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April 30, 2012

Try Motorboating These Mams! Chesty's Coming to Blu-ray!

On July 3rd, Image Entertainment and Something Weird Video bring back the bustiest Bond spoof of all time with Chesty Morgan’s Bosom Buddies. Featuring the most excessively endowed girl spy to ever grace the BIG screen, Chesty Morgan (billed here simply as "Zsa Zsa"), was a burlesque queen who became a grindhouse legend in this series of ridiculous sexploitation classics. Now get three (two staring Ms. Morgan) of the most bawdy and bodacious cinematic adventures for the first time ever on one Blu-ray! This collection will have an SRP of $24.98. Pre-book is June 5.

Deadly Weapons: In the first feature Chesty Morgan takes out the mob with her two weapons that are never wavering and always exposed – her 73inch breasts!

Double Agent 73: Chesty then returns as a double agent who busts up a drug ring with the aid of a camera implanted in one of her breasts. But to make matters more difficult, the camera is also a time bomb making her... well, booby trapped!

The Immoral Three: This third mind-boggling epic from cult director Doris Wishman follows the three daughters of a spy mom who must avenge her death in order to collect a three-million-dollar inheritance!

Special Features:
·         Doris Wishman Trailer Show
·         Gallery of Doris Wishman Exploitation Art

Chesty Morgan’s Bosom Buddies (Blu-ray™)
Genre:             Action/Adventure, Comedy, Cult Movies, Something Weird, 70’s, Crime/Criminals, Sexploitation, Spies/Espionage, Triple Feature
Rating:            Unrated
Languages:      English 
Format:            TBD
Audio:             DTS HD Master Audio Stereo
Year:               1975
SRP:                $24.98
Street Date:     July 3, 2012
Pre-Book:        June 5, 2012
Length:            221 Min.
UPC:               014381797855
Cat#:               ID7978SWBD

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