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November 13, 2011

Movie Review: Jessicka Rabid (2010, Mathew Reel)

Reviewed by Kenny Barnwell

Written and Directed by Mathew Reel

This is the story of Jessicka, (played by Elske McCain) a girl who suffers an excruciatingly abusive life at the hands of cousin's Brad (Jeff Sisson) and Marley (Trent Haaga). Jessicka is kept in a dog cage in the garage, treated just like any other dog owned by trailer trash along with the other family dog, but unlike the 4 legged one, Jessicka is used as a collared sex slave. She is taken out of her cage only when it's time to service her cousins or drugged up and whored out to groups of strangers. Good times indeed. At one point, Jessica is bitten by the other dog and, yes... you guessed it, catches rabies, escapes from her cage, somehow has the presence of mind to file her teeth down and then the vengeful fun begins.

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Director Matthew Reel attempted to craft this movie in the 70's “Grindhouse” style, complete with grainy Killer Bug movie trailer and for the most part it worked for me. He uses the choppy editing and scratchy 8 mm. film look to decent effect but I just had a picture in my mind of someone handing him $500 bucks cash and saying, “Here, we need you to turn this into a movie in 3 days.”

High Points~ Personally, I would pay the rental fee for this one, if for no other reason but to see Elske McCain's topless scene. Her breasts are an epic sight of pure magnificence and not to be missed by any self respecting connoisseur of such things.

The Peanut Butter Scene. I wont divulge detains but it involves horny cousin Abby (played by Ciciany Oliver) Jessicka, a jar of peanut butter and, well....those things girls like to do with their pet dog and a jar of peanut butter. And although a great scene, I kind of wished they would of taken it a little further, (but that's just the porn loving pervert in me I think).

The “Head Scene.” In her rabid state Jessicka chops off cousin Abby's head, and since she had the hots for her (before the beheading) she keeps the head and near the end of the film “uses” her head for her personal pleasure. That's a WIN! And maybe its just me but Jessicka just seemed to get progressively hotter as the movie rolled on and she began to physically deteriorate into a rabid beastie.

Low Points~ The kill scenes were horrendously bad. I understand they were certainly working on a tight budget with this one but come on guys, when doing a horror movie its ok to spend more then ten bucks on fake blood. Blood is the lubrication that can make people forget how bad your movie is. If it was me I would have just payed the actors in meth and invested the money in more blood......but that's just me.

Personally, I love cheesy movies, and this flick definitely has a high cheese factor. A great movie if you're hanging out with your buddies and want a good laugh, or enjoying a quiet evening with your girl, (if she's into light torture-porn and necrophilia of course).

Special Features~

Two thumbs up on this. The DVD is pretty loaded as far as special features go. There is an audio commentary version included, trailers, several outtakes, a sweet little behind the scenes featurette and slideshow, a digital Jessicka Rabid comic, trailers from various other Troma >masterpieces and my personal favorite, the Elske McCain's Hot Slide Show. I personally recommend watching that before and after watching the feature and any other time you're feeling lonely. If you're a pervert with low standards of decency like I am, you're gonna dig this. Everybody else? Just keep walking.

7 out of 10
(It would have been a 5 but McCain's tits are easily worth another 2 points.)

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