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February 21, 2011

Movie Review: Ayaka is Your Angel (2011)

Is Ayaka my Angel? The fine folks at Studio Happy Chicken seem to want me to think that. So much so that they've put togethor a Blu-ray devoted to the lucious Japanese model. Ayaka is Your Angel along with the recently reviewed Les Gamins are two releases of note from Pink movie specialists Studio Happy Chicken. Unlike Les Gamins, instead of two beautiful women we have one that is the main focus of the whole feature. Many of you may be thinking two smokin' babes are better than one but in Ayaka's case, by herself, she's a powerful enough presence that commands all your attention.

Ayaka is Your Angel basically a one-hour video centerfold. Similar in quality to the numerous playboy playmate centerfold videos that have been produced over the years, only slightly more unique ..if not bizarre in its presentation. Ayaka plays an angel and she really has you the viewer on her mind when she's in her various stages of undress. She might me sporting a sexy cocktail dress while getting covered with sweet and sour sauce (I don't make this shit up), sunbathing or stepping into a jacuzzi full of flower petals - wearing just flower petals on her surgically enhanced chest. Ayaka was blessed with a very good doctor! The pace on the production is quite brisk as it's only an hour in length but repeat spins in the Blu-ray player might be mandatory for those lotion-filled lonely nights.

Studio Happy Chicken has done a fine job overall on both the visual and audio presentation. It is a recent production on high-definition video so it should but it is noticebaly more vibrant than some of the Blu-ray erotica that I've been able to see recently.

There are also a few bonus features on the disc: we get to see a behind-the-scenes featurette that thankfully features more of Ayaka. We're also treated to a bonus scene not included in the feature.

There's a shortage of good quality soft-core erotica on Blu-ray currently, so it's refreshing to see a company like Studio Happy Chicken making such a valiant effort with their Pink film offerings. Ayaka is Your Angel is definitely one of the best recent Japanese Pink films available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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