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February 21, 2011

Movie Review: Daughters of Darkness (Blu-ray)

Blue Underground brings this atmospheric 70's erotic horror film to Blu-ray with stunning results!

Film: 4/5

This being the first time I've seen this film, I wasn't too sure what to expect. Gory Euro trash? Nude vampire erotica? Maybe even art house fare? It's a mixture of both and much more. The film beings with two newlyweds Stefan and Valerie, on a train headed to Belgium for their honeymoon. They arrive at a seaside grand hotel in Ostden during it's off season. During they're stay, Stefan and Valerie read multiple reports of killings in the paper. The strange part is that the victims have been drained dry...of their blood.

In the lobby, new tenants have just arrived. The strikingly gorgeous Countess Bathory and her beautiful assistant Ilona, who mysteriously only appear at nightfall. The Countess spots the couple, taking a considerable interest in them. What follows is not typical material for a film in this genre. Director Harry Kumel perfectly balances the erotic/horror subject matter. For example, Countess Bathory. You know at first glance, she and her assistant are vampires and have killed the people reported in the newspaper. But they are both drop dead (pun intended) gorgeous. Stefan should be terrified but he's attracted to them both. Bathory and Ilona take full advantage of that and weave an erotic triangle between them all.

Daughters of Darkness is a a slow burn which is in no way a flaw. It's all about soaking up the setting which is very gothic. Atmosphere is what DoD is all about. The camera angles, acting and music all set the right macabre tone. Not to mention the very nice boobage from Ilona and Valerie. I was pleasantly surprised with this film and I can definitely see why it is highly regarded.

Blu-ray: 4/5

* Widescreen 1.66:1 - High Definition Uncensored Directors Cut
"DoD" looks hands down terrific. A huge improvement over it's standard def. release. Blue Underground continues to produce fantastic transfers and this is no exception.
* DTS -HD 1.0 Mono English & French tracks
Audio is no problem, everything is crystal clear. English, Spanish and French subtitles are included.

Bonus Features: 5/5

* Audio Commentary w/ Director Co-Writer Harry Kumel
* Audio Commentary w/ Actor John " Stefan" Karlen & Journalist David Del Valle
* "Locations of Darkness" Featurette
Interview with Director & Co-Writer/Producer Pierre Drouot
* "Playing the Victim" Featurette
Interview with Actress Danielle "Valerie" Ouimet
* "Daughter of Darkness" Featurette
Interview with Actress Andrea "Ilona" Rau
* The Blood Spattered Bride - Feature Film
Blue Underground includes a film in similar vein of "DoD". It's only in SD, but the inclusion of it is what makes the Bonus Features get a 5/5.
* Theatrical Trailer * Radio Spots

Daughters of Darkness
receives it's best home video release to date. The transfer is immaculate and the wealth of bonus features are an exceptional addition. Highly Recommended.

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