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July 12, 2011

Movie Review: Supercop/Twin Dragons and Beer League/The Big White

Blu-Ray Bargains

If you're like me you're always in search for the best bargain when it comes to buying Blu-Rays and DVDs. Echo Bridge is one of the biggest companies dealing with affordable DVDs and Blu-ray. They've been doing numerous combo packs and a couple Blu-Rays of note that you can grab without cracking $25 dollar are the double feature discs, Supercop/ Twin Dragons and Artie Lange's Beer League/ Big White. That's right you get four movies, one with a double-bill starring Jackie Chan, a man who's taken more blows to the face than any human on earth and another with Artie Lange and Robin Williams, two men that have put more blow in their face than anybody on earth.

Supercop and Twin Dragons are worth a purchase, especially if you're a Chan nut, but don't except brand-new transfers as these are more comparable to the DVD incarnations. The big problem here though is that they're both plopped onto one Blu-ray disc instead of separately. The transfers look ok but no where near Blu-Ray level quality. Amazingly, Artie Lange's Beer League and The Big White look very good. The colors pop nicely and clarity is up to par with Blu-Rays from the studios. Beer League also is loaded with extras. Overall, both are worth grabbing if you're on a budget and not terribly crazy about whether the transfers are perfect.

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