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November 28, 2011

Movie Review: Lust For Vengeance (2001)

Directed by Sean Weathers

Starring Jeff Roches, Carlito Rivera, Glenn Skeete and Michelle Soto

Reviewed By Kenny Barnwell

Plot~ Lust for Vengeance was inspired by the Italian thrillers of the 60's known as Giallo films, combining murder, soft-core porn and mystery along with trippy visual effects. As the legend goes, these movies inspired the first American slasher films of the 70's and according to director Sean Weathers this is the first and only Giallo movie ever made in the U.S. Weathers locked himself in a room for over a month watching over 100 Italian thrillers for the inspiration for this film.

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Four life long friends are stalked by a mysterious killer from their past. One by one they are picked off as the killer watches them indulge in their scandalous vices. The girls secret driving the murderers rampage, the killer methodically checks their names off his list as the body count grows. A detective assigned to the case struggles to keep up, or so it seems.

Good Points~ I really do have to commend Weathers for getting as much as he did out of this movie on a budget of $10,000. The movie does have a trippy look and feel to it, as each different scene is filmed through a different colored lens, whether its red, blue, purple, yellow, green or monochrome. The girlfriend and I both had fun trying to guess what color was coming next. The score was pretty not bad, I was grooving to it all the way through and it had a kind of Kill Bill feel to it. Nudity? Yes, plenty. Soft core porn scenes? Oh yeah, if your a fan of 70's style “hairy bush” porn then you will definitely be polishing the wood to this one. Especially the lesbian rug-munching scene on the beach. And although a couple of the actresses had oddly shaped breasts and nipples which kind of made me feel a little uncomfortable, I have decided not to deduct points for this.

Bad Points~ Not surprisingly, the acting isn't that great. A real plot is non existent, and after the first 15 minutes you know how the movie will progress through each act, a drug scene followed by a sex scene followed by a disappointingly ho-hum murder scene. Wash, rinse, repeat.

SPOILER~ The murderer is the detective assigned to find the killer. I am sorry, I just had to say it if for no other reason but the fact that it is made so glaringly obvious in the movie. At first I was pretty proud of myself for figuring it out so fast but after reflecting on it I realized Forrest fucking Gump could of picked the killer out too.

EXTRAS~ Comes with a featurette, outtakes, trailers, clips and some random movie trivia, nothing really to write home about here.

This movie is not that great but I do respect the director for trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat with such a small budget. Its not the same old crappy slasher flick....its a different kind of crappy slasher flick, one with psychedelic lenses, groovy tunes and enough heroin and pubic hair to make even Ron Jeremy dry heave. Bon Appetit.

5.5 out of 10

Reviewed by KennyB

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