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November 14, 2011

Every Dog Has Its Day in Breaking Glass Pictures’ Latest Documentary ‘Worst in Show’

You know the best now meet the worst. “Worst in Show”, a hilarious yet touching look at the world’s ugliest dog competition finds a Dec 6 DVD release date through Breaking Glass Pictures (SRP $19.99). “Worst in Show” brings out the dog lover in us all as we follow the stars of the film, and their owners, as they compete for the coveted title of “Worst in Show.”

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Every summer, proud dog owners bring their canine companions to Petaluma, California, to compete for a highly coveted title. No, this isn’t your standard “Best in Show” championship, this is the contest for the “World’s Ugliest Dog.” For more than 20 years, the grassroots contest has gained worldwide media attention and has given rise to a new class of competitors. 2008 was a particularly competitive year: vying for the top spot was Rascal (the veteran), Icky (the Rookie), and Pabst (the underdog).

“Worst in Show” is a fascinating documentary that examines the many ways our society defines beauty and takes viewers behind the scenes at an event where the competitors never fail to impress. Equally impressive, however, is the care and devotion of their human counterparts, all of whom prove that love goes further than skin deep.


The DVD release will come complete with deleted scenes, trailers, a commentary with the award-winning directors Don R. Lewis and John Beck, and two short films directed by Lewis and Beck. “Drag King” follows the fastest speedboat land-based demolish derby in the world, while “Winston Get’s a Wheelchair” brings viewers into the life of Winston, a lovable wheelchair bound pooch.

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