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February 9, 2011

Movie Review: Absentia (2010)

By James DePaolo 

Absentia is the story of two sisters, Callie and Tricia. We find out 7 years ago Tricia's husband Daniel just one day vanished. She is now pregnant and still posting missing person bulletins. Callie, is a former drug user and an in and out of trouble lost soul. She comes to help Tricia out. Tricia is at the point now after all this time, that they can declare Daniel legally dead. But, Tricia is not so sure if he really is dead. She has been seeing visions of him. While Tricia has moved on with her life to some degree, she still questions what happened that night. Callie goes for a jog one day and goes through a tunnel that changes everything.

This is the film Paranormal Activity wanted to be. This film was well written and with a great bunch of actors. Absentia has so much to brag about. It had some great jump moments. It had a sub-plot that really added to the film. I was mad when this film ended. I wanted at least 30 more minutes. I loved this film that much. The running time was a little over 90 minutes but you get so into the story that the time flies by so fast. I did not want to talk about what happens with the tunnel.

As a fan, I would have been pissed to read about a film I would like to see, and a critic just tell me everything about it, the twists and the end. The 2011 end of the year top ten is a long way off, but this film will be on it. I know right now it is playing some festivals and circuits. This is a good old fashioned thought provoking drama-horror. There is a tiny bit of blood, no nudity and some harsh language, but not too much. A film a family can watch together and not be worried about the content being too adult which is a breath of fresh air sometimes. I recommend everyone see this movie now.

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