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September 27, 2011

Movie Review: Sex Galaxy (2008)

In the distant future, sex becomes illegal on Earth due to overpopulation. Meanwhile, space travelers head to a planet full of prostitutes led by a robot pimp. That's the general premise of Sex Galaxy, a movie made up of different old clips that are public domain. The clips are put together with a voice over track recorded to tell the story.

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The premise is okay, and would have been fine as a YouTube clip, or even a series with different storylines. I don't know that this style really fits a feature. It claims to be the first 100% recycled movie, but there are a few new clips added to fill in some gaps. The old clips are of mostly poor quality, but that's to be expected. The new stuff is degraded to match, but you can still tell which is which for the most part.

The dialogue is full of oversexed ramblings that are funny on occasion, but the jokes could have been a little better. The editing is well done, though, and if you like really old shlock filled with boobies from yesteryear, you might like Sex Galaxy. I'd be curious to watch another outing from the filmmakers. I think they're on the right track here. I wonder what they'd do with a little cash and some freedom to grab whatever clips they wanted. I know that won't happen, but until then, I think they could do some fine work on their next outing with a little more time spent on writing.

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