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April 11, 2012

Movie Review: Clown Hunt (2010)

Directed by Barry Tubb
Starring Tanner Beard, Eloise DeJoria and David Keith

Odd, silly and occasionally even quite funny is the best way I could sum up Seminal Films Clown Hunt. On a hunting ranch in Texas, grown men gather to hunt the rarest game of all: clowns.

Once plentiful and common, now one must pay a hefty sum for the privilege of hunting them, and for this particular group of hunters its become an annual tradition. However, this season the stakes are even higher as game trail cams have revealed the presence of the legendary one of a kind white clown, Albino Willy. Unlike Shitty Fred, the sad clown, Willy is dangerous, and doesn't play by the rules. And after raping a drunken hunter who's out taking a dump in the woods, the rest of the hunting party is left on edge. The first morning of clown season brings success to the hunters, they're bagging “sillies” left & right. But soon Albino Willy is striking back at the hunters and along with the rest of the clown herd they begin to exact revenge, “clown-style”. Will any of the clowns survive? Or will the hunters be able to utilize their secret weapon, the Atomic Clown Bomb?

Although far from perfect, Clown Hunt definitely had its moments. One of them was the surprise appearance of David Keith as the land-owner. What he was doing in a low-budget fringe indie comedy like this is beyond me but his presence was a welcome sight for me, I've been a fan of his ever since his roles in Brubaker & Firestarter.

Surprisingly, even though there is a lot of killing going on in this movie, there isn't a drop of blood in sight. And although the comedy is definitely “R-rated” the lack of tits and ass was disappointing. We do get to see some fully-clothed clown sex though. (Apparently shooting clowns while they are having sex is highly illegal. As is shooting Sad Clowns during Happy Clown season.) Always read your hunting regulations before clown hunting.

Best Line of the movie: The morning after Ricardo is raped by Albino Willy. Hunter: “Hey Ricardo, looks like you blew a gasket.” Ricardo: “Its that Albino Willy, I tell ya! That Albino Willy made me looser then a mud-flap on a '58 Dodge Power-Wagon!”

Funniest scene: After a couple of hunters shoot a mime after mistaking it for a clown, they lament over what to do with it. They are suddenly speaking in french for some odd reason and one of the hunters excitedly screams, “I'll eat his ass, I'll eat his dick.” While the other hunter is trying to explain to him, “Its a fucking mime! You cant do that to a mime!” The scene is done with sub-titles and its actually a hoot.

For a seemingly no-budget movie Clown Hunt actually hits the mark a few times during its 70 minute run-time. The “cheese-factor” is pretty high, high enough for me to recommend you go ahead and give it a shot. With tempered expectations, you wont be too let down. It does have some genuinely funny moments in it.

5.5 out of 10 Reviewed by KennyB

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