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July 24, 2011

Movie Review: Corporate Cutthroat Massacre (2011)

This is only my second foray into the world of Creep Creepersin. After watching He, I was curious about his other work. I knew it was generally campier and a little more like cult horror. Corporate Cutthroat Massacre promised to be that. The box art states that the movie is a cross between The Office and American Psycho. As a fan of both, I can easily say that this is neither. I understand that some of the point was to capture the mundane parts of office life, but the problem is that it actually did. In a seventy minute movie, nothing of note happens for at least forty minutes.

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Brandi Babcock is the tough boss whose sales force just isn't getting the job done. Instead, they sit in cubicles drinking, screwing and two plan a wedding. None of the characters are really very interesting. Not even the creepy maintenance man. This guy looks like the poster child for b-movie killers. All of this is fine, but other than Brandi, I didn't really have much interest in any of the characters. Even she wasn't of much interest, but she was the lead, so I paid attention to what she was doing.

When I look at the whole thing, it seems like Creepersin had an interesting idea for a fifteen minute short and crammed about an hour in front of it to make it feature length. The movie spent so much time going nowhere. Character back stories are fine, but these had nothing to do with the movie. You could have rotated any number of characters in each slot, and it really wouldn't have mattered. The ending is somewhat interesting, but not enough to get me to sit through this again or recommend it to anyone else.

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