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February 17, 2011

Movie Review: Home Sick (DVD, Synapse Films)

Synapse Films brings this low budget DIY horror to DVD for the first time.

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I'll start off by saying this is not your average independent horror. Home Sick is a bizarre oddity, for better or worse. The film opens up with a bunch of friends meeting for a get together of sorts. I use the term "friends" very loosely. No one within the group acts like they give two shits about anyone, for whatever reason. The weirdness really begins when a man dressed in an all blue suit with a briefcase (a really great cameo from genre vet. Bill "f'ckin" Moseley!) nonchalantly strolls in. Known as "Mr. Suitcase", the jolly man asks everyone around the room who they hate. No one answers him until he reveals the contents of his suitcase...hundreds of razorblades. Stunned, the group tells "Mr. Suitcase" who they hate. As they do, Suitcase man slices his arms several times for every answer, retaining his jolly mood. The last person to answer says, "I hate everyone in this room". This is what I meant about using "friends" loosely. Seemingly liking that answer, "Mr. Suitcase" ceases cutting his arm and exits the house. What follows for the remaining duration of the film are Z grade acting, an incoherent plot and good ole' fashioned gory practical kills.....that's A-ok in my book.

The group soon realizes that the people they mentioned they hated to "Mr. Suitcase" are being slaughtered by a zippered hoodie wearing psycho. Thanks to the asshole who said he hated everyone, they know they're next on the chopping block. Right around this point is where random shit happens throughout. A scene in particular is with cult babe Tiffany Shepis. After snorting cocaine, she finds her dead bloodied mother lying on the kitchen floor. After laughing and stripping nude (boob alert!) she beings to caress her dead mother and bath in the blood. It serves no purpose whatsoever, but who cares? Blame it on bad writing (which may be the case) but it's solely meant to disgust and exploit which is fine.

The remaining survivors of the group argue about going to the cops are seeking help from one's redneck militia Uncle (played with much enthusiasm from Tom Towles). You guessed it, they choose the gun toting/chili enthusiast Uncle. They arm themselves and prepare to gun down the hoodie slasher however they can. It doesn't go all in that order, like I said a lot of random side shit happens. Although a true redeeming factor for this flick are the make up effects. I absolutely love practical effects and any self respecting horror fan should too. Nothing beats watching a silicon head being sliced off in favor of shitty CGI that plagues newer horror movies. The effects shine and it's a lot of fun to watch. Home Sick has many flaws, but I just looked at it for what it was, cheese.


* Widescreen (1.85:1) Presentation
This was a low budget feature and it shows. It suits it well though, the 16mm stock gives it a retro grainy look. DVD has been flagged for progressive playback as well. Synapse, as usual, does a great job.

* Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Surround
No problems here.

Bonus Features:

*Audio Commentary w/ Director & Writer

* Deleted Opening Scene

* "
In A Room Where Darkness Counts" Featurette
Details and anecdotes from the Director about getting "Home Sick" made.

* 3 Short Films from the Writer & Director

* Bill Moseley Interview

Home Sick is a fun way to kill time if anything. I honestly can't say I'll re-watch it anytime soon but it is worth viewing for the fun kills and laughable scenes.

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