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February 17, 2011

Interview: Roxy Vandiver, Nurse Hatchet and Marie Lynn

James DePaolo sits down and chats with three lovely ladies of horror :Roxy Vandiver ( Spirit Camp, Killer School Girls from Outer Space and Sweatshop)
Marie Lynn (Burlesque Massacre I and the upcoming part II) and
Nurse Hatchet(The Chainsaw Sally Show).

Marie-Thanks again James! You are the best!!!!! :D

Roxy-First of all, always a pleasure chatting with you James. Can't wait to see what kind of whacky fun questions you have in store for me!

Nurse-ok James here we go.... ;-D

1.What does Valentines Day mean to you?

Nurse-Sees Candies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D
Ohhhh yeah, and some of that romantic lovey-dovey stuff hehehe... kidding kidding lol!
we always have very romantic Valentines every year, usually stay home & play, that's what I Like!!!! ;)
to me V-Day is all about the Romance! XOXOXO

Roxy-Valentine's Day is really just another day to me personally. But I am all for other people getting their romance on.

Marie Lynn-Valentine's Day to me means a celebration of the love between friends, family and perhaps a significant other. Namely ~chocolate and pretty flowers.. hahaha.. I'm such a sap. I love the cliche things on Valentine's day.. red hearts, flowers, candy, teddy bears!.. haha.. I'm such a kid sometimes. Some people take it hard on that day, but I think it's important to look at who you do love in your life on that day and show it to them by being with them or at the least wishing them a happy day. It doesn't always have to be a "couple" thing.

2.If you were out on a date, and the guy was the perfect gentleman, he bought you all this stuff and treated you well. Would you be mad if at the end of the night he felt you owed him something in return?

Roxy-Hell, I don't even have to go on dates for that to happen. I'm naked on the internet. Some guys already feel like I owe them something. "You show it online, you might as well show it in person", type shit. I have a badass bodyguard though. His name is Shredder.

Nurse-nope, i wouldn't take offense at all, i would graciously except all his/her wonderful gifts & yummy meals & movies ect ect...
and say good night & sweeet dreams, if they were not happy with that i might get Angry & trust me they wont like me when I'm Angry hehehe.

Marie-It depends on how long I've known him. After a while when someone becomes your boyfriend then I think things are expected, but as far as dating is concerned its all up to the parties involved in how they want to handle the situation, and if they disagree then they will go on their separate ways. I always offer to pay my share in things. I don't want someone feeling obligated to pay for things or feel I'm obligated to them later on either. I don't get personal with people out of the feeling of obligation, I only do so if I care for the person and feel it is right. So guys if you want to take me on a date and pay for me thinking I owe you something later, don't bother, you will waste both of our times and your money. Or also if you think you're going to get somewhere with me while intoxicated, then just know after you've tried your move and the night is over and we separate, I will never see you again. I prefer someone who has the guts to attempt a move on me when I'm sober, the other way is just cheap and cowardly

3.Do you believe in love at first site? Like you see someone and know then, I will sleep with him and marry him within minutes?

Nurse-Well It happened to me, so Yes i absolutely positively believe in love at first sight, i believe it can happen to anybody at anytime!

Roxy-Love at first sight? No way. But I definitely believe in lust at first sight!

Marie Lynn-Haha... No. I believe in attraction at first site of course, but definitely not love. I usually am attracted to people based on their personalities, then it makes me fall in love with their looks and who they are based on that.
4.When was the last time you were on a date? Was it someone we know like Corey Feldman, Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods, or Larry King? Also, when was the last time you were on a blind date?

Roxy-I am happy to say that I have never been, nor would I ever go on a blind date. But the last date I was on was with the lovely Rebekah Herzberg of Scream TV. I got to first base.

Marie-Ummm..... Last time I was on a date was probably a month ago, and no no one anyone would know unless you know James Franco??.. Hahaha.. no no JK.. not really. I have a friend whose friend dated him though. Never been on a blind date.

Nurse-well I run a dominatrix bordello & Charlie is one of our top customers..... hahaha just kiddin'....Leave my little secrets out of this.
hahaha no never did a blind date,
and no comment hehehe.. i take the fifth on that.

5.What kind of kid were you in school?

Roxy-I was a total Goth kid in high school. I think now they call it "Emo", but really isn't Emo just Goth for pussies? I was pretty tough. My senior class voted me Most Argumentative and Most Unique

Marie Lynn-Oh goodness, the most popular princess on the planet! hahaha... no no jk. I was really quiet and shy. I always had random friends from different groups, I was never part of one group.

I was also very studious. Very obsessive about getting good grades. I studied all the time and took all the advanced classes I could get into. Like I said, obsessed.

I was also kind of an outcast. I went to a ritzy school, and my family wasn't "super rich." I didn't wear the designer clothes or have designer bags or school gear.. Everyone there drove Mercedes and BMWs while I had a a brown 88 Oldsmobile Firenze... haha... and before that I always walked to school even through the snow. So some of the "rich kids" weren't as friendly or accepting of me.

Nurse-LOL well, in elementary school i was a nerd, nobody liked me hahaha but i got good grades!!!
in junior high i started listening to punk music & thrash metal, skater music lol, i started skateboarding & became known as one of the ONLY skate punk chicks in my school, plus that lasted through high school, most the people were uptight, there was no real punk scene at my schools so i was the only one trying to revive that image lol. but i hate trends and i tend to go the opposite was of trend, if something goes out of style, then ill wear it if i dig it lol.

6.How does one go from being just a normal girl to the girl who is either on camera or behind it?

Roxy-Well, for me it was just a case of being in the right place at the right time. But I would never say that I was ever a "normal girl". I always knew I was destined for some sort of spotlight. Even if it's small and brief. I knew I'd leave my mark.

Marie-Normal?.. I'm not sure what that means.. haha... but I honestly am not so sure myself.. My cousin heard of the open call and I was determined to at least attempt pursuing this career so I found out where it was, took off work and went to the call. I stood in line for a few hours by myself, back before I had any cell phone with games or anything to entertain my mind, dressed the part and hoped for the best. I went in, they took my Polaroid and my info and said thanks. That was it, and probably a month or so later I got a call from them asking me to come to set. The whole thing was really surreal for me. They liked me because I had long natural hair, and back then short hair was the style, so I stood out and they needed it for the 70's era they were doing.

Nurse-Hahaha great question, honestly I'm very passionate about things i love & people who inspire me, so when i picked up the original Chainsaw Sally DVD at a Fangoria Convention in Chicago 2007, i immediately fell in love with Sally / April!
Plus I really enjoyed the special features where i listened to Jimmy & April talk about what lead them to making the movie & it was very clear that they were really down the earth folks & fun to work with, it truly inspired me to want to work with them, i was already working on indie-horror productions doing the gore effects & music, so my new goal became tracking down April & Jimmy & going to work for them, so me & my husband D-day found them & asked if they would look at our gore effects profile, we never expected an answer back, but the very next morning JimmyO messaged us & asked "Did you create these gore effects in the photos" and we were like HELLZ YEAH!!!!!
so Jimmy asked us to create our very first prop for Forbidden Pictures, which would turn out to be a disemboweled cat prop that was going to be used for the Good Sisters which was just starting production, so we created the kitty prop & sent it to Jimmy & April, we didn't hear anything for a few days, then out of the blue totally unexpected Jimmy calls with April next to him & we answer the phone & Jim says "well, we are starring at your Bloody Pussy & Loving It" LOL thus began our new life with our Forbidden Family, once Good Sisters was wrapped we immediately began on a huge batch of gore for the upcoming Chainsaw Sally show, which of course was my dream all along, to be involved on a Chainsaw Sally production.
and ever since, each of my goal have been realized, our gore effects & music on their productions, its what i dreamed of & it became reality, and it hasn't stopped, now i have new goals & dreams & they all involve my Forbidden Family.

7.Who have you had your heart on meeting and they turned out to be a piece of shit?

Roxy-I've met a ton of really cool famous people at conventions and parties, and I've been lucky because none of them have ever been rude to me or disappointed me. Now having said that, about 6 months ago I ran into Dave Chappelle on a low-key afternoon just sitting on a bench. No one was around so I went up and said "Hi." I asked if we could take a photo together and he said no. That pissed me off a tad. I hate people who whine about their good fortune and then forget that the little people are the whole reason they're fucking rich in the first place

Marie-Oh my goodness... haha... everyone I have met thus far has been kind and gracious. I do want to say I think Mila Kunis is a sweetheart. She's basically exactly what she acts on screen. Fun, entertaining and lovable. One person I came across that I was really thrilled to see was Tobey Maguire. I'm a huge fan of him. I could have talked to him if I wanted but was afraid of that whole thing of people just not being what you expect. I just love him too much I didn't want him to not be having a good day and accidentally ruin my entire history of being a fan. So I just admired from afar. He did seem gracious to others around him though. So I honestly don't think he would not have been nice.

Nurse-well, I've met my share of assmonkeys on film sets & at conventions, but nobody who has truly inspired me has ever let me down, they have lived up to my expectations.

8.Lets be honest, You women are all beautiful, but you are as equally smart as well. Does the stereotype bug you? You know all these beautiful women, who come across as airheads, and just totally clueless. Do you think that some of them are sort of "faking it"?

Roxy-I don't know why anyone would want to pretend to be stupid for any reason. I've spent years fighting the stereotype that just because I'm sexy, I must be stupid, self-absorbed and shallow. I have a college education and I own and operate my own business. However, I was a late bloomer. I got by on intelligence and personality before I figured out that I had the power of sex at my disposal.

Marie-It does bug me, but I also don't think I'm nearly as beautiful as those that really fall into the stereotype. I really feel like a normal girl. Some women who understand how beautiful they are rely on that and may not take the time to think things through coming across as air heads. Some of them are models and don't eat right therefore causing their brain to not function properly. Honestly, I know that sounds mean but I'm not being sarcastic, its sadly true sometimes. I tried their diet and nearly crashed my car, it was really difficult to think when you don't get the nutrients you need. So I thought to myself, "Whoa, never again!" Plus its really really bad to do that to your body. However, I do think some women are faking it as well to get what they want. Others may just not feel that's its okay for them to be beautiful and smart so they hide it.

Nurse-Well put it like this, i feel really sorry for the ones who aren't faking it lol!!!!
but its true a lot of women,girls, use the airhead routine to turn guys on, because unfortunately so many guys like dumb chicks.
i can tell you now, it took a very special guy to love me, most every guy i ever dated ended up hating me especially because of my mind, I'm to stubborn & i talk too though I'm usually talking about interesting stuff like creative projects I'm working on, but a lot of guys cant take a talkative gal lol. we are supposed to shut up & be quiet hahahaha, so I SCREAM LOUD!!!!!!

9.Is it gross to have sex on your period? Has a guy ever pushed the issue to the point you gave in, and then with your blood in his mouth wanted to kiss you?

Nurse-I think most healthy sexually active couples have likely had sex while on her period lol, and no I've never received oral sex while on my period, but i never say never hehe.
Ooohh that reminds me there's a very kinky scene between April Monique Burril & Debbie Rochon in the Good Sisters, speaking of period blood muuhahahaha, yes you All need to go watch it NOW, trust me when i say it maybe the sexiest kinkiest scene ever blessed unto film!!! ;-D

Roxy-Blood is sexy. Period. (No pun intended.) I like to look at it, I like the way it tastes. Bring it on.

Marie Lynn-WOW!... hahahaha... oh my!

Oh yes that happens to me ALL the time!... jk... No.

Truly though, I think everyone has different likes and dislikes and it should be their mutual agreement to partake in certain things or not.

10.What is the most embarrassing job you ever had? And I have to know, were any of you a Hooters girl or Sonic roller girl?

Roxy-Most embarrassing job.....oh god. I worked at a Swinger's club for 1 night. When I was hired, no one bothered to tell me it was a swinger's club. I was waitressing and I walked up to check on a table and there was this really gross couple doing 69 in the booth. Hey, I'm all for "whatever floats your boat" and all that, but that doesn't mean I want to watch. I was outta there!
And yes, when I was 16, I was a carhop at Sonic

Marie-Haha... No I was not either of those, but I wanted to be a Hooters girl! My boyfriend at the time didn't like the idea and talked me out of it, I wasn't dead set on it either, it was really just a thought. Most embarrassing job.... hmmm..... probably just the bagger at a grocery store.. not really embarrassing per se, but the most hard labor and bottom of the chain I think I've been

Nurse-hahaha hhhmmm that's a great question,....
no i was never a hooters girl but i definitely love to eat out at Hooters lol ;-D
and i wouldn't mind being a roller girl if we could serve the meals on skateboards lol but no I've never been a sonic roller girl either.
ok my most embarrassing job, i would have to say was Straw Hat Pizza hahaha. but don't get me wrong they had good pizza & served beer too, before pizza hut bought it out & totally changed everything, no beer & no more good pizza lol. and i quit!!

11.If a man ever used the terms "quarterback"..."octagon" and "pitcher" would you be totally clueless or would you know what they are?

Roxy-Depends. Is he using these terms during sex? Because if he were I would be kind of confused...a little worried even. Outside of sex, I'd just be bored because sports don't interest me in the slightest

Nurse-Ooooohhh no not this question lol...this will with-out a doubt be the most unpopular answer i give during this interview hahaha..
ok I'm gonna be perfectly honest with you, i don't really get into sports, well not regular sports, i like the X-sports, like skateboarding & Wrestling, or Hockey, i like the brutal stuff, I'm not interested in seeing men chase their balls lol.

Marie-I know what a quarterback and pitcher are, but I've never heard the term octagon before aside from in Math class or something referencing the amount of 8. Sorry to be a bummer but I've never really been into watching sports

12.When you work your regular jobs do you get recognized, if so how do you handle it?

Roxy-Yes, I get recognized and it's usually really cool and flattering, but it can also get kind of awkward. Sometimes I look around and go, "Wow, everyone in this room has seen me naked."

Nurse-Ooooh i protect my secret identity hahaha, Im a very private person to the point of reclusive hahaha.
mostly nobody knows what i look like because all they ever see is me in my mask!! ;)
and i like it that way.

Marie-I try to avoid that at all costs.. haha... One of my friends likes to call me the female Clark Kent... haha.. When I'm working my regular job I look as normal and unattractive as possible... No makeup, hair pulled in a bun or pony tail, baggy covering clothes, a hat and glasses. It's worked so far. In one of my jobs my own co-workers didn't recognize me outside of work and only believed it was me based on the fact they knew my voice.. haha.. I just try to keep my life separate from those "day jobs." It's hard enough to get those day jobs, I don't want people discrediting me or my work or intelligence because I'm "just another actress." So anyone in that job usually has no idea I do acting or modeling.

13.When you have work on a set, does your boss understand and let you have the time off to film? Or do you quit your job, and then find another one once the work is done?

Marie-It is extremely hard to do both. I'm actually taking some time away from that job right now so I can get back into auditions etc.. It was fine for a while when I had a lot going on and the people I was working on sets with were willing to work around my work schedule.. but I need to get back to auditioning and getting out there on new projects again. So to answer the question, no I've never taken a day off work for acting. I've worked really hard at not loosing my jobs because they were really important at the time especially in this economy when people are loosing their jobs left and right.

Nurse-well, I work from home, i am my own boss so i work my own hours.

Roxy-I work for some really cool and flexible people. I bartend specifically because it is so flexible and if I need some time off, there's always a co-worker who wants to pick up a shift and make some extra money. I did quit a job for a movie once though. But that was years ago

14.You ladies have been on quite a few sets, has anyone pulled any of you to the side and offered you advice and tried to help you find more work, or do people just ignore an extra or maybe say some sexist pig comments or drop you a room key and phone number and tell you what time their wife and kids leave so you wont be noticed sneaking in? Does the casting couch still exist besides casting for a Brett Ratner film?

Roxy-You're going to encounter jerks and pervs in any profession. I'm happy to say that I haven't come across much of that. Not to say everyone's always been a perfect gentleman to me. I resigned from a film once because one of the producers referred to me as "hired tits", but I've never been in a casting couch situation.
Oh and I don't know how Brett Ratner operates, but if he wants to make a Jean Grey/Phoenix X-Men Film and cast me in the lead role, I'll sit on any couch he wants.

Nurse-well, not on any Forbidden productions they are totally professional!!
but on a few other sets, yes I've been hit on lol, but mostly it doesn't happen because i work together with my husband who is a pretty scary large guy, kinda like the Beast in the X-men comics lol. so mostly guys shy away from flirting.
Hahahaha and yes the casting couch still exists lol!!!!

Marie-Hahahaha..... Ummm... Yes the casting couch does still

exist sadly. I fortunately have not run into it on a set, but I have in other places. So far I've been pretty lucky and all the people I've worked with have displayed professionalism while working on sets. On big sets, when I used to do extra work years ago, all the other extras wanted to give advice and tell you how to do things... but bottom line is.... their advice may not be the route to take considering where they're at in their career. It's almost funny. I've had people tell me things, then other people chime in and argue and say no don't do that.. come with me I'll tell you what you need to do... hahaha... its pretty comical actually. I honestly never took any of their advice when I was doing that work. As far as other people on those sets talking to you is pretty slim. In reference to the other sets I've been on, no people don't pull you to the side and try to help you get more work. You have to fight for it and seek people out, they won't come looking for you.

15.When you look in a mirror, do you think you are beautiful and hot?

Nurse-no I've never thought of myself that way, yes people say it to me, but its news to me, as i was growing up i was always treated like a geek or nerd, and then an outsider lol, never "the Hot Chick".
i hope that my most attractive qualities are my charm & wit, hehe. ;)

Marie-Hahahaha.... no. I think I can look cute with makeup on and I can feel pretty like all girls do, but I don't usually think that way when I look in a mirror.. The response I usually have for myself is "ugh.." haha...

Roxy-Oh boy! That's a loaded question! I'm like any human. Some days I look in the mirror and think "Damn, I look like a million bucks!" But some days I look and think, "Geez I with these were bigger, or this was smaller." Some days my clothes fit all wrong and I just want to burn them all! A few days ago a man told me I was as cute a a "Cupie Doll". That made me feel great. My fans make me feel WAAAAYY more beautiful than I'll ever feel about myself.

16.Stalking has been going on for as long as the term female lead has existed. Marilyn Monroe had stalkers. Rebecca Shaffer the world knows how bad that turned out. Even, Danielle Harris has been open and admitted to being scared for a long time to go outside of her house. What do you think provokes anyone to take stalking this far? Do they feel since they seen you in a film you owe them something, or that you looked a certain way on screen that you were talking to them directly. Have you ever been scared to go out in public?

Roxy-I had a brush with a stalker recently. He created a fake Facebook account impersonating one of my friends so that he could get to me. We got it taken care of pretty quickly. I've also had men get REALLY mean and threatening on the internet because I wouldn't go on a date with them or give out my phone number. I have been scared before, but you have to live your life, ya know? I'm also licensed to carry and I keep my 9mm loaded.

Marie-Movies can be very intoxicating and their job is to have the audience connect to the character. I think stalkers come out of that. They felt a connection to the character that maybe they never felt before and they want more of it, which is human nature. Those who aren't in movie making have a hard time really understanding what goes into making a movie and realizing that it's all smoke and mirrors. Which is the job of the filmmaker as well to make it real to the audience. So as an actress you have to go into it knowing that if you do a good job, it is to be expected that people may feel a connection to you personally and may want more of that. Or, some people just become fascinated with someones look and fantasize about that person and stalk them because they just want to be close to their fantasy and maybe attempt carrying it out.

I've always been a cautious female anyways. I don't usually go out at night unless early or with someone and I don't have to walk very far to get to my car. I also carry mace and have defense training, some martial arts and know how to use the knife I have. I usually never answer my door, everything is always locked and secured and I don't live alone. I also move a lot, I'm never at the same address for too long. Someone always knows where I am.

Nurse-Oh i don't take that subject lightly, i think whatever drives someone that far is pretty much a totally lack of reality, they might be so high or mental that they are delusional, what they don't realize is i myself am crazy too lol, i was in the Navy and i will hurt you hahaha!!!

17.Your fans. You talk about loyal. I am not sure if you know, when I told people I am doing a new interview gig, the first names they all told me...Were the 3 of you.. Their love for you is inspiring and really awesome. But, and you knew there was a but....Does this bother you a lot, you have the popularity, you are the internet " it" girls but you have yet to translate that into Hollywood films or magazine covers, do you blame your former agents for not pushing you more or do you think Hollywood and magazines ignore the internet crowd? And Marie Lynn what is the status on you and your agent and agency?

Roxy-Wow. I had no idea I was the internet "It Girl". I feel like Edie Sedgwick! Only without all the heroin and Andy Warhol's whacky hair. My fans are the sweetest, most wonderfully loyal bunch. When I'm down about something, all I have to do is go on Facebook and I get an outpouring of love and support.
Would I like to be on the cover of Vanity Fair? Absolutely, and hopefully soon Hollywood will catch on! I've got some amazing stories to tell. My E! Special will definitely be a doozy! I don't blame anyone for the fact that I'm a "Cult" girl. I love it! I aspire to the level of fame of someone extremely talented and respected, like Parker Posey. I don't necessarily want paparazzi camped out on my lawn.

Nurse-well that brings up a great point, I'm not interested in Hollywood lol!!!
i got into the independent film making industry because this is truly what i want to do,not because i couldn't get a Hollywood job!
for me independent film is where the last stand for true artist freedom of expression is still alive and thriving, and i am anti-censorship so of course it has always been my dream to work on the productions & the music that breaks all the censorship rules!!!!!
and as for transcending into mags, well I'm going to be in the upcoming Girls & Corpses, and very honored to be introduced into the comic book universe, i would have to say every week I'm seeing new dreams realized & become reality.

Marie-Well films take a long time to go all the way from casting, filming, to post-production and finally release. So as I am booking, there is just not too much accessible the public at the moment. So of course as an actress it becomes frustrating to be doing things and no one has seen them yet, but I am ecstatic and grateful to just be doing them and getting out there. I know the final products will come out eventually. I appreciate all the support I have from fans and hope they know it means the world to me. I appreciate every single person who's ever checked out my site, watched my videos or "liked" my facebook. So Thank You to all of you who are a fan. Also of course I love working and staying busy, so I always appreciate any recommendations to other people or films.

I am currently seeking new representation.

18.Now I know you are a internet women, when was the last time you went to a store and bought a magazine or book that you were not mentioned or in? ( TV guide does not count)

Roxy-The last book(s) I purchased were Anne Rice's 'Sleeping Beauty' series. It's a very interesting trilogy that explores the connection between pleasure and pain. it's very erotic and I thoroughly enjoyed it

Marie-Hahaha.... oh my goodness! I don't know! I basically do all my reading online. I do have a subscription to Cosmo and Self magazine.. but the last time I happened to buy a book was probably a few months ago... but before then it hadn't been since college. I should go to the bookstore more often.

Nurse-well, i love to collect comic books, DVDs, toys, etc..etc..etc
so i tend to spend my free time tracking this stuff down, so i get to a lot of stores, but i don't really read popular news mags or stuff at the grocery stores, except Mad magazine if its a good one lol.

19.You have been involved in every genre, what is your favorite genre to work with and watch?

Roxy-Most of my favorite films are dramas and I always jump at the chance to do a gritty dramatic role. I like to explore realistic human situations on film. The other stuff is fun, but playing it real is more challenging.

Marie-I love to work in action, drama and horror. I like a challenge and I find those kinds of characters to be challenging, action however is just plain fun and perhaps physically challenging. Comedy is always fun to play as well. However its more of a silly goofy good time kind of fun. My favorite to watch used to be horror, but over the past few years has switched to more of comedy. I guess I just have too much drama in my normal life to really want to sit and watch it on screen too. When I watch a movie I just want to forget about all my worries and have a good laugh.

Nurse-now I'm glad you asked this, my favorite genre is a very special mix of Erotic Horror Comedy!!!
thus my list of movie suggestions coming up hehe

20. I asked all three of you have you ever been heartbroken at least once and you have all said this time I have to ask, you ever think back at a crush and say what if?

Roxy-I suppose sometimes I have short little daydreams and wonder where I'd be now if I had ended up with certain former crushes and loves, but then I snap out of it when I realize that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, with the person I'm supposed to be with.

Marie Lynn-Absolutely. I think we all do. We can spend our lives wondering "what if," about all the decisions we make, so I try to live best by making a decision and sticking to it. Then when I look back I just say to myself, "Well, that was your decision. Is there a lesson to be learned?" If so I take that with me, if not then I just tell myself, "Live with it and move on." If it's something that really eats at me and it involves another person, I at least tell them about those feelings and how much they meant to me at that point in time and that I'm grateful for having known them in life. At least you can get those things out there and not live with them buried inside. It's easier to let go of those feelings when they are expressed.

Nurse-Well to be honest, no I've never looked back, I'm happy with the choices I've made in life & especially love.

21..What was the last film you paid to go see at the theater, and did you like it?

Roxy-The last film I went to see was 'Black Swan'. I LOVED it. It really got under my skin and messed with my head a little bit. We've all battled personal demons in our life and that film really touched on some of mine.

Marie Lynn-Inception," and yes! It was amazing. Great cast, great story great film

Nurse-LOL Your going to laugh, it was the Friday the 13th remake, we are really too busy to ever get out to a movie, so we usually watch at home instead, hell i prefer that anyway because you can enjoy the movie with a more comfortable atmosphere at home, you know like having a drink or smoke lol, I don't really like theaters because of the rules.
On the other hand, i love LOVE LOVE the Drive-Inns, there are not too many left today, but when i lived in Arizona we used to go the the Drive-Inn on the reservation, it is the Coolest place to watch movies you could ever imagine!
every weekend at 11pm they would start a 3 movie marathon, example once we saw John Carpenters VAMPIRES, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN & BORDELLO OF BLOOD, it was a vampire marathon, they would do awesome movie threesomes like that, and every time by the second movie, most of the people have left & you end up being like the only people left there watching by the 3rd film lol, its the best!!!

now as for new movies I've recently watched, but NOT in the theaters...
i loved each of these..starting with a few i worked on, so I'm biased but these are the movies i loved 2010.

Good Sisters
Chainsaw Sally Show
Bad Biology
2001 Maniacs - field of screams
Lost Boys 3
Night of the Demons - remake
Dead Girl
Zombie Strippers
Naked Fear
Wicked Lake

that's what I've watched most recently & would definitely suggest to everybody!!

22.What is the most romantic present you ever got for Valentines?

Roxy-Oh geez. I don't even remember the last time I celebrated! but I do know that I hate getting flowers. Flowers are so sad. It's like saying, "Here. Look how beautiful these are. Now watch them DIE

Marie Lynn-Hmmm... goodness... I will have to say when my boyfriend at the time bought me 10 dozen roses, snuck into my bedroom, laid them all out with a huge teddy bear on my bed when I wasn't home... and then he vandalized the school spray painting it red with our nicknames together = (heart) It was so incredibly sweet and such a big surprise! I loved every second of it. It was very romantic. I was really young too, and no one has been able to top that yet!.. haha..

Nurse-True Love, and we celebrate it each year!
well honestly we live like the Addams Family lol, so everyday is a romantic Halloween.
plus my most romantic gift was very erotic so i cant really give any details hehehe.
but i can tell you i had to do with lingerie & Sees Candies lol.

23.You look at someone like Ryan Reynolds, John Stamos, and etc. I mean they are to die for guys to women, why is it they always seem to go through divorces, break ups and public embarrassments so fast? Do you think there is more than meets the eye with guys like this, like they are secretly depressed and overly aggressive? Or do you just think women get sick of being arm candy and reading press that they will deny?

Roxy-I think they're just human. Like the rest of us. We've all had failed relationships. We've all done stupid shit that we regret. God, if I had a dollar for every time I did something totally lame. I'd have like, $62 Million.

Nurse-they lead very complex lives, i think we all have our good side & bad side, or good & bad moments, i don't think you can pin-point a particular issue being the source of their relationships failures, because each individual has their own separate issues.
though in my opinion i have often thought how hard it must be to trust somebody once your already famous, i mean its much easier if you & your husband or wife become famous together & ride that crazy wave together, but when your already such a huge success i think it must be incredibly hard to truly trust anybody enough to fall in love, simply because you can no-longer separate those who might truly love you for those who just act like they love you just for your money or success.

Marie Lynn-I think relationships are difficult for guys like that. They just have women constantly throwing themselves at them and let's face it, they're men. Remaining monogamous is probably difficult for them, and women probably aren't comfortable with that and vice versa. I'm sure the women they date are just as appealing and they have men throwing themselves at them too.. so it is easy for women and men to want to go elsewhere when they have so many options and they feel like their needs aren't being met or that the other is straying. Some people don't want to handle the press either, and it could just be as simple as that.

24.What are you ladies currently up to film and production wise?

Roxy-I'm on a little bit of a hiatus right now because I've been totally exhausted by some crazy shit that's been going on in my life. The last really cool project I worked on was a photoshoot with the 1958 Plymouth Fury from John Carpenter's "Christine" film. Shout out to Bill, Chris and Subsociety Studio!

Marie Lynn-I have just signed on to be the lead role in Tim Whitfield's feature film "Burlesque Massacre 2." So I'm very excited about that. I'm still working with the great crew and director Fred Copeland from the web series, "The Journeys." I just did a small part in short action film, "Crusader" directed by Dana Skvarek II out in Arizona. I also just did a cameo in "Burlesque Massacre," with Tim soon to be released. About to film a small part for feature film, "Photographic," as well. I'm also involved in the amazing action/strategy hybrid cyberpunk video game, "Replika," being developed by Biodroid Productions. Always on the look out for more!

Nurse-Oooohh this is the exciting question hehe, there's so much going on right now i literally need multipersonalities just to keep up with everything lol.
first, we are currently working gore effects props for the Chainsaw Sally stories - Emergence!!! in production NOW!
plus we are working on soundtrax for that & a few other upcoming Top Secret Forbidden productions.
and my band MIXTRESS DEMONATRIX is working with King Johnson on a number of up-cumming videos for our songs including:
SHE WHO KILLZ (Sally's Revenge) by Mixtress Demonatrix & LaggyLuk, along with a second video version for the remix.
and I'm really anxiously looking forward to our next video for the song: Orally Obsessed (Severe Tongue Lashing) by Mixtress Demonatrix, Lady Venom & LaggyLuk! that's going to be a lot of fun hehe!***
I'm very happy to have King working on our videos, he is a killer visual video artist & understands exactly what I'm looking for on these, we both share a love for Erotic Horror.
We are aiming to unleash the first video version of SHE WHO KILLZ on Valentines Day, as my Valentine & tribute to my girl Chainsaw Sally for Women In Horror Month 2011.

PLUS I'm very excited about the upcoming BLOKES TOMB OF HORROR #666 a killer comic book series from the twisted mind of Jason Crawley, issue 666 will feature Nurse Hatchets intro into the comic universe in Lyndal Ferguson's DR.BANG & The NAUGHTY NURSE!!! Lyndal & I are working on the story together, He is an Amazing & super talented artist, not just of comic art, but video art & much more, in fact we are featuring more of Lyndals artwork on a few of our upcoming music videos & i'm so pleased to have him involved. his art style is kinda like the Misfits meets Return of the Living Dead hahaha and truly fits perfectly with our music & imagery!!
we have become very good friends over the past months.
the Blokes Tomb of Horror #666 will be released with-in the first quarter of 2011!
and if that's not enough excitement, yours truly is also going to be featured in the upcoming GIRLS & CORPSES mag, which i believe is also scheduled to come out during the first quarter of the year. so its all coming up very soon & I'm just Super Ecstatic!! XOXOXO

And of course we have new trax in the worx as we speak, with each of our Vampartnerz of the Demonatrix, including: LaggyLuk, Lady Venom, Tragic Twinz, Dualistic Nature, Ninja Spice, EstacionRed, Space Chalky13, and much more, all going to be happening through out this year. so get ready for more Eargasm kiddies!!! ;-D

25.Alright ladies, we are at the end of this one of a kind valentine's day present for your fans..that may be late sorry. So it is plug know how to handle this..tell them how to find you and all that...

Nurse-thank you truly James it has been my pleasure, great questions & a lot of fun!! ;-D

Ok my Demons & Minions,
cum visit your Naughty Nurse & the Mixtress Demonatrix band profiles at these locations listed below......
that was not a request, i said do it..NOW!!! LOL

Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress DeSade @ facebook:

Mixtress Demonatrix @ soundclick

Mixtress Demonatrix official Facebook band profile

Mixtress Demonatrix @ YouTube

Mixtress Demonatrix @ ReverbNation

Mixtress Demonatrix @ LastFM

Mixtress Demonatrix @ MySpace

Mixtress Demonatrix @ VampireFreaks

to check out Forbidden Pictures go to:

Roxy-just want to thank my fans for being absolutely amazing and supporting me in all I do. Especially lately. I've been through some tough times and they've really lifted my spirits.
I'll be updating very soon with TONS of awesome new pics, so spread the word everybody!

Thanks James.

Marie Lynn-Awww... thank you so much for the interview! If you guys are curious to know more about me you can access all information on my website There you will find links to projects, photos, videos and an up to date news section. There is also a contact section there where you can get a hold of me directly. Thanks guys!! Much love! xo ~Marie :)

26.Hold on, Marie Lynn. You are not done yet.
Fan Question - In November, you interviewed Marie Lynn, and you asked her if she ever dealt with any dicks or assholes on casting calls or a set and she chickened out and said it was too soon. You need to interview her again, and see if she will chicken out twice.

Well Marie Lynn, the stage is yours..tell us about those dicks and assholes...( ha ha )

Marie-Hahaha... oh my goodness. That's just great.. thank you.. for.. your.. question. Yes it was still to fresh, and looking back at it I honestly don't believe the situation was intentional. I think there may have just been a lot going on, and perhaps my needs were over looked accidentally. It wasn't so much of being outrightly disrespected, it was just I didn't get the care I needed.

It was a scenario where it was the beginning of November and we were shooting a pool scene. Unfortunately, the pool was not heated and there was no prior agreement to me getting into an unheated pool. I felt the water and was like, "OH my GOSH! That water is freaking ICE cold, I kid you not. There's just no way I can get in it.. I will die." I know it sounds dramatic, but I was being serious, knowing my body. I even told them I had a sensitive body and I've had serious issues with my body in the past at that moment too. I of course was looked at like a diva and silly. After trying to convince me its not that bad and me persisting it was.. the director approaches me and says, "Ok if you really think you can't do it then we won't.. we'll just have to cut it and find something else to do.." Mind you, it was the last shot and we were loosing daylight and I felt really pressured with everyone staring at me. I took a deep breath and said, "Ok I can do it.. but honestly truly I'm going to need someone with a towel ready to help warm me up when this is done because this will be really really hard on my body." They said ok, let's do it and get it over with. I only even felt that was an acceptable request because I'd been on a set before where another girl had to do something similar, and I know we all tried to help her get warm. We got her in the car blasted the heaters, wrapped towels around her and used our hands to help rub her back and arms while she was crouched shivering until she felt okay enough for us to stop.

Needless to say, that didn't happen. My body went into shock and I couldn't think straight. I even remember them telling me 3 times to get out of the water before my brain actually processed what they were saying... I stood there and eventually someone threw me a towel. I wrapped it around and stood there. Someone said, why don't you go sit on that chair. So I did. I just sat there in complete shock shivering. I didn't know what to do. They finished up the scene and started running around packing up. Cast and crew walked by me not noticing that I was sitting in shock. Not until two girls who lived in the house we filmed at came out of their rooms and saw me with a shocked expression on their face as they came up to me and said, "ARE YOu OKay??" I could barely talk, I looked up and said, "No." I heard one of the girls say, "You need to move or you WILL go into shock." At that moment I panicked, and looked at her and said, "What do I do?" She said, "Here, come get in the shower, it will warm you up." She started to lead the way and I looked up at her starting to cry saying, "Can you help me? I can't move..." So she helped me up and walked me to the bathroom, sat me down while she turned on the shower and got it to a good temperature. She said, "Let me know if you need anything." I said okay and got in. It took 15 mins of the warm water before my skin stopped burning and feeling like I was being hit by needles. Then I spent another 5 or 10 mins just trying to relax. I get out and start to dry off and leave the bathroom to get my clothes and the director runs up to me and says, "Are you ready?" I said, "I need to get dressed." He said, "Ok get dressed and lets go." I got dressed and he said to me again, "Can you get your stuff so we can go?" My mind was still processing slowly and it didn't make sense to me. I really didn't know why he was trying to rush me out. The people at the house wanted to give me some hot tea, so I didn't think they were the reason he needed to leave. He still never told me why I needed to go so fast. So I grabbed my stuff and left with my hair still wet dripping. Not once did the director ask me if I was okay and that was it, we all left and went our separate ways. It took my body 3 hours after leaving the location to finally get back to normal temperature. Low and behold I got sick after that for 2 weeks. I still don't understand what happened. I even ended up forgetting things at the location because I couldn't think and had been rushed. So I just "felt" really uncared for at the time. I'm sure they had their reasons, I just wish I knew what they were. They probably didn't realize I was as bad off as I was. It was just unfortunate. Like I said though, I'm sure they had reasons and I'm letting it go. They've done some great work and I still have respect for their accomplishments. In their defense, there was another girl there who had to get in the water as well, but mind you, she didn't have to go all the way in or under the water like I did, and like I said, my body is in a sensitive state.

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