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September 17, 2011

Movie Review: Black Roses (1988)

The combination of rock 'n' roll and metal in horror films has always been a grand mix for genre fans. Most horror fans seem to have a lean towards the hard rock - I know I do. Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare director John Fasano obviously knew this when he directed that raucous Jon Mikl-Thor vehicle. Synapse originally released Rock 'N Roll Nightmare on DVD, so why not release his second hard rock horror film, Black Roses. No Thor here, but we do get a whole heap of rubber monsters, music and ridiculousness to fill 90 minutes.

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The youth in the sleepy little town of Mill Basin love their metal. The popular band "Black Roses" and their mysterious frontman, Damien (Sal Viviano) are coming to town to share their own brand of rock and demonic possession. The Black Rose's music and live-shows have so much power over the kids that they start killing their parents. It's all up to a concerned teacher, Mr. Moorhouse (John Martin) to knock the curse out of the students that the dastardly Damien put upon them.

Black Roses really doesn't work as a horror movie or as a musical. Neither the scares nor the tunes are any good but somehow it manages to entertain in all its goofiness. I mentioned earlier about rubber monsters (which I'm very fond of),well, they're here in abundance. Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore has a nice cameo with one these demonic muppets summoned by the Black Rose's beats.

Synapse Films has added a commentary by director John Fasano. Fasano's got some great storys about production and his film background. The Black Roses' director did act and co-direct another well-known, Zombie Nightmare, so the rock/horror subject is second-hand knowledge. Black Roses isn't a great film but it's still a hoot and an essential watch for fans of this unique sub-genre.

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