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November 8, 2011

Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! #21 - One Man Review Machine

This week, Kevin Moyers flies solo, and he decides to steer clear of movies. That's mostly because he didn't watch any. Instead, he tackles many other categories that are often neglected at The Cheese.

In TV, Kevin talks about the latest season of The Walking Dead, and he gets into the gluttonous Man vs. Food.

He talks about a book given to him by David Hayes called Santa Steps Out. He will never look at the holidays the same again.

He gets into some of his new favorite podcasts including Mohr Stories with Jay Mohr, The Todd Glass Show and the Christopher Titus Podcast. That leads him into a stack of comedy recommendations that include the previous comics as well as Patrice O'Neal, Greg Giraldo, George Carlin and others.

Kevin wraps up with music, and talks about the album Goblin from Tyler, The Creator.

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