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September 29, 2011

TV on DVD Review: Sigmund and the Sea Monsters: Season One

By James DePaolo

As a very young kid in the early 70's, Saturday Mornings to me were the day of magic. From cartoons to children shows, that magic box in the middle of the living room floor kept my attention. And easily for my parents the best babysitter. To get to visit my childhood one more time was interesting. Sid and Marty Krofft created many fun family shows for Saturday morning television to capture many kids and young adults imagination, and among them was the vastly popular H.R Pufnstuf and Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. Sigmund, is the story of a sea creature named oddly enough, Sigmund, who leaves his family's cave by the ocean and is taken in by two kids who adopt him. Rip Taylor has an appearance as one of the characters as Sheldon the Sea Genie, along with the other characters Sigmund Ooze played by Billy Barty. Johnny and Scott Stuart are played by Johnny Whitaker and Scott Kolden.

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With all the pop references in this show from the 70's, you almost think Mike Myers used a lot of this show as a cliff note to his film franchise Shrek. The show is about Sigmund who is a green, scaly sea monster who can't seem to frighten or scare off anyone. His family members Big Daddy, Sweet Mama, and brothers Slurp and Blurp-end up kicking him out of their cave and instead of perishing at Dead Man's Point, he ends up being befriended and adopted by the Stuart brothers. They hide him in their tree house away from anyone. And included in this three disc first season are all the episodes including...Monster Who Came To Dinner, Puppy Love, Frankenstein Drops In, Is there A Doctor in the House? Happy Birthday, Nasty Nephew, Monster Rock Festival, Ghoul School Daze, Curfew, Shall Ring Tonight, Sweet Mama Redecorates, Make Room For Big Daddy, It's Your Move, Trigger Treat, Uncle Siggy Swings, Dinosaur, Show, Wild Weekend, and Boy For a Day.

I loved their Land of the Lost and I am dying for a blu ray release for Elektra Woman and Dyna-Girl. We all know the reasons for that one. I am one of the few, knowing what I know today this walk down memory lane was ok. But, like most Krofft products they seem to lose their shine after a few episodes. Even today's kids are way too advance to get some of the stuff us kids in the 70's got. With Pixar and the adultness of some of today's cartoons, a show like this will seem dated. Some of the stuff on this show, I sat back with tears in my eyes cause I could remember sitting at the family dinner table with my bowl of cereal and watching it so innocently, but today it seems like a novelty that wears out its welcome within the first few episodes. As a whole, some people will enjoy this a lot. I would have loved to see a reunion of the original characters, well at least the ones who are still alive. I am all for the resurgence of the 70's being re-released, I just wish for us film and TV nerds they would do us one better and give us a surprise Easter egg like a reunion or walk back with the people today.

The DVD has perfect picture and the sound is unreal, and watching this unless you knew this came off of 70's VHS and beta recordings, you would never believe it. Thumbs up on the production value. I know my two nieces who are still young and innocent would love this show and who knows in 30 years may review the 70 year anniversary of this show.

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