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February 13, 2011

Movie Review: Les Gamins (Blu-ray)

The Japanese form of soft-core erotica known as the "Pink" film will be making its debut via MVD Visual from a Japanese company called Studio Happy Chicken. Not the kind of name you'd expect to deliver adult material, but the name is quite deceiving to say the least. Several of Studio Happy Chicken’s releases are now available here in the states on both DVD and Blu-Ray formats. Today, we take a look at their release of Les Gamins on Blu-Ray.

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Les Gamins really is very simple - it's basically several soft-core video shoots focusing on two stunning Asian women, Risa and Naomi, edited together make quite a unique Pink experience. These are a bit more ambitious and artistic than you may be used to seeing on the Playboy videos or other videos this variety. The whole feature is silent aside from a very effective soundtrack that matches perfectly with the different situations Risa and Naomi are in. Something as simple as a clothed shower/ striptease by Naomi is given an added intensity that the music provides perfectly. The the removable shower head masturbation by Naomi also helps. Les Gamins is really HOT stuff, artsy or not. Naomi is also paired with Risa in a few scenes, including a hotel room shoot that consists of their derrieres being presented in almost a Tinto Brass-esque fashion that will certainly be pleasing to booty-hounds.

The Happy Chicken folks have done some very interesting things with the visual presentation of Les Gamins in addition to the powerful soundtrack. There are some digital FX thrown into the high-definition presentation such as black-and-white, artificial emulsion and grain that add a dream-like feel to the feature. My only real complaint is the running-time. It's kind of short, as it runs under an hour long ( excluding supplementary material ).

The quality overall all on the Blu-Ray is excellent. The feature is just a few years old but with that said it very easily could have been a lousy Blu-Ray. The extra features consist of an alternate version of Les Gamins an audio commentary and a juicy behind the scenes. .What's a better extra feature than seeing these two babes getting get cozy in a tub? I don't think Risa or Naomi are ever not wet in the movie.

Studio Happy Chicken does a nice job on Blu-ray of Les Gamins. The soft-core nature and artistic visuals may not appeal to those in need of a XXX fix but it will certainly be a treat to anyone into quality Pink features of the past and present.

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