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September 21, 2011

THANKSKILLING coming to DVD on November 22nd!

Cover Art "The perfect mix of comedy, gore, and campiness" - Matt Molloy of Scars Magazine 
Gobble, Gobble, Motherf@#%$rs!

ThanksKilling promises nothing but a cheesy good time. It's the perfect cult film to watch around the holidays, especially Thanksgiving.

More than just a film about a killer turkey, ThanksKilling is an experience. It started with two guys setting out to see how much they could do, with so little. Casting was done in a garage, the turkey puppet fell apart by the end of the film, and distribution came and went many times. The film was shot in 2007 when creators Kevin Stewart and Jordan Downey were still in college, and took another two years to finish.

Buy Thankskilling on DVD

ThanksKilling was released on cable VOD and online VOD in 2009. On Thanksgiving Day 2010, it was number 2 on Hulu only to Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.

Fans of the film have raised over $100k through Kickstarter to fund the sequel, and will no doubt be interested in this DVD as a collectors item.

A demonic turkey is unleashed and he's one fowl-mouthed bastard! Five of our favorite college kids: a jock, a good girl, a fat hick, a slut, and a nerd head home for Thanksgiving break, each thankful for the chance of holiday hookups. But when their car suddenly overheats, they trespass into the woods for a night of drinking and bonfire debauchery. Little do they know, these are the same woods where an ancient turkey was necromanced 386 years ago by an Indian curse after the very first Thanksgiving. Now, The Killer Turkey is awakened and ready for revenge on the first white men he comes in contact with! But when one of the kids comes face to face with the maniacal bird, the rest of the gang refuses to believe that a potty-mouthed turkey really exists. As the kids get back on the road to home, they are unaware the turkey has hijacked a car and followed them back. And just when all seems safe, The Killer Turkey pecks apart the their families one by one in his path of revenge. Before the holiday is ruined for good, the friends must find a method to kill the turkey with their only hope resting in the content of a book written by a renowned turkeyologist!


  1. oh love effin fun to part of my thanksgiving tradition, right after charlie brown thanksgiving....

  2. I caught it on Netflix streaming not expecting much and had a great time.