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February 5, 2011

Movie Review: Half Moon (2011)

By James DePaolo

Directed by: Jason Toler
Breaking Glass Pictures

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According to the press release this is the breakout role for Tori Black. Tori Black is an adult porn star who has been in 188 adult films. Now she plays a prostitute, and this is a breakout role how? What about Sasha Grey? The Girlfriend Experience, now that was a breakout role. Traci Lords in Roger Corman's Not of this Earth. That was a breakout role. This is a pathetic joke.

I went to IMDB to read what the plot was suppose to be. This is what I got out of it in terms of a plot. A prostitute is working the streets who runs in to her hooker friend. She then tells Tori Black to please hold my purse while I go pee. So, somehow walking the corners for sex, a cop can't see you pee in a dark alley while your friend is getting arrested. The friends cell-phone rings and it is some client who offers three thousand dollars to hang out with him. So she goes, and the conversation starts around the 18 minute mark or so it seems and it begins to dominate the rest of the film. What is this Dinner with Andre with a hooker?

Tori Black has the acting range of a shark attack victim in water singing happy songs while bleeding to shore. I am sorry, I am not familiar with Tori Black's adult work, but it has to be better than this. I am not even sure if a Tori Black porn fan would want to see this shit. Pass.

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