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April 22, 2012

Movie Review: Strip Nude For Your Killer (Blu-ray, 1975)

Several years before Lucio Fulci splattered movie screens with the completely vile New York Ripper, Andrea Bianchi ( What The Peeper Saw, Burial Ground, Malabimba) had his hand in sadism cookie jar with outrageously sleazy, Strip Nude For Your Killer. As with the aforementioned New York Ripper, Blue Underground has taken the liberty of giving Bianchi giallo the high-definition attention. Did I mention the always stunning Edwige Fenech is in it? Yes, you must read on.

With a title like Strip Nude For Your Killer you better deliver ample doses of gratuitous nudity and graphic violence. Bianchi's film deliver's both! Our feature starts off appropriatly icky with a botched abortion that later takes the life of the young female patient. The openings effectively shot with a blue gel to add somewhat of a nightmare type atmosphere to the proceedings. After this horrible incident, Bianchi takes it right to tits and ass on a boat with a lecherous photographer, Carlo (Nino Castelnuovo - Camille 2000) using his camera rather aggressively to woo a curvaceous model. Aggressive tactics work for Carlo though, as soon we see Casanova hit a homerun with the model in the steam room. Too much sex already? Well, the blood does start to flow soon after, as models begin to perish at the hands of a motorcycle gear wearing slasher an a variety of ghastly ways.

Edwige Fenech plays, Magda, also a photographer, working with Carlo in the same fashion studio were the victims pose for photos. Fenech shows of her wares aplenty while sporting one her least flattering hair-doo in any feature she's been in - a pixie cut. That said, she's still smokin', as is the lovely Femi Benussi who's pictured below.

As with most solid giallo, Strip Nude For Your Killer supplies a solid amount of red herrings to keep you guessing for a little while. That is, until the red herrings start seeing gory ends: throats are slashed, breasts are mutilated and we even get a sloppy castration aftermath. Those scenes, for me atleast, pale to the the site of the half-naked 400 pound blow-up doll loving virgin who performs in his own love scene. This guy wears only his briefs, and there's absolutely nothing "brief" about his tighty wighties.

Blue Underground has done a nice job bringing the Strip Nude For Your Killer to Blu-ray making it an easy upgrade for owners of the DVD. There's a better balance of colors, specifically in the night scenes as compared to the initial DVD from a few years back. Also included on the release are Interviews With Actress Solvi Stubing And Co-Writer Massimo Felisatti, trailers and a poster gallery.

If your looking for a classy giallo that relys more on mood rather than exploitation, steer clear of Strip Nude For Your Killer. Now, if you're like me, and a high abundance of filth in your euro-trash makes you smile, pick up this Blu-ray post-haste! Recommended.

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