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November 30, 2011

Movie Review: The Image (akaThe Punishment of Anne aka The Mistress and the Slave, 1975)

Reviewed By Travis G.

As soon as this DVD arrived in the mail I had two very different opinions of THE IMAGE from two different friends on the same day. I had one friend tell me it was boring and some what tedious and as he put it “Bleah”. My other friend has it at number 5 in his top 30 favorite classic porn films by saying "Metzger’s top-notch career was topped by this erotic ball-drainer."

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”Based on Catherine Robbe-Grillet’s classic novel L’Image, this cinematic masterpiece tops many lists as one of the best erotic films ever made. Beautifully photographed, THE IMAGE will titillate and arouse you like no other film you’ve experienced.”While at a party Carl runs into an older lady friend named Claire and while they talking/catching up on old times Carl notices that his friend has a young girl with her who he immediately falls for but quickly releases that there’s some sort of odd relationship between the two women. Things start to get very kinky for the three of them as they form a masochistic ménage a trios of sorts. Unfortunately for Carl he realizes that while doing two women is pretty cool but when two women get together drama /shit is soon to arrive .While butt cheeks are spanked it’s the toes stepped on that ruin their little sordid relationship.

At first I was thinking as this was French Erotica (I thought so at first) that this film was going to be some borderline art film with snooty people sitting around drinking wine discussing bourgeois lifestyle in between various generic sex scenes. I went into this film with very low expectations.
After watching the film I have to admit I disagree with both friends opinion on the film. While the film was in no way shape or form boring at all nor was it a nut drainer. I definitely liked the film, but wasn’t overly taken by it.

One thing is that the S&M/BD does absolutely nothing for me at all. In fact it bores me to tears. Where this film lost me is where it gained it’s popularity with most of its fans. If you’re into masochism you are going to drool when you see this film. Sex scenes aside this film has a very nice almost fun vibe to vibe to it, The content is quite the opposite and at no point is this boring in any way.

The video quality of the film is amazing, I can just imagine what the Blu-ray version looks like. There really isn’t anything to mention special features wise as it’s almost a bare bones release but then again just having this film on DVD is enough for the real fans.

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