturbated at the thought of him, and follows that up with asking him if he has ever thought about fucking her.  She even slips him a pair of panties at the encouragement of Frederick.  It is just another thing which takes her further out of her comfort zone.  However, little did she know that her relationship with Frederick would be later, further tested, when someone else enters the picture.  William Frederick's first "Sub" - "Audrina Whitman"(Sara Luvv),  It is an arrival that makes Emma extremely jealous, as it would appear that the relationship between she and Frederick slowly begins to unravel.  Why is it that Frederick is spending time with an ex-associate?  And why is it that he mysteriously leaves the house late at night, and mornings.  All of these questions are answered as Emma Marx continues her journey into the alternative and unpredictable world of BDSM lifestyles. As Emma and Frederick making adjustments to their exclusive agreement, it all concludes with boundaries being crossed at long last.

Yes, while I was admittedly a little late to the EMMA MARX proceedings, I have to say that I really enjoyed what I got from the first film.  A well rounded script, full of purpose and meaning.  It was a story that I couldn't wait to continue.  So here I am, reviewing the second entry into the trilogy, which is titled THE SUBMISSION of EMMA MARX: BOUNDARIES.  Now, we know the deal with sequels, and doesn't everyone remember the scene from SCREAM 2, in which a classroom of characters discuss how pretty much every sequel sucks?  Well, while a lot of times, that might be true, that is definitely not the case with BOUNDARIES.  That's because this film is not one that was made for the sake of doing so, or because the first one became hugely popular(indeed it has), it was made because it was almost necessary.  The film left the character of "Emma Marx" having made progress in BDSM, but we knew that it could have gone further as she explored on. Here, it does.  Not only here, do things pick up even further in her exclusive lifestyle with William Frederick, things go even further, not only for she, but also the man, whom seemingly knows all, Frederick. And this time they embark on something sexually, that neither have done before - let another person into their exclusive world.  They have never done so, because that is a boundary that they previously set for themselves, but as the film displays, it is a boundary that they are willing to cross.  The script, which is another brilliant one from Writer/Director, Jacky St. James(who this time directs solo) has the same brand of self awareness that we saw in the last film.  It's sharp, and to the point, and again offers contrast in story by including the characters of "Nadia" and "Ray", Emma's sister and her husband, a couple who live a typically "normal" life, as opposed to Emma's.  Again, although the two lifestyles are generally perceived to differ, the story comes to reveal to they are the same in a lot of ways.  However, this film is about having set boundaries and what one will do to either uphold, or cross them.  The film offers up outstanding examples of both scenarios, but in the end, it is really about only one thing....happiness. First, we have Nadia, who finds that her husband is upset after she rejects his want to have a threesome, so what does she do?  She gets pregnant.  And then on the otherside, Emma worries that Frederick may be tiring of her, and so what does she do after some time?  She gives into temptation to cross her boundaries to try new things - thus pleasing Frederick.  In the end, the lesson is, that sometimes, things are done, compromises are made, in order to retain happiness.  I am wondering if this will be a Jackie St. James staple? With every film that I have seen from her, some knowledge is dropped upon me.  It's a good thing to see in the world of Adult entertainment.  Yes, some smarts with your Porn, does not hurt!

As for what I thought about the film, I loved it, just as I did the first film, and feel that it is a very nice progression of the story, as well as evolution for it's characters.  In comparison, just as I think it should be, BOUNDARIES is a little more darker and edgier than the original film, as Emma and Frederick delve further into BDSM.  Also on the production side of things, growth is shown there, in the form of experience as well.  Here, St. James and everyone involved seemed more confident in their abilities, as they should.  Penny Pax, who stars as the titular character "Emma Marx" has a different look than last time out, and appears much more confident.  My friends who saw  a little of the original, still don't seem to be convinced that she is indeed the person from the last film, but indeed she is.  What a difference a new hair color, and a different way of carrying yourself can do(Penny, I love your hair this way.  I know you've had it like this for awhile, but it's hot, and it suits you!)!  And aiding the "Emma Marx" character along is the character of "William Frederick", once again brilliantly portrayed by Richie Calhoun. While the first film had him purposely mysterious, and here, the mystery still somewhat still lingers, he too opens up, when he reveals that even he has things that, even he, THE "Mr. Frederick"(In this film they spell the character's name differently, by the way. This this film has it correctly, while the other film spelled it as "Fredrick") hasn't tried sexually.  It's a nice development, as well as a nice addition to it all.  And again, we also have Emma's sister, "Nadia" and her husband, "Ray", who are once again portrayed by Riley Reid and Van Wylde.  I said in my review for the first film that Nadia and Ray were not a huge part of that story, yet were present to show contrast.  While that is also the case in this film, there is also the added element of pregnancy.  They are having a baby, so there are great possibilities for the next film.  Where will it all lead?  I can't wait to see the third film, THE SUBMISSION OF EMMA MARX: EXPOSED, which is due to be released in February,  I should be reviewing it soon, right here.

The film features 4 sex scenes, each of them varying somewhat in terms of the type of sex on display.  I liked all of them for different reasons, but if I had to choose, i'd pick the third and fourth scenes as the ones that I enjoyed the most.  The third scene deals with Penny first being tied and bound, and begging for sex.  She eventually gets it, and it's pretty hot. the action ends with a titfuck, and with Calhoun cumming into Penny's hands. Nice variety!  And then the last scene is of course the one everything builds to.  It's a three-way, as Penny takes on not only Calhoun, but also, Logan Pierce.

Overall, BOUNDARIES is a sequel that is pretty much on par with its original, if not slightly better.  And that isn't a bad thing, because after all, the original is a great film!  However, I do sense that this film is the lead-in to a big finale.  Here's to hoping!  If you have seen the first film, I highly recommend BOUNDARIES to you as well.

My score : 8/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Riley Reid and Van Wylde
After consulting a bit with Emma about the BDSM lifestyle, "Nadia"(Riley Reid) and husband "Ray"(Van Wylde) look to explore more sexually - and it all starts with a blindfold. Van blindfolds Riley, and proceeds to kiss her all over The kissing and caressing from Van continues until Riley is on all fours, as he goes down on her from behind.  He licks and sucks at her pussy and ass, while caressing her ass as well. He also eventually adds a couple of fingers as he moves them in and out of her pussy.  From there, it is Riley, who takes charge while still blindfolded. She un-pants Van Wylde, and goes down on him,  She first sucks on his balls, before taking his cock into her mouth.  It is from here, that she throats every inch, before picking up the pace as she sucks, and applying more spit. Riley continues to suck for a time, while grasping his balls.  This is followed up by Van taking Riley from behind in doggy. This lasts for a spell, before he turns her on her back and spreads her wide for missionary.  From here, Van moves his cock in and out of her hole, nice and steady.  From missionary then comes reverse cowgirl, in which Riley rides nice and steady on the cock, as it moves in and out of her slit.  Things then move over to spoon, where the "in and out" continues. Van Wylde keeps up the pace from here, until he eventually pulls out to cum onto Riley's mound, producing a nice load. - A good scene to start with, displaying a sexually curious couple "learning the ropes" and trying new things.  It's a decent scene, that could be considered inspirational for couples.

Scene 2 : Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun
In this scene, we have Mr. Frederick giving Emma an exercise. He wants her to openly fantasize about another person.  She chooses the new guy at the office named "Shane"(Logan Pierce), as Emma talks through the fantasy, as she masturbates, things get pretty steamy, which leads to sex.  From here, Frederick assumes the role of "Shane" as the fantasy is acted out between the two.  Calhoun starts by working on her pussy with his mouth and fingers, before having a blindfolded(with Frederick's necktie) Penny go down on his cock.  From her she strokes and sucks Calhoun a bit, before, he takes it to her anally from behind, as she is bent over a desk.  Calhoun keeps a nice pace, as he slowly drives his cock into Penny's ass, as she seems to love it. This lasts for a spell, before the anal graduates into the reverse cowgirl position.  The pace from here, which begins slow, picks up as the action moves on, with Calhoun really ramming it deep.  From there, Penny is put on to the desk for some missionary action.  From this position, Calhoum keeps things going until he his forced to pull out to cum.  The scene ends with Richie cumming on Penny's beautiful, bushed pussy.  - Another nice scene within the Frederick/Emma Marx relationship.  Fun role playing, and nice anal action.  The action was especially hot in the reverse cowgirl position.

Scene 3 :
Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun
With Emma bound and tied in a standing position, Mr. Frederick teases her as she begs for it. He rubs and teases her clit before unshackling her to allow her to go to work on his cock. The camera, first gives us a nice underneath view of the action, before going to a overhead shot.  Then Calhoun tells her to get on all fours, as he rips her stockings, allowing him to suck on her pussy, and finger it from behind, before slipping in his cock.  From here Calhoun keeps things nice and steady, before things head for a time in the side fuck position. And from there, things return to doggy for some tight action, before briefly returning to side, where Richie continues to massage Penny's pussy as he fucks her, From there, Penny keeps her legs high and tight, as Richie continues his assault. This continues for a time, before things change to Richie tittyfucking penny until he cums.  The scene ends with him cumming into Penny's cupped hands.  - this scene is pretty great, and is the film's most detailed.  It was hot having Penny bound and begging for it, also hot was Calhoun's teasing of Pax.  I also liked the finale of the scene - the titfucking and the fact that Richie ejaculates into her hands. Two things you don't see in every scene.  Definitely some creativity here!

Scene 4 : Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun and Logan Pierce
For the film's final sex scene, "Emma"(Penny Pax) and "Mr. Frederick"(Richie Calhoun) meet up with "Shane"(Logan Pierce) for their sex arrangement at a hotel room.  After some wine, and conversation, things lead to sex.  It begin with Logan sucking on Penny's tits, as Calhoun watches, before he too, joins in.  Pax eventually pulls out Pierce's cock and wastes no time getting to work on it, while Calhoun takes her from behind in doggy.  As Shane pounds her from behind, and Penny sucks on Calhoun's dick, Calhoun, as "William Fredrick", runs the show.  From there, Penny hops on to Richie in cowgirl., while she sucks, Logan, who is standing.  It is in this position that Penny bounces on the cock, before going on to straddle Richie's face, while continuing to throat, and suck Logan's cock, while at the same time stroking Calhoun.  Things then go to Penny in side fuck, as Richie fucks her, as she sucks away as Pierce, who lie on his back.  From here, Richie continues to drill it in until Penny strokes Pierce to climax, who lets loose on her chest.  Richie soon follows on her pussy.  - Another really good scene.  It is the one that the film builds to, and it is nicely captured and executed.

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